#thedreamteam 🇧🇲 On Sunday the 16th @_brave_spirit, @justineisland, @thebeast_96 and I hosted the eighth in a series of clean ups! We're almost at 10.
This week we went to a cove at the end of Riddle's Bay and the mangroves exiting Riddle's . So many bottles, bike parts and trash in the mangroves. We are going to have to come back.
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Much of Shetlands waste goes to the Waste to Energy Plant which burns waste to create heating for Shetland... but this is a tiny part of the Lerwick landfill site and it includes a bit of EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE. We drive over roads made of our rubbish to dump more of our rubbish. And this rubbish does not go away. Ever.
Visiting the landfill made me more determined to reduce my plastic use and waste. This is the start of Recycle Week 2k18 and for the sake of Shetland please refuse or reduce your plastic use, buy second hand, put your old clothes to the charity shop, stick your tattered furniture on Shetland Freebies and use your recycle bin. 🖤

#plastic was #marketed to #consumers back in the 1960s when it was first #mass #produced - we were told we could just #throw #away once you're done with it.
#problem is... there is NO away ❓🤔
#plasticpollution #microplastics #thereisnoaway #stayfocused #changestartswithyou
#infographic credit to @boomerangalliance 🙏🏼

Tomorrow is the start of RECYCLE WEEK and we want to see your recycling selfies on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #DCBselfie!
Snap a photo of yourself charity shopping, using your new SIC recycling bins, upcycling furniture, reusing a jar for your leftovers, charity shopping or anything other way you reuse or recycle! Upload your picture and tag us so we can see and share your achievements!

All this week we are going to be focusing on ways to reuse and recycle in Shetland so make sure you're following us! We are so looking forward to seeing your faces!

Meanwhile, here's Ali and Sita from the @shetlandheritage and @dunna_chuck_bruck with their in-office plastic/glass/can recycling and compost bin! Their selfie skills leave a lot to be desired, so why not show them how it's done!? 😂


Let's evolve away from a trashy, disposable lifestyle & strive to create less waste by investing in reusable non-plastic alternatives - for our health, the animals & the Earth. We don't need all the stuff being marketed to us 24/7...
All this was washed ashore, not left behind by beachgoers. Much of this plastic marine pollution was bit up by fish, birds & crustaceans. Avoid plastic at the source. There is no 'away' & recycling is just a band-aid. Collected from a half-mile stretch of beautiful undeveloped beach: Single-use plastic water bottles, single-use plastic cups, single-use styrofoam cups, single-use plastic utensils, single-use plastic straws, single-use plastic caps, single-use plastic food containers & wrappers, single-use plastic detergent containers, plastic toothbrushes, plastic toothpaste containers, plastic hair curler, plastic rope, plastic lobster trap throat, styrofoam, melted plastic, microplastic & shoes. Some foreign garbage from Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bahamas & Colombia. 3 balloons - 2 latex & 1 mylar

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The BBC have recently released an article on the UK councils plastic recycling. The article is called: All the plastic you can and cannot recycle, by Wesley Stephenson - Data journalist. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45496884

The article states that: Most people are trying their best to recycle plastic - but the many different ways in which recycling is collected by different councils across the UK has left them confused.

What can be recycled and what can't?

The government is now considering changing the way plastic is recycled in England.

The article is very informative. There is a ridiculous lack of consistency across UK, let alone rest of world. In my opinion the non recyclable plastics should be banned and manufacturers told to adapt. All supermarkets should use zero waste packaging.

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Glad to have my sister join me at the beach last weekend!! 🌊 Had a lot of fun while she was in town 💖 Many of you know we started Balloons Blow together (out of necessity, not boredom lol). She lives in Maine now & has started Peace & Unity Pet Services (@pupsmaine) & New Moon Wildlife Rescue - I am super proud of all she does to help the animals!! This also means I'm pretty much running BB solo now. What was originally created as a resource, has become a hungry machine that constantly needs to be fed! I'm trying to keep up the best I can, while still having a full-time job! Thank you for your support & patience! 💙

This was last Saturday's pile. Collected on a beautiful stretch of undeveloped beach. All this was washed ashore, not left behind by beachgoers. Let's all do what we can to create less waste. There is no 'away'. Our responsibility doesn't end when we put something in the trash... #balloonsblow #createlesswaste #plasticbites #noexcuseforsingleuse #cleanbeachesstartathome #pollutionisadesignchoice #plasticispoison #plastictax #florida #earthdayeveryday #irefusesingleuse #protectwhatyoulove #moreoceanlessplastic #plasticocean #trashtravels #knowbetterdobetter #plasticisforkooks #iquitplastic #thereisnoaway #thisisaway #sixthmassextinction #anthropocene #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #dogsdontlitter

What has happened to our planet ? What is humanity doing to its environment ? These days one cannot go anywhere without stepping on or over disposable #waste ... Sometimes even mindfulness practice doesn't help to overcome this feeling of helplessness. Just had to share it!!! Don't worry, I will never give up on advocating about zerowasteliving ... Que hemos echo con nuestro planeta ? Que ha echo la humanidad con el medioambiente? Estos dias no se puede ir pasanado sin ver basura en todos los sitios. A veces mis practicas de meditacion no ayudan con el sentimiento de falta de esperanza. Tenia que compartirlo! No os preocupeis, no dejare de advocar sobre la vida sin basura.
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We were fortunate to be joined by the knowledgeable Paul Harvey, from @shetlandheritage Biological Records Centre on our recent @mcs_uk beach clean and survey with Hamnavoe Primary School!

