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Did you know that most high school females are completely unaware of the opportunities in the aviation fields, and especially within the mechanical and electronic repair areas? It’s time for that to change. .
My daughter was riveting a plane for the first time when she was 6 and when she had this lesson I couldn’t get her off the creeper. What would your child do if you fostered what inspired them?
#motivationalmonday #supportyourkids #parenting #womeninaviation #thereisnobox @unusualattitude .

#Ancient #aliens or ancient technology? When I first saw these 5000 BCE cave paintings from Kimberly Australia, I thought to myself hmm that doesn't look, normal... Then I took a closer look and noticed it resembles a U shape magnet. Then I thought wow what if it's a device that was seen and painted because of its brilliance! So my conclusion is, this was a type of perpetual motion device or anti gravity device. It seems a U shape magnet is used then the center looks like a rod with two propellers that could possibly be spinning and creating a frequency that perhaps creates an anti gravity effect? "We were created in Gods image". What if the word God was used to describe this magnificent misunderstood technology which resembles a human face.... What do you think? #sacredteachings#mystery#cavepainting#ancientart#ancienttechnology#thereisnobox#anothertheory#questioneverything#lookatthingsdifferently#theory#seeing#understanding#knowing#awakening#awake

20 years on this grind and I'm just getting started. Portrait by @graphicsmetropolis for @thewrap and the launch of Season 2 of VICE World Of Sports. #enjoythejourney #thereisnobox #manifestit

What if I told you this was my new workout for lifestyle enhancement?!? Would you buy the balloons just for the fun of it?! Or would you reach Jedi status? @turnerbend is on the cutting edge of performance recovery. Yes, he is completely insane but spot on. #breathwork #nervoussystem #thereisnobox

For the longest time Iv been fighting my demons, they go where I go, they dwell in my reflections, and shadow my light.. I'm still learning about who I am, and WHAT I am, I know I'm no odinaire... and possibly I might be powerful, only in solidarity with myself. So who is my shadow, this ancestral darkness that I hide from the world, the ancestral karma that's divided my tribe and clouded our divinity... I'm learning, always learning but fast in #knowing day by day, a little more, step by step. One thing I know, your darkness will either break you or make you, so which one will it be, I hope I continue to evolve to see that I have nurtured and healed my ancestory, but the #spiritualwarfare is REAL. I have to say a MASSIVE thank you to @benjireid for going along with me on my creative persuits, because I'm not just 'a little bit' outside the box, #thereisnobox and somehow he managed to capture #perfectly the shadows in my mind, empowered yet dismantled in a smokey haze. Thank you @benjireid for believing in me and liberating the art that's trapped in my mind. 🙏🙏🙏

- Ela tem queda por quem sabe voar.
(coisa de gente livre)
#thinkoutsidethebox 🎁 #thereisnobox 🎀
#mindfree 🙃 #lighteverywhere ✨✨✨


When the right people positively receive your message, it’s magical. ⭐️

Celebrate and honor YOU. You are enough just as you are. 🎈❤️

Take time to meet you inner leader. She is waiting to help you share your message and watch you shine.

Live with intention that is uniquely yours.

Trust that you already have the knowledge to be you.

Feminine leadership lights a fire within you that makes life, and every decision you make, an amazing choice rather than a circumstance.

Have you been searching for a new perspective in leadership and life? Look within; you have the most powerful tool at your fingertips.

Sneaky peek of a photo shoot #thereisnobox #schwarzkopfprofessional

Sneaky peek of a photo shoot #thereisnobox #schwarzkopfprofessional

Another day of the seminar / Malta #cultofthecut #creativecut #thereisnobox

Another day of the seminar / Malta #cultofthecut #creativecut #thereisnobox and

Another day of the seminar / Malta #cultofthecut #creativecut #thereisnobox

Getting out of the office to explore that bend in the road! #entrepreneur #adventure #openroad #explorethepossibilities #stepoutsidethenorm #thereisnobox #workfromhome

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