πŸŒŠπŸ›³ I wanted to give you guys are few tips for cruising in the Caribbean!! πŸ‘DOπŸ‘
✨ Bring a full container of new sunscreen!
✨ Take A LOT of naps 🚒
✨See the shows and stand up comedy! ✨ Take advantage of the shower and new towels every day. (T'row em on the floor; You'll get new ones from the amazing staff)
✨ πŸ‘™πŸ‘“Pack an extra pair of everything JUST IN CASE.
✨ Remember that everyone will want money EVERYWHERE you go. Make sure to bring a VISA card AND cash in small bills for shopping, taxis, etc. ✨Bring motion sickness remedies. πŸ’Š I brought 4 different kinds to see which worked best & only used it the first few days!
βœ¨πŸ“·Take lots of pictures! πŸ“· Document all the things b/c everything is unbelievably beautiful!
✨Enjoy yourself! Try things you wouldn't have! Enjoy ice cream at 11:59pm! 🍦🍧 LIVE A LITTLE πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
✨ Book an excursion for every single day. The Cruise has a pool, hot tubs and plenty of lounging areas, activities + free food!!! It's what you paid for after all! ✨ Don't use ATMs if you don't have to. They charge a small fee and most don't provide American Currency.
✨ Buy the first thing you see! Someone else will most likely have it down the street for cheaper! πŸ’Έ
✨Assume that every port will have an open beach walking distance 😞 Be prepared to book a resort excursion OR spend $40 or more to enter into a private beach area! Either will TOTALLY be worth it!!!🌊
✨ Blindly dive to find rocks + coral under a pier... That's how you get cuts, scrapes and open wounds with moss dangling off of them (true story. I was worried for Warren b/c he cut himself pretty bad! But we got it cleaned and It's scarring good now ;D).
For those who have been on a cruise (anywhere!) how'd I do!? What would you also include!!!
Lemme know in the comments!! βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨
#kaitlynnquistphotography #horsebackridinginthecaribbean #theoxandthefox #honeyversary #quistadventures2018

"Every person deserves to have a lover who is proudly willing to say to the whole world, "Yeah, that's my one and only who is beautiful and is forever mine.""- Unknown
Get yourself someone who knows the key moments; when to make you laugh, let you bawl, when to hold you, when you need extra love, or need to just get out and get a new outift πŸ’ƒ 🌈
Find someone that doesn't TRY to MAKE your personal fairytale
just like -'SO & So's'-..
but realizes that together ya BOTH make your OWN AND IT'S GLORIOUS to live, breathe, and engulf one another in that fairytale.
Whether your married.
in a relationship.
happily single.
ready to date.
waiting for whatever reason.
You're never alone.
Happy 2 year Anniversary (yesterday) to my one and only Warren Paul Quist (and ALMOST 3 year Anniversary of being together!)
How ridiculously lucky am I to have Warren?!? I can't feasibly express the amount; not in any form of language, words or amounts can accurately measure how lucky I feel.... Warren & I met by the fate
I have unshakable belief we were brought together by God's guiding hand in our lives; Like two unwavering magnets to form one whole. .
My life without Warren is meaningless. He has allowed me to flourish into someone I consistently doubted was even possible to be... Perfectly imperfect.
I love him with all my heart, mind and soul and he will forever be my best friend, gentleman, sweetheart, silly bibii, and we will Always & Forever be together. <3
We're off to ride some horses on the Caribbean sand, proceeding to ride them directly into the Ocean...🌊
And last, but certainly not least celebrate the last few sunsets of our amazing adventure on our #honeyversary.πŸŒ…πŸŒ…
Ring & Photo: @kaitlynnquistphotography & @water_tribe_fly_fishing
Florals: @plantpeddlerfloral
Table Set up: @mandbevents
#kaitlynnquistphotography #thelittlethings #theoxandthefox #lightandairyunity #alwayslightandforeverdreamy #lightandairylove #moonlightdaydreamers #utahlovephotography @utahlovephotography #anotherwildstory #wildrootcollective #wasatchutahphotographer #utahmagic #utahportraitphotgraphy #detailshotsaremyfave #thelittlemoments #lovethelove

