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Who don’t like singin in the shower? Short clip of one I wrote called Hell or High Waters a while back. Lemme know what you think!

These boys are in a band called @theredclaystrays and they are from #MobileAlabama. These photos were taken during @southsounds 2017. Looking forward to #southsounds2018, taking place on 4/13 - 4/15 in Downtown Mobile. We will see #TheStrays again this year, along with their label mates from @skatemountainrecords, including @theunderhillfamilyorchestra, @jlandtherev , and @abepartridge.
This is the first full band photo taken by @wolffjeremy (owner / operator of Y’all Folks and also who is typing this message 🤓)

Excited to host @the_red_clay_strays for the first time on our stage tonight after the parades! Join us early to catch all the moonpies & then stick around for the music! .
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This is Andrew Bishop, a.k.a. @andrew_bishop8 … Andrew is the bass player for #theredclaystrays. Andrew grew up listening to #StevieRay and #LynyrdSkynyrd (R.I.P. #RonnieVanZant), and learned to play bass as a kid by jamming with his #Dad in their band room. He is a ‘finger-picker’ on the bass, he does really well at trivia games, and graduates from college this May with a degree in Sports Medicine, a field he got into after breaking his collar bone three times. Also, he needs monitoring when doing laundry because he has been known to put foreign objects in the dryer (🐱!) We’ll just say he now has a very healthy feline named “Maytag.” Follow @theredclaystrays and @skatemountainrecords for more info on the band. Picture #1 9.27.18 at @soulkitchenmobile 📷@wolffjeremy #HBYCO 🎸

This is John Hall, a.k.a. @john_w_hall93 … John is the spirit leader and drummer for #theredclaystrays. He also likes to dress up as Raggedy Ann when no one is looking. Follow theredclaystrays and @skatemountainrecords for more info on the band. Picture taken 12.1.17 at @callaghans_irish_social_club 📷@wolffjeremy #HBYCO 🥁

This is Brandon Coleman, a.k.a. @brandon_lainecoleman15 🎸🕺🏽🎤🎼 … Brandon is the lead singer and frontman of #theredclaystrays 🎸… He has a bold sound with a naturally-strong vocal ability. He can fill a room with his voice, and he jukes 🕺🏽a little like #Elvis. Brandon grew up listening to classics like #JohnnyCash, Elvis, #JerryLeeLewis, #LynyrdSkynyrd, #MerleHaggard, #WaylonJennings, and #TravisTritt 🎸A couple of his more recent influences are #SturgillSimpson and #NEEDTOBREATHE. He’s been singin’ 🎤 his whole life and giggin’ full-time since his first band (Coleman-Mason Band) in 2015 🎼 Follow @theredclaystrays and @skatemountainrecords for more info on the band. Picture taken 4.8.17 at @southsounds 📷@wolffjeremy #HBYCO

This is Zachary Rishel, a.k.a. @zachtenderfoot. Zach is the lead guitarist 🎸 for #theredclaystrays. At 19, he’s got impressive shred abilities, laying down at least one nasty solo in each song. The band is fast tempo 🎼 most of the time, and Zach’s solos do nothing but make you want to go even faster; it usually leads to dancing. Also, Zach is a big #PinkFloyd, #VanHalen, and #JoeWalsh. Follow @theredclaystrays and @skatemountainrecords for more info on the band and their tour schedule. Picture taken 1.19.18 at @callaghan’s 📷@wolffjeremy #HBYCO

This is Drew Nix, a.k.a. @drewski_nix. Drew plays 🎸, sings 🎤, writes songs 🎼, and manages his band, @the_red_clay_strays. A self-described “Honky tonk night time man,” Drew resides in #mobile, where the band is currently working on new music with their label, @skatemountainrecords. Follow #theredclaystrays for tour info and all kinds of other shenanigans. Picture taken 9.27.17 at @soulkitchenmobile 📷@wolffjeremy #HBYCO

Incredible show planned for tonight with @wesjeans and @the_red_clay_strays . Wes has shared the stage with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, Warren Haynes, Joe Bonamassa and more blues legends. I've been trying to get Wes back to Mobile for a long time and tonight will be a truly special show. Limited tickets available, show starts at 8pm.
#wesjeans #theredclaystrays #skatemountainrecords #warrenhaynes #bbking #buddyguy #joebonamassa #govtmule #Gibson #fender #guitar #mobileal #music #matchlessamps #texas #blues #lagniappe

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