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Thank you @pranamat for sending me your amazing massage set. I really love using it after my workouts or at the evenings to unwind. Post workout recovery, relaxation and rejuvenation is just as important as my training, so this massage set is a great addition to my postural therapy/ recovery gear. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to lay on the prickly lotuses and found it quite painful but after a few minutes the pain goes away and it turns into a pleasant burn that gives your sore muscles a nice relief. @pranamat set is a powerful body care tool & an amazing recovery buddy - I totally recommend it!
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Strengthening your External Hip Rotation (Knee/thigh rotates outward🔁) We start this video by doing the pigeon stretch, a common exercise you guys use to improve📈 flexibility in your external hip rotation. This exercise is great and all, but after you do it, the opposing muscles don’t have the strength to actually hold this new range of motion! 😜The purpose of these end-range exercise is to do slow, controlled repetitions and really FIGHTING to get into your end range. 😫Cramping (a Charlie Horse🐎 feeling) is normal when doing any of these exercises for the first time. .
The banded ⛓external rotation exercise that we demonstrate first is for anyone that is having trouble rotating the leg outward at all and cannot do the second exercise that is performed in the video with the foot over the PVC pipe. Obviously, anyone can do the banded variation, but it is a good alternative to “leg over” exercise if you don’t have the range of motion to do so. .
A great way to help keep the torso upright and help with balance is to hold a moderately⚖️ heavy kettlebell on the opposite side of the leg that is doing the work. This will be the same for many of the exercises this week. As usual, keep everything as square🔳 as possible… pelvis👙, shoulders🤷‍♂️, head👤, feet👣, and maintain a tight, engaged torso💪.
P.S. I want to thank @Hunterfitness 🙌for introducing us to this type of movement. I’ve helped many people (including myself) with these movements over the last year and a half because of him. They are fun and super beneficial!🙏
💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach
⚡️You can learn to move better and live pain free!  The MoveU Method is a step-by-step online training program to transform your movement and accelerate your journey back to a pain-free life. Learn more about the method by registering and attending a free live webinar.  Click the link in our bio or visit moveu.com/webinar⚡️
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Who loves #handstands #snatches #pullups #presses and all things overhead?! .
Then listen up 👂 😉
Let's take it back to the basics.
Now, of course if you're in pain, there are basics before these basics. So, as always, please go consult your local therapist before deciding this is what you need for your pain.
These are to activate those rotators directly around the shoulder joint to allow the joint to glide, slide and roll the way it's supposed to as you throw some weight over your head or stand on your hands 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️
Ever heard the cue, "squeeze your arms together" for a handstand to increase stability? Not a bad cue, but it definitely activates more in the front chest when this happens. So, my suggestion is before we start increasing that chest tension and forcing shoulders too far forward, let's remind the brain how to be strong along the posterior shoulder and back 💪
Today I'm showing you some basics with the theraband. As "basic" as they seem, they can light up that shoulder when done properly. .
✅ ER Walk-Outs: keep the shoulder blade down & back, elbow close to your side and keep the wrist and elbow in straight alignment throughout the movement. .
✅ ER Scap Stabs: keep that same wrist/elbow alignment as you work on moving the shoulder blade into upward and downward rotation while maintaining a solid external rotation stabilization force. .
✅ Single Arm Rows: seemingly easy, but will light up with lats when done correctly. Don't allow the torso to move. Lead from the shoulder blade down and back first and then the elbow pulls in close to your side as it squeezes in and back as much as it can without allowing the front of the shoulder to dip down and forward. Keep the shoulder blade back and down! .
✅ Single Arm Row to Press: lock the shoulder down the entire time, stabilizing through the lats and low traps. Use the external rotators to engage as the arm rotates up, and the serratus and low traps to stabilize as you reach overhead. Feel the burn and keep that shoulder away from the ear as much as possible!
Tag a friend and let me know what you think!! 👊

