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Received my @ethercoven pre-order! I feel the love, all uh yous💚✨ #thereisnothingleftformehere #ether

The utmost appreciation to all those (un)fortunate enough to join us in any city Ether occupied, promoters, etc.
We will reconvene in the winter. #southfloridadoom #thereisnothingleftformehere

Crowley approves of this new banger from my boys in ETHER. #ether #thereisnothingleftformehere

We are about to wrap up the writing process. Recording should begin by this fall. #thereisnothingleftformehere


A killer review from our pals at Sludge Lord. Thank you, friend. #thereisnothingleftformehere

This is a nice set up by our friend Tarek (with the tour cover of the new record). He plays in a band called Intercourse. Check em out. #thereisnothingleftformehere @intercoursenoise

Friendly reminder that #thereisnothingleftformehere is streaming on Spotify, you may have to search for ether as well as there is nothing left for me here to find it.

Very descriptive review at Teeth of the Divine. Mentions of #pallbearer #crowbar #eyehategod #cavity #warning #gaza #dragbody #haarp #cattlepress #bloodlet
Dropping some serious heat with the Dragbody/23rd Chapter name drops. Fuck yes. #23rdchapter

#thereisnothingleftformehere #teethofthedivine

Some very kind words about the new record. Thank you, friend. #thereisnothingleftformehere

This is happening on the first. @ferolux will be there to deliver the bad news. This is O.P. too. #thereisnothingleftformehere #ether

Perfect Sunday jams, especially if it's rainy. #thereisnothingleftformehere

Friendly reminder. #thereisnothingleftformehere


Tonite is the nite. Miami and surrounding area friends, please help us celebrate the release of dear coven members, Shroud Eater's new record, Strike The Sun. Orbweaver will be kicking this thing off, they never disappoint, so get there early and melt your faces off. #shroudeater #strikethesun #orbweaver #thereisnothingleftformehere

#PeterKowalski has such a unique melodic voice. #SexiestXVX on the planet. Well, at least in Florida. 😎 #Ether #EtherCoven #MeanPete #sludgecore #dooooom #thereisnothingleftformehere #🍆

#thereisnothingleftformehere is now on Spotify. Sorry for the delay.

Welcome to the world. This record comes out today and that's pretty cool. I want to thank Peter, Chippy, and Danny for a lot of reasons. Thank you. Go gitchu some sadness. etherriffs.bandcamp.com ethercoven@bigcartel.com #doom #ether #thereisnothingleftformehere

You can now stream and download the entire record (sans the opening track, possible copy issue) on our Bandcamp. Link above. Let us know what you think. #thereisnothingleftformehere

Just got my copy @ethercoven #ether #thereisnothingleftformehere Going to need to get @southofdevin to sign it before the move 😜

Nocleansinging.com is streaming the entire record a day early. Check it out! (It's ironic because there is clean singing on it) #thereisnothingleftformehere

@revhq prepping these new releases.... For the finest of independent releases, go to Revhq.com...
Thanks, Rev! #municipalwaste #wildernessdreams #heartsounds #thereisnothingleftformehere

Clayton reviews the upcoming album from Florida sludge outfit Ether! Link in bio.

#AtmosphericSludge #Ether #ExperimentalSludge #Florida #ProgressiveSludge #Sludge #ThereIsNothingLeftForMeHere

Metal Trenches has also reviewed #thereisnothingleftformehere thank you for the kind words! www.metaltrenches.com

Got this bad boy in the mail yesterday. Fuck, I wish I bought a CD too so I could jam this on the way to work. @ethercoven #Ether #ThereIsNothingLeftForMeHere #Doom #Metal

Some preorders safely delivered to their new homes. Thank you again.#thereisnothingleftformehere

Crowley approves of this new banger from my boys in ETHER. #ether #thereisnothingleftformehere

Received my @ethercoven pre-order! I feel the love, all uh yous💚✨ #thereisnothingleftformehere #ether

Ready for some Florida-grown misery?
Ether - There is Nothing Left for Me Here LP
Green | Pre-Order Edition | No. 20/72 | Dead Truth Recordings
I was waiting for this! Heavy and sludgy Metal with some subtle Hardcore undertones and tons of crushing riffs, feat. Mean Pete of Until the End, Remembering Never and xBishopx on guitars and vocals.
This record hits hard... get into it!

