Pre prepping for #mealprep Sunday. Dairy free almond ricotta, sun dried tomato sauce, and pesto
#ThePlantPowerWay #plantpower #vegan #homemade #masonjar

Went to an all vegan pizza place for dinner and shared so we could try every flavour 😉 what would I do without you? 💕 A

Als regelmäßiger Kaffeetrinker vergisst du manchmal auf die tägliche Portion Vitamine & Antioxidantien? 🤷‍♂️ Dann haben wir gute Nachrichten für dich: Mit einigen natürlichen Zutaten kannst du deinen Kaffee zu einem äußerst gesunden Heißgetränk machen 💪 Mehr zu den einzelnen „Upgrades“ liest du in unserem Artikel ☕️ Link in der Bio 👆
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Buddha bowl from pH7 with a bunch of veggies, polenta and chickpeas😁 A

‘Change is always available to you. It is a choice. This is a journey for the rest of your life. Be kind to yourself, choose one small habit and master it. The change you seek in your life isn’t just possible. It is what you were here to do.’ This is GOLD. A mash up of my two favourite podcasts. Two people on a path of service to others. Two souls recognising the need to be the best version of themselves in order to bring value and meaning to the world. A very powerful conversation. I had the absolute joy of getting to know @richroll this year, and urge every one of you to get to know him a little better through this conversation, it doesn’t disappoint. He works tirelessly to create his own podcast #rrp which is a treasure trove of physical, mental and spiritual growth. @drchatterjee is a man on a mission to show everyone how to take back control of their health. He brings tremendous insights through his work and interviews. He believes that the four pillars of rest, sleep, movement and food are the things we have control over that can best improve our well being. I have pre-ordered his new book #thestresssolution and have no doubt it will be as powerful as #thefourpillarplan. #wisdom #richroll #drchatterjee #health #fitness #wellness #richrollpodcast #findingultra #juliepiatt #theplantpowerway #plantpowerwayitalia #lifestyle #rest #sleep #move #food #triathlete #foodismedicine

Pizza please, no cheese and extra aubergine 😉 V

Finally found some free time to meet for Poke bowls @art_foodies 🍚 A

After looking in like 5 different grocery stores in Paris I finally found oatmeal in Marks and Spencer! Such a quick and filling breakfast. I usually like to make my own flavors from plain oats, but when space and a tight budget becomes a factor these pre flavored sachets are great 🇬🇧 A

Vegan chicken, mayo and pickle sandwich between shoots 👌🏼 A

@ancestorscoffee knows how to make a gorgeous smoothie bowl 👌🏼 V

Been months me being in the kitchen putting together nutritional quick n easy plant based meals. Getting back to it today but not by myself, I'll tell you more about that soon. This is Tagliatelle Alfredo from 'The Plantpower Way' cookbook by Rich Roll & Julie Platter.

Oh my goodness, tasty, wholesale, comfort food. Very quick to make and there's plenty leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, so value for money.

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Vegan ravioli, quick and simple dinner !!! 🤩 A

I could barely eat half of this...it was so good but I was so full from the chocolate and peanut butter milkshake 😂😂 V

Excited to be having @brickpizza_norwich tonight at the @redwellbrewing! Perfect weather for dinner outside 💕 V

Not exactly the prettiest meal ever, but this dahl was full of veggies and absolutely delicious 👌🏼 V

The first restaurant we tried to go to had nobody eating at it, so we settled with some pretty yummy falafels, always an affordable delicious option 👅 A

Throwback to our nachos night! 🇲🇽 A

I’ve recently decided I think I want to specialise in food security and sustainabile agriculture in my future studies, so I’ve been reading lots about the global food system to get a better idea of the scale of the current problem. I’ve just started “Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity” and it’s eye-opening. We have a long way to go before our food system will be sustainable, but I hope one day I’ll be working towards finding solutions.... V

20,310 ft...and fully embracing the euphoria of altitude...turning back towards Grace and Jeff, simply attached to me by a blend of nylon and trust...trying to fully grasp physical reality.
A vivid memory stirs of trying to delay my already slow steps, to help speed the realization that we were less than 50 meters from the summit of Denali. The wind resonating like a 12-string guitar when the trail snaked close to the edge of the ridgeline...
...trying not to stare at the beautiful ski tracks to my left from @colinobrady & @drjonkedski...
-June 27, 2018-
I know, (and apologize) that many of my photos are of past days, but I consciously reflect in this social atmosphere and tip-toe with heavy thoughts on HOW I can express, with the intention to inspire others. It’s true...everyone has their method of release...from pain, joy, sadness, depression, loneliness, hopelessness or pure happiness...but long-winded writing, remembering the smaller details of every photo, and 24/7 planning, has in turn sparked something within me, deeper than expected ...more meaningful and therapeutic than face to face with another soul at times...which has also been tough. But there is a benefit to internalizing if done properly...
Ultimately, I was around such talented and enlightening souls throughout my time (who also had documented the entire journey), I feel empowered to share, what is sometimes left to imagination. It’s a bitter balance of nostalgia, and constant planning for what’s next...a calmly resonating energy that is relentlessly flowing. -
I feel I’m balancing 40 overflowing cups , all sparking both a purpose and a call to action. -
Nevertheless, this is only the beginning. And I’m ready to let the hair grow, ski steeper, become a tool of wilderness endurance, and be able to redefine who I am.
“Just breathe deep and watch your step”
...words of Lead Guide Wesley Bunch before passing the baton over on the summit ridge.
📸: @mountainclimbgrace (Once again, please follow ⤴️)
@alaskamountaineeringschool #climbalaska @denalinps #denali #sevensummits #summitsmile #tbt #neverstopexploring #protectourwinters

Surprisingly sushi was the cheapest thing I could find for lunch, Paris is so expensive! 😋 A

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