Pupils found a large stranding of small dead jellies, which Paul identified as By-the-Wind Sailors (Velella) on Meal Beach, Burra. With our reusable gloves, we were able to handle these and get a really close look at these amazing creatures! The Velella travel on the surface of the water using their transparent sail to catch the wind. With this being it's only means of travel, Velella are often subject to mass strandings on beaches throughout the world, particularly after persistent wind in one direction. This is unfortunately what seems to have happened on Meal Beach in Burra, with around 100 Velella found on last week's beach clean.

Have you seen any on your beach wanders? 💙

Photo: Karen MacKelvie

sniped in my marine debris picking pose
😹 📷 🐒 ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••
i usually sit in a low squat rather than just bending down & up. that gets me too dizzy 💫 so it's excellent exercise with pros for both me 🍑 and the sea! 🌊
••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• ••••• •••••
tell me how you do it! are you a walker or do you like to post up in one spot?

There is no “away”🌏🕸🦋
(I hope) you wouldn’t throw trash in the woods, in a river, or on a mountain. We just have one earth;when you throw things out, it’s still here on our planet🏔
Get out and enjoy nature today 🌞🌲🌳🌿🍂🌱🐿
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When we first saw this video we where devastated and felt so powerless. But after so contemplating and meditation we can now see it in a more positive and constructive way: if we can stop this from happening every day all over the world, than the inflow into the 5 ocean gyres will slow or even stop! So let’s all work together to stop this way of throwing waste away because “there is no away”. Let me know below if you agree?

#thereisnoaway plastic is a problem. It’s something we’ve become desensitized to. Many people, most in fact don’t know it’s an issue. We have very few alternatives in our market place. We end up feeling locked in and then just go along with it. Please google Endocrine society and in the search bar put in EDC’s. This stuff isn’t just bad because it becomes litter in our dirty city. It’s a far worse problem for small poor communities around the globe, which is where they end up. Just because we put something into our recycling bin doesn’t mean it’s gone. This stuff is here to stay. Please DM me of you want more information about how you and your family can live a more plastic free life. In my family, we aren’t free from this stuff, hell, I have teenagers. They are all about this stuff, but I always try to do what I can to limit it by doing a few simple things. Bring your own water wherever you go, bring a coffee cup with you. Carry a small pouch that contains some reusable cutlery, carry a Chico bag or a small bag of shopping bags, keep that on your bike or in your car. Shop the bulk department but bring your own small canvas bags, they aren’t expensive. Avoid using those dumb roll bags for produce. When you go out to eat, right when you sit down at your table, tell the host, no straws in our waters please. These are just a few basic things.

Thanks to:
@eduardobolioli --------------------------------------------------------
“Business as usual” 11x14” acrylics and @posca_usa on wood.
About a month ago @kellyslater posted a video of a massive beach clean up effort in Santo Domingo, he quoted my friend @kimi_swimmy on it, saying “We got sold on this whole throwaway society...” I couldn’t agree more, just that now we are not sold on it anymore but we are being held hostage. This painting is about that, I worked with multinationals for many years and all that matters is the bottom line, it doesn’t matter if the sales lead to more pollution as long as it makes money. Most grocery stores will sell almost every item packed or wrapped in plastic... it’s frightening and sad. There’s only one solution and it’s to refuse or reject single use plastic. I believe that @alexatala on his episode of @chefstablenetflix mentioned something like this:“fish already has a package, it’s called scales”
Anyway this is my interpretation of the modern CEO, hope we can change before it’s too late.
Mahalo to everyone that spends their free time cleaning up the coastline.

#wunderbar #wunderbarhawaii #wunderbarworld

We all know marine plastic pollution is a problem, but where does it all come from?! The geography and tides around Shetland mean our coastline can collect plastic from all over the world. Here we have seven foreign items found within an hour on Meal Beach, Burra by Hamnavoe Primary School on their @mcs_uk beach clean and survey! Of course, we have no way of knowing where they entered the ocean, but judging by the Goose Barnacles, some of these items have been floating around for some time!

1 x Faxe Kondi Energy Drink - manufactured in Denmark
1 x 'Nagaraya' Cracker Nuts - manufactured in the Philippines;
1 x 'Larsa' yoghurt pot - manufactured in Pontevedra, Spain;
1 x bag for 1kg Sal Marina (Sea Salt) - manufactured in Spain;
2 x 'Pascual' fruit salad pots - manufactured in Spain;
1 x 'Camel' Roasted Cashews - manufactured in Singapore;

Have you found any foreign items on your own beach cleans?


I took this photograph over two years ago, always with the intent to tell her story. And, for two years now I’ve struggled to find the right words to do so. In her story I found strength in my own. There is a rawness and vulnerability in sharing transformative moments and a choice to be made once you understand what made them so.
———— - A White Flag Waved -
The delight of sharing the river edge with Kingfisher-
the flash of his flight sparking wonder,
few so seamlessly weave together earth,
wind and sky.
Curiosities underfoot; overhead too.
Searching over riffle and run for his rhythmic shadow.
Steps frozen,
as heart and stomach sink.
There, anchored by line and lead,
betrayed by branches most familiar,
a white flag waved.

With the prevailing wind she twirled
suspended above a river remote,
His mate,
against her ways,

Too late,
I climbed crumbling bank to free her.
Signaling deafenly in her silence,
a harbinger she was.

Had he guided me to her?
Her fate,
tied to all life, pushed my vulnerability
and tested my commitment to bring change.

A harbinger too,
more intimately now, I plea; I grieve; I hope; I share;
I try. ————
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