First batch of preorders are shipping today. Orders with t shirts will go out tomorrow. International orders will be shipping tomorrow. Friends that will be at the release show on Friday will have theirs hand delivered. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support. #thereisnothingleftformehere
All preorder orders will have the limited LP covers and a sticker. Hand delivered will receive other stickers, obviously.

Type O, not typos.... Either way... Another new track off #thereisnothingleftformehere is streaming via Metal Underground. #fleasofarat


The Ether record release show is next week at Propaganda in Lake Worth. We busted our asses to get this thing out and we still have a long way to go so thank you to everyone that came out to any shows the last few months and pre-ordered the record. Its weird to finally have the finished product of something that was culminated at such a trying time for myself personally. Those emotions are gone, so this is another step into closure. We are super amped to have a bunch of our friends to help celebrate this monster seeing the light of day for our first proper release. This is also a week before the record officially comes out cuz fuck rules.
Propaganda // Lake Worth, FL
$10/13 (under 18-20)
Free CD with entry (limited to 1000 screen printed copies)
We will have a handful of the numbered tour cover LPs on green available. This is part of the last 40 green LPs left.
We will have tapes available as well.
Come early, stay late.
Seven Serpents
Fero Lux
Iron Buddha
11 Miles From The Sun



The Sludgelord is streaming another track off #thereisnothingleftformehere , No gods, All Masters.
This song is about western influence on society and the rejection of it. Never normalize the idea of "other". Don't accept the dominant culture's idea of "normal" as right, true, or standard. Thesludgelord.blogspot.co.uk

The main riffers picking up the LP. Again, thank you to everyone that ordered the record. We're gonna try to ship them out asap. #thereisnothingleftformehere #doom #nervouslightofsunday #crowbar #records #recordnerd #sabbath #blacksabbath #vinylnerd #southfloridadoom #southfloridasludgemetal #hashtag

Records are in and will be shipping in a couple weeks. The remaining green LPs are coming on tour but you can still order the black LPs in our webstore. #thereisnothingleftformehere #riffs

Got to visit a record plant for the first time today to pick up the new @ethercoven album today. Super rad. Video coming soon. Thanks @sunpressvinyl #vinyl #doom #records #ether #hippieshit #thereisnothingleftformehere

This is an ad. 7.7.17 #thereisnothingleftformehere
Distributed by @revhq worldwide.

This band is intense. I can't wait for it to be out July 07 so all of you can enjoy it as much I have been. Go check out the review I did for this metal/doom masterpiece at The Outcast Nation (link is on my page). #ethercoven #ether #thereisnothingleftformehere #floridadoom #metal #musicequalslife #theoutcastnation

Pre-orders are up until tomorrow at noon! All orders come with a sticker or stickers and a chance to win a rejected test dubplate record. Some orders may come with other stickers, buttons, guitar picks, whatever we got that we wanna throw in randomly. All your orders so far have helped greatly into pressing the record and we thank everyone who has ordered already greatly. We've been busting our asses playing shows and hustling to get this out with no labels or label support. This shirt has a one time press only, for this preorder and our summer tour, none will be made again. www.ethercoven.bigcartel.com


GIANT appreciation post. Much of #thereisnothingleftformehere was heavily influenced by this band and the band they morphed into, #braveyoung . Do yourself a favor and look into these albums. #giant #song #tides #catalystrecords #southernempirerecords #headfirstrecords

This is looking/sounding pretty official.... #thereisnothingleftformehere

This is our tour kick off. 7.7.17. #thereisnothingleftformehere is officially released this day.

Last minute gig tonight at Gramps in wynwood, also, one hell of a fuckin gig to hop onto. #thereisnothingleftformehere #ethercoven

One of the coolest and hardest working bands going right now. This is their new record. Don't sleep on it. They also have a most beautiful vegan mandolin player that helped us out on #thereisnothingleftformehere for a couple tracks.

Preorders for this one time press are up now. www.ethercoven.Bigcartel.com

This will not be pressed a second time. #thereisnothingleftformehere

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