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I was brave enough to make a mold of this little witch before taking good pictures of her knowing that I don't know how to make molds... This could be a great achievement or a not so great idea. If the experiment went wrong here you have the last pictures of the old gypsy witch ⚔️🔮 #theresalwayshope #rk

The picture on the left I took over two months ago, before I decided to get clean. The picture on the right was taken a few days ago. When something controls your every thought, of every minute of every day, you stop thinking about what's truly important to you. We lose sight of our hopes and dreams. We lose sight of our health. Addiction not only attacks your mind, but it attacks your body. You let everything go. But believe me, the feeling of my old self and my old healthy self, is better than any medicine. Life is beautiful again, and if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!#theresalwayshope

Friends! We are home from Latvia and our adoption process is complete!!! Sania Louise was so excited to be home and see her brothers and to tell them about her "password." (Passport)
#adoption #ourlittlelatvianlady #aGodthing #theresalwayshope

All ready for a rad weekend, can't wait. So stoked to be finishing school for the week not long to go. #theresalwayshope

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.
~Lady Bird Johnson
#TheresAlwaysHope #rusticcuff

This is the toughest life I could have ever imagined for myself.... not walking , running ,skating ,surfing, not being able to control my bowel and bladder, achieving all my dreams, not being able to feel sexual experinces, teaching my future kids how to do anything fun the right way the list is truly endless I mean endless.. if i could I would go back to riding that motorcycle without a helmet. #paraplegic #NegativePost #lovelife? #dieliving #TheresAlwaysHope

PSA: Because if you know anything about me , you know how important my sticky notes are.. And after 2 years , I finally found them. #dailyinspiration #milestones #theresalwayshope


Need help setting boundaries? You're invited to the School of Life (it's free)

( Credit to the amazing @mishasdiary )
Please. If you're going through a rough time, remember to keep going. Remember to keep fighting. Please don't give up. I want you to be happy. #alwayskeepfighting #akf #nevergiveup #theresalwayshope #dontgiveup

No matter how small the opportunity or how limited the options, if there is any space to get a foothold, then life can find a way of growing! #theresalwayshope #nevergiveup💪 #keepbelieving #havefaith #grow #blosom


Okay let's get real

Results don't come from counting calories, a new diet or any pill or shake

Results don't even come from a kick ass new meal plan specific to your makeup and needs

Results come when you go deep into your internal world, pull out all those limiting beliefs, stories that once served you and now strangle you, deal with THAT STUFF and create a new thought process, beliefs and reality!

Then and only then can we see long lasting results. I'm seeing this in my own life in all areas and it's SO exciting!! If you want me to help you pinpoint the patterns that are keeping you stuck in a negative, self destroying cycle, reach out TODAY

I'm waiting for YOU 😘

Took #rout66 most of the way to San Diego yesterday. This was nice to see. #hope #theresalwayshope #perceptioniseverything #desertlife #staypositive

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