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eric hid my scale from me when i was pregnant with evie. he's not home to do that this time so i did it for myself and tucked it away in a closet. numbers don't matter; healthy babies do. here's to the next seventeen weeks without numbers. #23weekspregnant #babybump #pregnantbelly

If this is all I ever do in life, it will always be more than enough for me. ✨ 📸 @4cornersphoto

Hello summer☀️ let’s hang out for a little while longer.
🍁🍂We will see you soon fall I’m sure. Until then I’ll be hanging out in my swimsuit & pretending I’m jumping into a pool with palms all around too🍹#mwfstyle

Familia feliz 😍 #lasbodasdepueblo #sonlomás

the lake is where we fell in love.
the lake is our happy place,
where we feel free.
we itch to get back by some water.
where did you and your significant other fall in love? do you have a favorite place, a place that brings back all the feels? Tell me! Tell me! I want to hear your love story! Share it below 💞

Giving this guy (and myself 😜) a weekend break to replenish my soul with all other things non medicine related! Have a happy weekend friends! #thereismuchmoretolife #thepursuitofjoy #selfcareeveryday

This is about as on point as it gets. #givemeallthenitrobrew

Happy Friday! I just love seeing you celebrate motherhood with our flowers 😍congrats @emilykhildebrand baby Charlotte is ADORABLE! 📷: @ordonezphoto


Side-by-side in their kitchen. A pretty common sighting. ❤❤

My oh my, what a beautiful day!! #vannestjesontour #lilsebergen #toeristineigenland

Babies in the front Whirlwind on your back! 🎒🌪👊#whirlwindbags

Happy 3rd Birthday Parker!! #YMCA

Inspired by @littleitalyespressobar. Try a stem of fresh mint in your water, so refreshing! 🌿 Tip: to release the minty aroma quickly, slap the mint between your hands before adding it to your water. Enjoy! - MR x
Water bottle by @hydratem8.
#water #drinkwater #mint #freshmint #tip #mintinwater

At the doctors to see what’s going on with little man. He was up almost every other hour, congested to the maximum. I’m sure the neighbors were really curious why we were running the shower all night. The steam was just about the only thing that helped though, so we went and bought a new humidifier too. Hopefully that does the trick.
Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart though. I would rather have my toenails pulled out than have him be sick and snotted up like last night. He was so upset and frustrated, and John and I felt the same. Kids don’t follow the rules when it comes to health. It’s Murphy’s Law. #ParentingAintEasy

He screams so loud when he's happy I'm afraid the neighbours might think something bad is happening 🙈🙊 .

Have a great weekend lovely humans ♡


Yes. Very much yes.
#Letterboardquotes .
#Repost @mylivedinhouse
|| Love language || Last I checked I think it went... quality time, touch, affirmation, gift of eucalyptus..... Oh wait, that's just in my book! 😂Anyone else!?✌🏼•

#letterboard #quoteoftheday #thehappynow #thatsdarling #thepursuitofjoy #eucalyptus #society6 #honestlymothering #livethelittlethings #lovelanguages #seasonsofsimplicity #flatlay #simpledecor #homeschoolmom #ohheymama #tuesdayvibes #savedbygrace #homedecor #macrame #letterboardquotes #honestmotherhood

If this is all I ever do in life, it will always be more than enough for me. ✨ 📸 @4cornersphoto

I love flowers. Everywhere. We found this flower shop in Oslo and I could’t have been happier. 🌻🌼🌹🌺🌷 I fiori mi piacciono. Dappertutto. Nei vasi, sparsi per tutta la casa; nei campi, di tutti a colori;sui capelli, puntualmente dimenticati; sui libri; stampati o disegnati, dipinti o ricamati. Sui vestiti, poi, una vera passione. Mi piace regalarli, riceverli, comprarli ogni volta che vado a fare la spesa, o anche se non devo farla. Comprarli e basta, allora. Ho stilato una classifica dei miei fiori preferiti (lo faccio per innumerevoli cose tipo: gusti della pizza, suoni del citofono, forma delle foglie) e in prima posizione abbiamo un’indiscussa margherita ( e non perché sia l’unico fiore che io sappia disegnare😉) seguita da lavanda e 🌻girasoli. Mi piacciono così tanto che , arrivati ad Oslo mentre la città dormiva ancora e un po’ anche noi, appena ho visto questo mercato ho iniziato a saltellare per la felicità. Ci siamesi fermati. Tanto tantissimo. Uomo D. si è divertito un sacco a guardarmi -lo vedevo sghignazzare-mentre annusavo più fiori possibile, li accarezzavo, ci chiacchieravo , facevo ridere i signori che li vendevano e anche mentre ma convinceva che no, non potevamo portare una pianta a casa , a 2000 km da lì. È il ricordo più ricordo che ho di questa città.
P.s. Daniele il paziente ha impiegato molto tempo a convincermi. Davvero davvero molto.😊 #wanderlust #thatsdarling #thepursuitofjoy #liveauthentic #lifeofadventure #thehappynow #nothingisordinary #humansofjoy #travel #travelphotography #travellife #visitnorway #oslo #flowers #femmetravel #dametraveler #wearetravelgirls #lonelyplanet

It's a waffles and peanut butter kind of Saturday. 🌞

These two 😍

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