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Are you ready Lake Delton, WI? It's going to be a great time! #Hinder #tour #thereign

Really obsessed 😍❤ #theReign 🤘💕

حدود ۱۴ سال پیش بود که اولین آهنگو باهمدیگه ضبط کردیم، اونم واسه خنده. از اون وقت تا الان خیلی‌ چیزا عوض شدن و مسئولیت‌ها زیاد، ولی‌ چیزی که همیشه تو مسیرمون باهامون موند همون "خنده" بود

علیرضا، رفیق، دوباره مهر شد و یه سالِ دیگه که گذشت، خوشحالم که این صفحه رم با رضایت ورق می‌زنیم، راه طولانیو موفقیو باهم اومدیم، ولی‌ هنوز "تازه شروع شه". تولدت مبارک
#31 #psvbn #thereign

You can't stop it, block it, when I drop it ⚓️
#thereign #truffle #sashimi #catchnyc #EMMEATS
// 📷 @indulgenteats

Sometimes... you just gotta creep your way into photos. Especially with these amazing leaders 🤙🏼

Before the night ends... We would like to wish our Zeta Kappa Chapter a very happy chapterversary!! You ladies have been an incredible addition to our area and we are so proud of the amazing things you have accomplished at Plattsburgh! 🙆🏻❤️💓 #ZKturns2 #oursisterhoodwillneverdie🌙 #TheReign #ofFORTITUDE

4 days!!! Sorry I couldnt post yesterday =\ 2 videos missing in this countdown... And now... Only Tarja's songs until the BIG DAY. Request: Junior Lopes #tarjaturunen #tarjaemcuritiba #thereign

On some irregular shii 🌿
Pretty bitchies making loyal money 👑👑👑👑🔫💵💲
#kyliejennerinspired #theReign #moneymoves 😈😈😈😈😈


Is it autumn or is it me, but I don’t feel like going out🍁🍂It’s cold, dark and rainy outside. I started watching new TV series which I’m very ashamed of 😂😂 so I made a list of super girly TV shows so others can also feel some guilty pleasure 😅👭: 💃🏻Gilmore girls (2000-2007) The true hygge or as Dutch say gezellig. Blanket, candles, hot chocolate and beautiful Alexis Bledel. Let’s get cozy 🙂 if you are watching it for the first time I would strongly recommend to ignore the last Netflix season, it will make you just sad 😔 💃🏻Big little lies (2017-) it’s not completely fun TV show but it’s definitely worth seeing for all females. It covers many important topics plus has very beautiful views of ocean. The cast is amazing as well 😍
💃🏻The Reign (2013-2017) this is my current guilty pleasure🙈 I started it thinking it was a historical drama about Mary Queen 👑 of Scots, but it’s more like a gossip girl. But I can’t stop 🛑✋ 😂 beautiful castles, dresses, boy (or prince) dramas, modern soundtrack is such an eye candy. But hey, who said all tv shows should be serious and historically correct?! 💃🏻Grace and Frankie (2015-) imagine you never got along with your husband’s business partner’s wife. She represents everything you don’t like and get annoyed with. And then imagine you are 70 and your husband is leaving you because he is gay and wants to marry his business partner 😅🤦🏻‍♀️👬 now you have to make peace and become friends with that woman because only she truly understands you. Sometimes it’s funny , sometimes it’s sad, but it’s honest and interesting story about Grace and Frankie 💃🏻Crazy ex-girlfriend (2015-) all the girls are a little bit crazy, and all the girls are a little bit crazy ex girlfriends. Sometime we stalk our ex boyfriends social network, sometimes we hate their new girlfriends, sometimes we go on a date with exes friends just to piss them off 😂😂Rebecca is the same and a little bit more 😂 the show is super funny, charming, and eccentric girl drama. Ohh, and it’s a musical as well which is very refreshing and hilarious 🤣 💃🏻Lipstick Jungle (2008-2009) it’s a story from Candace Bushnell about ⬇️⬇️

I will be Investing my time into learning how to speed read, so i can learn more about business and marketing faster.

Are you ready Lake Delton, WI? It's going to be a great time! #Hinder #tour #thereign

Invest in yourself daily.

Sometimes... you just gotta creep your way into photos. Especially with these amazing leaders 🤙🏼

Break The Bad Habits.

Amazing concert last night I️ miss you guys already @hindermusic 💖💖💖 #hinder #thereign

Road To Change

Messing with my hair and listening to my favorite humans #hinder #thereign #sexyrockers #theyhavecutebutts

Bringing this back and brushing the dust off of it because as I age, I’m hoping I can do it as gracefully as they have. #thereign

The JSFC Reign players are certainly a force! ...13 goals in just 2 games.. Unfortunately, The wind didn't blow our way today by the end.. 😜but- the good news is their commitment, direction and passion will stay the course no matter what the weather is ! #keepitup #greatnessawaits #theReign #JSFC #JSFCReign #next

Hinder kicked ass tonight at Wally’s in Hampton Beach, NH 🤘🏻 #hinder #thereign #livemusic #concert #goodtimes #hamptonbeach

Having drinks with tha homie 🥃

Ciroc Pineapple with Pineapple ! Jeez

As you can tell, we're super excited to be Hampton, NH! @wallysnh @joshtoddconflict @adelitasway @waylandtheband #hinder #tour #thereign

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