1. Do you prefer a Tropical Or Rural City/ sight seeing for a vacation? & 2. Have you ever been on a cruise?!... I NEED YURR HELP.πŸ”š
About this time last year, We were prepping, packing and SO ready for 🌴Hawaii 🌴 ( Whilst there... we considered the coconuts, the trunks and the leaaaaaaves.. Because MAN, does the Island life give us what we need!! 😜
Can ya GUESS the movie we watched the week prior and on the plane βœˆπŸ’Ί TO Hawaii?!)
THIS year, we will be flying out (TOMORROWWWWW my peeps😱!) to Puerto Rico and Cruising the Caribbean! 🌺
(Here's where I NEED your help!)
➑➑What are your favorite long plane ride hacks?
Do you have any advice for MUST haves to bring on a Cruise?! This is my first ever cruise, and my husband is 100% a MASTER of Cruises! So he for SURE has everything covered, but I love hearing what works for y'all!πŸ”š
Answer the two questions in the comments for me?? I love learning about you,
hearing from you
and being inspired by you.
#kaitlynnquistphotography #thelittlethings #lightandairyunity #alwayslightandforeverdreamy #lightandairylove #moonlightdaydreamers #utahlovephotography @utahlovephotography #anotherwildstory #adventurouslovestories #stargazerlily #wasatchutahphotographer #utahmagic #utahportraitphotgraphy #detailshotsaremyfave #bestofutah #thelittlemoments #lovethelove
#honeyversary #theoxandthefox

Today, on this long exasperating week I am grateful.
1. For this mans deep and calming voice; strong, safe & embracing arms, and 2. our little πŸ’© of a dog child, Pooka.
There are so many things in this world that I fear, and losing these two are at the very tippy top of my list.
And yes.... It's only Wednesday. But it sure doesn't feel that way today at ALL!!!! πŸ˜‘
If anyone else is feeling like their day today is a carp show, or if yoyre having an amazing day!! Please,
Feel free to write down what you're greatful for below... I would LOVE to hear. πŸ’žβ€΅β€΅

There are no words to describe how much gratitude I have for this day... The day of Birth of my Warren πŸ’•
You are my good, better, and best in every aspect of life. I am so lucky to have & love all of you for the rest of forever! πŸ’•πŸŽ†πŸ’•πŸŽ†πŸŽ‚Happy B-Day πŸŽ‚πŸŽ†πŸ’•πŸŽ†πŸ’• I love you, Always & Forever My Handsome OxπŸ’•πŸŽŠ
#kaitlynnquistphotography #theoxandthefox #firstsandlasts #thebesthusbandofalleternity #loveandwildhearts #ourspeciallovestory #thelittlethings #theringshot #happy29thmylove

I'm completely gushy for ALL the sentimental stuff and this beautiful piece is no exception!!!
This year for Christmas, I really wanted something special and different that we could share forever. Sure enough this idea came into my head (thanks pinterest!) & I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to give Warren... .
I turned to Cheyenne at @ca.callig and dumped all my ideas and thoughts as to what I wanted. She MORE than exceeded my expectations and I love everything about our unique pieceπŸ’ž
If you're looking for someone to calligraphy your life for ANY occasion??? Cheyenne is 1000% your lady!!!
(Annnnd yes... I did have to clear off a ton of stuff off of the dresser for this shot πŸ˜‰ β¬… real life moments!)
#kaitlynnquistphotography #theoxandthefox #foreverlovers #firstsandlasts #lovethelove #makethehomefeelhomey #calligraphymaster #forevermine

|| Not many people take my breath away.
But you don't even have to try ||
β–ΆI have some new followers and wanted to say!! What is uuuppp friends!!!✌
Few facts about me:
β–«β–«I've actually won the lottery in my lifetime!
No...Not the kind you buy a ticket for but I did when I finally found and became being married to my Warren. My sweetheart, best friend, perservering/dedicated worker and forever my gentleman πŸŽ‡πŸ˜
🌲🌞Sunshine & Wilderness 🌞🌲make me feel whole and alive... β–«β–«I'm forever a dog person πŸ• β–«β–«I love to laugh...and yes I do snort!πŸ‘Œ
β–«β–«I love reading πŸ“š; mostly young adult fiction and uplifting books.
β–«β–«I love love love my business and I work hard to face my fears and doubts everyday. .
πŸ”½πŸ”½I'd love to hear more about YOU!
Are you a morning person?πŸŒžβ˜• Or a night Owl? πŸŒ›πŸ”½πŸ”½ (I'm definitely team night Owl)
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Holy Molyβ€’Me Oh Myβ€’ You’re The Apple Of My Eye ❀️
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Stoltz, your wedding was flawless! πŸ₯‚πŸ‚πŸ¦Š

Happy Wedding Eve, Corri!! πŸ’πŸ˜πŸŽ‰β„οΈπŸΎ It has been such fun to celebrate you as the Bride To Be! Tomorrow is going to be beyond perfect and you are going to be an absolutely stunning Bride! πŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ¦Š
I’m SO happy for you and Mark, CHEERS to the wedding of the year! πŸ₯‚
#TheOxAndTheFox #WeddingWeekend

