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Good news! #TheRealStory has been renewed for a 2nd season! See you next year #idaddicts / buenas noticias! Mi programa "The Real Story" fue renovado para una 2da temporada en @investigationdiscovery . A comenzar producción para el año próximo ;)


The Incredible True Story of A Guy Who Became A Real K-Pop Fanboy Just To Date His Dream Girl 

Published: 4 hours ago

The story begins with the guy revealing that he liked a girl for a long time, but because she was very pretty, he felt insecure asking her out. 

However, everything changed when he helped his sister download a video of popular group Super Junior. 

The girl saw him help his sister and immediately asked him whether he was an ELF. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to talk to her, the guy lied and said he was.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to talk to her, the guy lied and said he was. Source: SkeletonVenus

After that confession, he realized the girl was not the quiet type that he imagined her to be. 

The girl asked him for his honest thoughts on the Eunhae “couple” (Donghae and Eunhyuk). 

She also even showed herself fangirling over how handsome Donghae was and truly showed she was comfortable being around him. 

Despite this, the guy was not turned off by the girl’s fangirling and even helped her get tickets to the soldout Super Junior concert.

During the concert, he wiped her tears away when she cried at the concert, and reminded her of the fan chants during since he had studied everything there was to being an ELF.

At the end of the concert, the girl ended up confessing her love to the guy.

In the Facebook post, the guy admitted his true feelings regarding her confession. “Before I really knew her, I realized that she was actually not my ideal type.

However, after knowing the real her, I became attracted to her…

I think I’ve fallen in love with the girl who has been so serious about never giving up on following Super Junior in the past five years.” — The Fanboy

At the end of the post, the guy joked to his now-girlfriend. “Can you put more photos of the two of us on your phone?

I’m not greedy, it would be nice to have at least 1/3 as many photos of us as there are of Donghae…”
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One of Florida's deadliest mass murders. @mariaesalinas investigates The Deltona Massacre tonight at 10/9c. #TheRealStory

Ras paling hobi kentuk pas depan muka ku klw fefen paling suka ngupil di mn sj dn kapan sj yg jelas klw gatal hidung ku ,ku korek baru ku kasih teman ku hahhaa😂 ras paling hobi masak dan saya hoby makan apa sj yg jelas bukan durian , hahhaha
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Feeing a bit wild today - oldies but goodies! @giuseppe_zannotti_officiel On #TheRealStory 2ET @foxnews

Big spread from Entrepreneur. Inside cover and a huge piece on the real story behind RENOUN. #entrepreneurmag #liveandlearn #therealstory

Así célebre mi día especial / this is how I celebrated my special day #chocolatelover #TheRealStory #nabhalloffame #ideserveit 🙈#diettomorrow

Mary Horton Vail, Annette Vail, and Sharon Hensley were last seen by Felix Vail. #TheRealStory with @mariaesalinas examines suspected #serialkiller Felix Vail tonight @10/9c #idaddict


#therealstory I would like to say, they did do a great job of showing the world how mixed we can 🐝. #mib #deadlife #afterlife #missamerica y'all can play dumb if you want to. #mirrorselfie #mirror #england #queenelizabeth #butwhy #deepseadiving but at the end of the day, you played a great game. Your camp is off the chain. Y'all really do crazy fucked up shit. But somebody has to do the dirty work. I mean, how else would we overstand #love. Your program is #evil and #addictive. You even got folks in high positions that can't run the world without you. ...yeah, you got me. Lmao just like I got you.

Leang Seckon’s paintings and collages are dense tapestries that attest to a magnificent, ancient sensibility that has survived the vicissitudes and periodic nightmares of Cambodian history. His draughtsmanship and technical innovation articulate the living presence of the artistic gift that produced the mastery of form in stone and bronze which graced the efflorescence of Angkor a thousand years ago… #PeterSharrock on the work of #LeangSeckon, opening Saturday in Hong Kong with a performance at 4pm!
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A bit of behind the scenes footage to kick the week off. We kind of turn up and take over when we do a photoshoot, because there are so many of us. Brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties and of course the toddlers who are too tiny to feature in the 'official' photos! To tiny....for now! #sirensandpirates #afamilyaffair #behindthescenes

New in this month WHAT HAPPENED by Hillary Rodham Clinton

This is my life. I feel awful but we're always just about to walk out the door when something happens... lose a shoe, need a number 2, suddenly realize we're dying of hunger or thirst :).
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Get ready to be stalked with Italy-pics! 😏
Our first big trip together has proven to be a real challenge; literally everything that could go wrong, went wrong (forgetting pasports, missing out on Pompeï, almost running out of gas in the middle of a mountain, crazy drivers in Napoli, and the list just goes on..) However, there's always sunshine after rain: we've met some of the nicest people, the sun is shining and we ate so much food already! Now it's time for part two of the trip: exploring Sicily! 😎🌞 (But first, surviving this 9-hour boat trip 😒) #couple #traveling #italy #roadtrip #wanderlust #girlswhotravel #therealstory

The real princess.❤🔥🔥🔥
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Credit to: @thekocka

Breakups are tough.... I couldn't sleep for a few reasons. 1: My sleep clock is all out of whack from travel &
2: My relationship is so over.
Obviously this isn't new, it's been a little over 6 weeks I think but this really fucked up thing keeps happening. Why is it that I feel like I'm processing my emotions, and my partner, or ex partner I should say, seems to be A-okay?
We've all felt this at least once in our lives, and I feel like sharing. The pain comes in waves, and while I'm evolving past it, it's still very difficult. Luckily I see this as a good thing, only a few times in your life will you feel pain that allows for a major jump in momentum foreword, a spark that is so beautifully unique. But why is my guy acting like everything is fine, when it so clearly isn't? Anyways, I was reading some articles online about male vs. female recovery from a failed romantic relationship. Turns out (duh) men suppress and avoid pain, jump right into boosting their ego with new women, and depending on their health, numb the loss with drugs, alcohol, emerging themselves in their career & sleep deprivation.
Go figure. So while we women are crying our stupid eyes out for weeks or months upfront, men will hide that shit until their dying day. And if they really loved you, it will haunt them for a long time. Even though they won't let you know.
Sooooo that's that, I'm fucking sad for what's gone and excited for the future. .
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...better late than never 😅
I'm only at the second one 🤓
Waiting for season 8
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