That croquettes are so crunchy and nice seasoning. Sitting here and looking people outside are so relaxing, sort of like tasting the peacefulness. #theqonharris #brunch #coffee #croquettes #scrambledeggs #cafe #sydney #ultimo #nsw #au #australia #foodinaustralia #foodie #foodiegram #foodgram #igeats #ブランチ #シドニー #コーヒー #브런치 #커피 #호주 #시드니

Cupping is one of the best way to learn more about flavour, aroma, and to share with other people. We cup every batch of coffee that we roast here make sure it meets our quality standards, but its also a chance for us to talk about the flavours.

Day 1 in Aussie 🇦🇺 and we're off to a great start thanks to super yummy foods! Thank you @cherryavalanche for the recommendation ✨👌🏻 Featuring the smoked salmon bagel + Q bowl with caramelised bacon homgghhh 🤤🤤

Latte art is a way for baristas to translate their passion into the cup. It’s not an easy skill to learn but once you can do, it can become an obsession. 📸 : @handychandraa

The colder it gets outside, the more coffee i consume ☕️. 📸: @intantenacious

How was your long weekend?
Our barista Wardono is so ready to make your first coffee of the week💪🏻🤓☕️

No plan for queens birthday on Monday ? Come and grab a coffee, we’re roasting some coffee on Monday ☕️.

大爱Croissant! #theqonharris

When mum tells you to ‘Eat your greens!’ do you think she means coffee too? 🌱🌧

The Q on Harris
隠れ家みたいで ハマりそう🙈💕

お家から 徒歩 7分 🏃
Flat white $4

#sydneycafe #sydney #theqonharris #coffee #cafe

Today’s good mood is sponsored by #QCoffee and Friday ! ☕️

“That’s too much bacon.” -Said No One Ever🥓🥓

Okay, it’s Monday but who said Mondays have to be suck? Get a cup of coffee and have a great day.

My Favorite Co-workers is coffee ☕️.

Espresso is a little taste of heaven served in a cup!

The only thing better than a hump on hump day is COFFEE !

HAPPY TUESDAY!!✨✨ ...you gotta admit, at least sounds better than
“Happy Monday!”😂

Thank you Andre for visiting us today and taking a good picture. 📸 : @andrechandra

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