My #TherapyDog registration came back (swipe left!👈), so I'm official! ✅🐾
Mom and Dad have a little bit more paperwork, stuff to read and a DVD to watch - but I've got my I.D. badge & my Therapy Dogs International bandana! (We have two of everything since I tested separately with mom & dad so they could both be registered as my handlers on visits.) 🙆🏻‍♂️+🐶+🙆🏼= 🙏🏼
Here I come world! Ready to spread fluffy love and bring smiles to humans in need. 💚❤️💙 #PawsAwhileForLove

Something I committed to this past year was that as long as I continued to lift, I will put effort into proper recovery and taking care of my body. This bruising is from graston that I got done because of the tension I hold in my neck. It increases mobility and breaks down scar tissue while also creating better blood flow to the area. These are my battle wounds from it😅 I challenge you to focus as much time on recovery and taking care of your body as much as you spend on lifting/cardio/exercise. Your body will thank you later🙏🏻 #girlswhopowerlift #girlswithtattoos #girlswithmuscle #girlswhocaneat #girlswholift #powerlifter #powerlifting #diehard #diehardpowerlifting #graston #chiropracticadjustment #therapy #recovery

#CarmeloAnthony wants him + #LaLa to go to couple's counseling. Details on HOLLYWOODTATTLETALE.COM #therapy #fixitjesus #blacklove #reconcile #couplestherapy #nyknicks #power

📽: @rach_culture 😎 I can say that I really enjoy sharing the stage with these two guys every night. We've been on the road together this whole year. Each night is a new experience. Thanks for letting me rock the stage with you fellas 🤘🏾 @doctor_0_music and @jussjef #keys #guitar #drums #3piecespicy #drummer #Khalid #AmericanTeenTour2017 #Therapy @sabiancymbals_official @officialtamadrums @vicfirth @gruvgear

3 exercises for quads
Today I'm highlighting a few new variations I've recently been using with clients for quad hypertrophy.
These are specifically targeted to address the quads and therefore may look different to "normal" versions of some exercises.
1. Forward band squat with quad focus - here we have a band pulling us forward and we have to resist this. As well, actively sitting forward to have the knees translate as far forward as we can within our comfort. This will ensure the quads are working at their maximum
2. "Spanish" squats - here we are keeping a vertical shin and sitting far back. This is a classic "closed kinetic chain" squat variation and reduces the assistance from the posterior chain for the movement.
3. Standing band resisted knee extension - this is my made up "I don't have a leg extension" exercise. As I generally am in gyms without a way to target my quads (after squats and lunges) and rigging up something to do gets annoying, this is easy and can hit them hard.
For all of the above, if you have persistent knee issues, these are likely not appropriate for you to use.

🇺🇸 IF NOTHING GOES RIGHT GO LIFT 💪🏼😡 You'll feel way better after ! Promise 🙏🤓 Sometimes life put you down for many reasons and you just want to stay in bed thinking ... and it's in those moment that having something you're passionate about save you !
For me it's Bodybuilding, no matter how bad I feel if I go in the gym, puso my self as hard as i can and I'll feel better... THIS IS MY THERAPY 🙏
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For my #life is running in circles and clicking pictures of #cutedogs as I go along the way
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Hey there friends - I just woke up from my second round of surgery. Because the internal stitches didn't hold last time they had to redo the surgery! All went well and I am recovering well. 🤕🤒
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Gigantic stingray paddleboard fishing battle !!! #lovensb #nsbhorizons #paddleboarding the #ilocano #therapy #solitude #serenity

This is your heart. Just take a moment to appreciate it. Really think about that the heart does. It beats rain or shine, day or night, 24/7 from about a month after conception till the day you die. That's millions of heartbeats in your life. I've always described the heart as a blast furnace. The heart will use anything it can for energy, fat, sugar, proteins and even DNA molecules. The heart is the honey badger, it really doesn't care what you feed it and it will take nutrient from other areas. Another pretty cool thing is that the heart beats independently. It can create its own rhythm so if you cut out someone's heart it will still beat ... freaky. And all you need to do for this badass mofo is remain healthy. You don't need to be a marathon runner to be healthy. Just eat less cake and walk around a little more! #health #healthy #heal #rehab #therapy #physicaltherapy #medicine #heart #cardiac #fit #fitness #gym #weight #weightloss #weightlossjourney #stayhealthy #diet #exercise #eatbetter #walk #anatomy #science #facts

Nachschub endlich angekommen 😂😁🤗
Vielen Dank an Pino!

