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Two amazing peeps who shows that girls also fit in short hair, love it!✨ | I have short hair too and sometimes it feels like people just think that boys can have short hair and that's so wrong. Have the haircut You want! |
#skam #rubydagnall #theresaeggesbø #alterlove #duerikkealene

Theresa is so beautiful 😍 #theresaeggesbø

Theresa is pure perfection! 💗 #SKAM #sonja #theresaeggesbø

Nuevas fotos de Theresa Eggesbø 😍
#theresaeggesbø #skamcast

I probably have the flu but I wrote the whole lyrics to Starboy for @aubsedits
#sonja #theresaeggesbø #norway #skam


I miss this scene so muchhh and I always demand julie to remake this with new parallel where it's Isak and Even who making out each other on party. But,yeah, not happened lol but still I love this, I love robyn song that really fucking match with Even eyefucking Isak and us all at the same moment!
#evak #isakvaltersen #evenbechnæsheim #skam #skamseason3 #tarjeisandvikmoe #henrikholm #rubydagnall #theresaeggesbø #skamthrowback


Me: Don't pick up pencils you need to work.
Also me: fuck working, let's draw @therrmerr
#skam #skamfanart #skamseason3 #sonja #theresaeggesbø #pen #pendrawing #sketchbook #procastinatinglikeapro

Me: Don't pick up pencils you need to work.
Also me: fuck working, let's draw @therrmerr
#skam #skamfanart #skamseason3 #sonja #theresaeggesbø #pen #pendrawing #sketchbook #procastinatinglikeapro

[Season 3 | 8:10]
一 Comment "🖕🏻" if you hate Sonja






have a good day ❤️

she is so pretty


"That girl" by #NilsBech was played during S3E2 end credits. #skam #skammusic #alterlove #skamesdit #kosegruppacro


Damn she is so attractive omg 😍

Henrik and Theresa knew each other long before Skam, and to those of you who don't know, Henrik is in fact the one who recommended Theresa for Sonja's role~ 😊❤️ #henkeholm #henrikholm #theresaeggesbø #actor #model #skam #skamseason3 #skamseason4 #evenbechnæsheim #sonja

Jeg elsker deg med hele mitt hjerte, takk for alt sonja and theresa❤
#sonja #theresaeggesbø #skamsonja #skam #alterlove #skamily #takkforalt

Theresa is so beautiful 😍 #theresaeggesbø

Am I the only one who didn't know at first that Theresa and Carl are cousins??
#carlmartineggesbø #theresaeggesbø #skam #skamseason3 #duerikkealene #alterlove

Tusen takk to these wonderful people who did such an amazing job in Skam💛💛💛
Swipe to the right to see the message. I'm sorry if there's any mistakes!!)
#weloveyou @cecilie_martinsen @carlmartinegg @therrmerr @thohay @hermantommeraas @kristina.odegaard @rakelnesje

She is seriously so pretty 😍🎀💕☕
I got accepted into the high school I wanted 🎉🎈 WOOHOO!!! 🎉🎈 #SKAM #sonja #theresaeggesbø #alterlove

I'm learning Norwegian and I'm pretty excited! I think it's a beautiful and cool language which belongs to an amazing culture. I wish I could travel to Norway with my mother soon (probably this year 🙊). I'm glad to know about the existence of @therrmerr (girl in the pic) bc she's a talented beautiful woman and I'm proud of her role in one of my favorite TV series Skam.
Alt er love! ❤

#theresaeggesbø #sonja #skam #alterlove #norwegian #blacknwhite #photography #goodvibes #spreadlove #bekind #prettygirls

Nuevas fotos de Theresa Eggesbø 😍
#theresaeggesbø #skamcast

When I first watched this I was too busy trying to take in everything that had just happened and so I was upset and shocked at what Sonja had said, I wasn't angry at her but I was shocked. I really wanna talk about this because we should cut Sonja some slack because we don't know much about her history with Even. All we know is that they've been drifting or some may say "conscious uncoupling" and Sonja has been with Even for 4 years. We don't know how long Even's been bipolar so we can't really hate Sonja for saying what she said. Yes it was hurtful, I understand that, but at such time of stress we say the shitest things, things that we don't mean. I don't think Sonja's intention was to break Isak and Even up. As I see it she was trying to get in contact with Isak because Even hasn't been taking his medication (he's been around Isak literally for a whole week) and I'm sure Even's parents were worried contacted Sonja who then contacted Isak with no intention of hurting but to explain to him Even's condition before it got worse. Unfortunately it did get worse before Sonja and Isak could speak, And everyone is stressed because Even was walking around the city naked, manic and in danger. And perhaps the Bakka incident was the time Even got diagnosed with bipolar so Sonja hasn't really had a lot of time to balance caring and controlling and on top of that they've been drifting apart. And I think Isak will also have to be able to know what's caring and what's controlling. At the end of the day trust plays such a big role and I think Sonja just didn't have enough trust for Even and she felt like she needed to monitor him. — "He's manic! You think he's in love with you? He's not. It's just a sick idea he has right now. Last he year he read the Quran in Arabic because he thought that was a good idea. So could you please, just stay away."


I wish i was more active but im not and i never know what to post and i suck at captions

Good morning everyone :))))

I present to y'all, the sweetest and most adoroble daddy you'll ever see💦

IS THAT THE GANG??? So happy :))))

Can you believe our little baby @hermantommeraas now has 1 million followers?? No, me either

Tbh just tryna be @hallakardemomme 's friend. [I know I keep going on and on about her but she is the best!!]

I cant stand how pretty she is 😫😫😫

I love Tarjei so much its not even funny omggg he is so beautiful like look at his face!!

I cant go in when he look this freaking beautiful (refrence to swedish television show that aired like an hour ago)


Im so tired and Im thinking about working out or shower and idk what to dooo

I really reccomend you watch @thegabbieshow 's new video!! Its superduper important and good

I just watched the gabbie show's newest video where she talks about a girl who overdosed and died in school. She was in seventh grade.
If you're sad or in any kind of danger, dont be afraid to talk to people about that. If you know someone who's sad or in danger in any way, dont be afraid to ask them and try to help them. I am always here for you<3
Stay safe and stay alive guys💓💓💓

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