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Where you are is exactly where you're suppose to be. A wise teacher told me this once & it stuck. #truthserum #wisewords #tanateachers #tanayogastudio #therearenoaccidents

🌝Master Ugwe.🌚

#therearenoaccidents #cosmicconnection #katerose #mayitbeofbenefit
Nothing happens by chance.

In this world that we are blessed to live in, every single meeting and chance encounter serves a greater purpose.

Sometimes, we need people to wake us up and help change the direction of our lives; at other times, we need people to uplift us and remind us who we are. And sometimes, it’s simply about those who are meant to hold space for us.

Ironically, we aren’t meant to know the purpose of every person we meet in this life, but we are meant to remain open to whatever each encounter will reveal.

In some ways, we have to look at the world as having connections running all through it—some threads are silken and crimson, while others are roughened burlap. Each thread depicts a different meeting that has yet to occur.

We are meant to interact with one another in this life and let our lives overlap. It sometimes seems that social media is chasing away the need for those real life connections, but something within our own minds begins to shift when we start to truly believe that every single thing that happens does so for a reason.

Not all encounters are supposed to last forever; sometimes, those meetings come in for just a mere moment in time. Perhaps it was to delay you, so that a car accident would be missed—or even to arrange a meeting for you with a potential lover. Sometimes, the universe sends us people to help us on our journey, even if they aren’t meant to be a significant part of it.

Life is a magical mystery of synchronicity, which is the belief that the universe sends us signs along the way to help direct us toward our life purpose. This can be the random meeting of people, angels, numbers, songs, and even feathers letting us know that there is a plan in place that we are not yet aware of.

Sometimes it seems that the more amazing something is the less we can actually recognize it in our lives.

Perhaps we can’t truly ever plan for destiny—but maybe we can prepare ourselves for it by making room for the unexpected.


Throwback to May 21 ...flying home from The Billboard Awards celebrating C's Bday...
Today on #bestfriendsday❤️ which is also the 45th Anniversary of our meeting each other! #thereareNOaccidents

Decided to add to my collection! Love my babe @katiegracin design! One of my favorite pieces she's ever done. #tattoo #art #ThereAreNoAccidents

When you and your friend create similar artwork on separate occasions. Too funny! If you are interested in stained glass work, check out our neighbour Art Nouveau Stained Glass for classes. #therearenoaccidents #coincidenceithinknot

Sweet Dreams #✨🌙✨
You asked me
what you meant to me?
My darling,
My Tomato,🍅
My Pigeon,🐦
My sweet Little dumpling,🍥

Saw this sign on Columbus Avenue today just when I needed a reminder. I felt like it was there just for me! #therearenoaccidents #believeinyourself #youareunstoppable #columbusavenue

Bad news, my nephew broke his arm! Good news, who walked in to fix it? My FIRST ever best friend!!! Talk about personalized service ❤ My sister in law sent this-small world gets smaller all the time #therearenoaccidents


We're getting EXCITED for TANA KIDS CAMP! Registration is OPEN - July 24-28, 2017 #tanakids #tanayoga #tanayogastudio #yoga #kidsyoga #therearenoaccidents @gmfasolo3

I called my #mechanic to tell him that I got a #flattire -- the #tire I bought just 4 months ago. He told me to bring my car to the shop tomorrow and that we would see if the tire was under warranty. I was about to start #crying and he said, "go ahead, cry all you want now because I don't want you to cry in front of me tomorrow." That made me laugh so hard... no way I can cry. Thanks #aaaautoclub , always #wonderfulservice . When we are #goingtoofast in life, it takes #events such as this to make us #stop and #goslower -- #drivesafely everyone. And #slowdown your pace to #enjoythejourney --- #therearenoaccidents #therearenocoincidences #cartrouble #toofast #bepresent #california #caradventures #audi #lovinglife❤️ #ilovemycar

Where you are is exactly where you're suppose to be. A wise teacher told me this once & it stuck. #truthserum #wisewords #tanateachers #tanayogastudio #therearenoaccidents

In these photos, Chris had just completed the first part of five intensive trainings on emotional intelligence. I was so excited for him to get a chance to learn about himself like I did. This was life changing for me and I wanted him to experience it too. When I felt I could no longer handle life's endless stress and I was ready to give up, I knew I needed a change. I trusted the process and played hard during all the games we played and it clicked! I'm still learning, each day, but what makes it easier is having a husband who trusts in me. Chris, I could feel and see was simply existing through life. It didn't make sense, so we talked. It was a serious talk. Chris, decided he had had enough and wanted a change so he registered for the training. I was nervous and excited for him, but seeing him afterwards looking YEARS younger, because of the weight of years and years of stress puts on your face and body had now been removed! He was a whole new man!! Since then, we have more heart-to-heart connections everyday, we are happy to be together and do everything together, we treat each other with kindness and respect, we care for each other. It is truly a marriage I'm so proud to have. He's not finished with his training yet, but he is committed to finish and I'll be there cheering him on!! I love you so much honey. You make me proud everyday. Thank you for trusting the process. 😘💗 @chrischurchman36 #createagreatlife #trusttheprocess #playhard #therearenoaccidents #findthevalue #howisthatamirrortoyourlife #youcannotchangewhatyoudontacknowledge

Teaching Thursday @tanayoga 7am & 9am - Gentle Vinyasa Flow (60 min) #tanayoga #tanayogastudio #whatareyouwaitingfor #therearenoaccidents

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