Wondering what’s for dinner. 🤔
Also contemplating the meaning of life.
You know, as I do.
I’ve been in a funk, a kind of grief.
I’ve been trying a new kind of meditating that integrates light + sound with special glasses and earphones (by @yourmindplace). The device changes my brain’s frequency making it easier to get into alignment.
It’s nice because I notice how much easier it is to get chill throughout the day.
Exploring Ellsworth Kelly’s exhibit and chapel was nice because it reminded me of a more physical experience of what the device provides.
I also appreciate seeing Kelly’s thought process throughout creation.
The studies for the final projects (masterpieces?) were marvelous.
All of this serves as a kind of reminder to slow down and enjoy the ride, enjoy the now for that’s all there is.
Give thanks constantly.
Constantly state all the nice and beautiful things about the now.
It’ll be the list that never ends.
Life is nice.
I hate that sometimes I forget how nice.
Life is weird.
I like it.


« The present moment is the field on which the game of life happens » #eckharttolle #luciofontana

What are your reasons for not investing in your health?

What are your reasons for not doing that thing that you know will help you pain, symptoms or mental state?

I hear many reasons, some of these I have even used myself in the past;

I can't afford it
I'll do it after ....... when I get .......
I'll do it when ........ is finished
I don't have enough time
Its too hard
Im lazy
I never finish anything
Work is really hectic
I want something that will work straight away

We all have reasons we can't do something... It's a natural thing for us to choose the easy path, whether that path is beneficial or not.

Change takes work. Modifying behaviour takes energy, as does implementing and learning new strategies.
Addressing your own behaviours and how YOU may be contributing to your symptoms, whether your aware of it or not, can be confronting and make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

We don't like to feel those things. Discomfort = unsafe as far as our brains are concerned.

But our biggest growth and biggest results, come from doing those different actions, and leaning in to vulnerability.

Tell me, is it fear of these feelings, fear or the work involved, that is really stopping you?

Tell me honestly,
Are your reasons really you're excuses?

If your health is effecting your life as much as I know it too, then what is the cost of not investing in yourself?

Comment below what you think is holding you back from you're health goals (this is a no judgment zone)

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Savor each moment. Start your Friday with Yoga @yogajoint Davie
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12:15 Yoga
4 pm Yoga
5:30 pm Core
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Boa noite focados, espero que o dia de vocês tenha sido de foco intenso como o meu hoje.
É muito bom chegar ao final do dia e sentir orgulho do que fez, esse orgulho não tem preço. .
O sentimento de progresso diário nos torna mais autoconfiantes a cada dia, e isso está ao seu alcance, basta ter:
Isso é alçando quando você consegue alinhar os três níveis de foco, de longo prazo, de curto prazo e o foco interior. Essa é a missão da Academia do Foco 👊.
Mantenham-se disciplinados, nenhuma atleta olímpico chegou ao pódio sem disciplina🥇.
Se você quer construir algo grandioso na vida, seja tão grandioso interiormente quanto o que você construir. .
O sucesso você não conquista, você o atrai pela pessoa em que você se torna.
Fiquem com deus 🙏

Guys I'm so tired of the whole "positive vibes only" bullshit.

Most of the people perpetuating this idea are deeply wounded, in great pain, and suffering inside. And they think that ignoring their pain will make it go away.

Now I believe through intense presence and purpose we can eliminate negativity. And what do I mean by negativity? I mean the inner critic, the punisher, the pain body. Basically the source of our mind's insanity.

But until pain is addressed it will only perpetuate. So covering it up with positive vibes is like taking a dump in your living room, putting a rug over it and pouring perfume on the rug to cover the stench.

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Don't forget to enjoy where you are right now! This moment is the only one you've got. Peace and love ✌❤ #mindfulness #thepowerofnow #mindfulnessmeditation #happypup #smelltheflowers #dogsofLR

#Ambition is quiet to the ear & loud to the eye. Look, you see it in her eyes... #SheReady @tiffanyhaddish! #TeamGoHard

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