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Experience Good Vibes, Wellness Enhancing & Uplifting energy wearing our new Roll-on blend ✨A wonderful energy blend of jojoba oil, essential oils of orange (cymbopogon schoenanthus) lemongrass, and lemon peel (citrus medica limonum) creates a simple yet effective blend on the body 🌿
The Oils:

Lemon Essential Oil not only increases our mood & concentration but helps to provide a calming effect on the body. Lemon helps with spiritual awareness. Helps one with stress, fatigue, anxiety & helps bring positivity to its wearer while removing negativity✨

Orange/Lemongrass helps with stress & depression, anxiety providing a calming effect on the body helping to boost energy ✨
Shop on Etsy; link in bio ✨
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Do you have a friend you know could benefit from massage? Of course you do! If you refer a friend and they book a massage with me, your next treatment is 30% off! .
📷: my friend @rendezvousinyou 💕

Are you a SLP looking for an energetic team to join? Shaping Change is currently looking for a Speech-language pathologist! Interested candidates can go to our website shaping-change.com to see the requirements and fill out an application  #shapingchange #slp #speechlanguagepathologist #speechpathology #therapy #abatherapy #autism #autismawareness #job

森林セラピー基地 Forest therapy base ❮2/2❯
篠栗九大の森へ行って来ました。福岡県北部は雨不足で、池の貯水量が少なく、期待した景色ではありませんでしたが、十分に癒されました。通常貯水量時の風景は #篠栗九大の森 をご覧ください。
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I will earn my glass (half a bottle) of wine today!
Going out always makes things a little bit better for at least a moment.
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Le manque de mobilité en flexion dorsale à la cheville peut être un problème majeur lors du squat! Si vous avez une restriction a la cheville, le squat avec une plate sous les talons peut vous aider à faire le squat avec une bonne forme!

Time again for another stick man diagram. This time we're looking at why ankle mobility helps us and (spoiler alert) why it's ok for the knees to travel past the toes in a squat.➡️
This whole myth started when 📊researchers saw that restricting knee travel decreased stress on the knee, which sounds great in theory. But that came at a cost, which happened to be a greater demand for hip mobility and forward folding of the torso, which increases hip and low back stress.
Also, while stress is higher with the knees forward, that's not necessarily a bad thing. That stress is still well within the body's stress capacity, meaning you can handle it just fine. So you're not doing any damage by letting the knees come forward.
Here's where restricting knee travel can be helpful. 👉 If you have knee pain currently, especially in the front, keeping them back can be a great TEMPORARY measure to let things calm down. And once they do, it's ok to work back into a more forward position. Also, if you want more glute or low back work, and have the hip mobility, you can also keep them back, but just going to a low bar position tends to work just as well.
So if you're pain free or want quads of the gods, don't be worried about your knees crossing your toes. It's perfectly ok and will often make for a much more comfortable and efficient squat. And if you need more ankle mobility, check out the video @quaddoc just posted!💪
Tag your favorite gym bro and share the wealth!

We love to get hands on with our clients, check out Gavin using his Mulligan Belt to get this patient's hip moving better following a mild impingement injury. Yes I'm in there too filming him, this is a vital part of our in house Continued Professional Development and Observation programme which you'll be pleased to know is to enable us to become better therapists to continue fixing you!
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Feel young, fresh and hydrated as you step out of the Oxygen Beauty Spa! Learn more about the O2 Cloud here by clicking the link in our bio!

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