Warren went to the store & came home with a bunch of extra boxes. I asked "What is all this for babe?!" he said,
"I love you and will always take care of you... We've been waiting a long time to get nice silverware (not from a dollar bin and rusted by the second wash) nice cups, and decorative sturdy matching plates. I figured it was time!
Oh, and I also saw these cute mugs that I knew you'd love!"
I cried.
He didn't want to give them for Christmas, because these are a 'necessary daily use' item and wanted to 'spoil you with other thing's ↩(his words not mine!). I am extremely, undoubtedly, and heart warmingly grateful for my husband.... So much its beyond word or comprehension....
πŸ”ΌAlso fun fact.. I hate marshmallows πŸ‘Œ so they were dumped so I could drink the cocoa!!πŸ”½
#kdquistphotography #theoxandthefox
#mugsfordays #christmastimeishere #godisgood #thebesthusbandofalleternity #godsgreatest #foxmug #productphotography #warmcozy #Christmastree #CocoaAndBlanketsTillMay #wonderfultimeoftheyear #Godiswonderful #spiritofChrist #Christmasspirit #777luckyfish #featuremebest #featureacc #bookutahpbotographers

I'm the Fox & He's my Ox! πŸ’ That's pretty much been our nicknames since the dawn of time
I know this mug isn't an Ox or a Fox... But heres a little backstory on why we call each other the Ox & Fox
One night we were texting (not yet had the first date) and he called me his Beautiful Fox whilst he was the Gruff Ox..
I was like--- Waaat??
He told me that 'There are Rocks in My Socks, Said the Fox to the Ox' By Patricia Thomas πŸ“š was one of his favorite books. I had never heard of it, but regardless the names stuck!
Henceforth forever known as:
❀ The Ox and the Fox ❀
Smiths didn't have an Ox mug to match the Fox mug 😩 (will come in tomorrows post so stay tuned!!!😘) So he was totally fine with an adorable Trash Panda mug! 🐼
#kdquistphotography #theoxandthefox
#mugsfordays #christmastimeishere #godisgood #thebesthusbandofalleternity #godsgreatest #foxmug #productphotography #warmcozy #Christmastree #CocoaAndBlanketsTillMay #wonderfultimeoftheyear #Godiswonderful #spiritofChrist #Christmasspirit

✳More of a personal post today, but I am a-okay with that If y'all are πŸ™πŸ‘Œβœ³
This little one got neutered today and he is a little pissed at me πŸ˜…
Pooka did AMAZING! In -- out and the Hospital was so sweet to our ba-boy.
He's home now, sleepy, groggy, and keeps listening for Warren to come home ❀
(βœ–The surprise is we get to go on a car ride to GET Warren!!❀ I don't know if he will be quite looking forward to it as he normally would πŸ˜…βœ–)
#kdquistphotography #AmericanHairlessTerrier #thepooks #utahmagic #utahphotographer #777luckyfish #gameoftones #shadows #spayandneuteryourpets #itsworthit #theoxandthefox

Reminiscing of our slice of paradise and serenity that we made for ourselves on our Honeyversary trip this past May.
I'm not going to lie... I miss the sun in the colder months! When I say miss, I mean SEVERELY miss the sun.. πŸ˜₯🌞 'Winter blues' is absolutely a thing. So I try to ensure I take lots of pictures when Warren & I travel together so I can look back on those shared memories ❀
Anyone else get the winter blues? ❄
#kdquistphotography. #hawaiitime #hawaiiamtrees #palm trees #palmtreefarm #chasingwinterblues #changeofscenery #sunflares #theoxandthefox #quisthawaii2017 #sundayfunday

"Gratitude bestows
which allows us to encounter
everyday epiphanies;
those transcendent moments
of awe
that change forever
how we experience life
and the world"-John Milton
This is one idea that has really struck home for me tonight. Something that Warren and I's hardships, trials and millions of moments feeling lost, were potentially prepping me for...? I'm not sure.
I can say without a doubt that I am SO grateful for all of YOU.... Yes you. Reading this or scrolling past this right now. My clients, acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues in this profession, and last (but ABSOLUTELY not in the least) my amazingly wonderful husband Warren, for allowing me to do what I love as my career. For bringing out the best of me. For allowing me to be who I am with no regrets & no apologies.
πŸ’›βœ³T H A N K Y O U A L L βœ³πŸ’› .
#kdquistphotography #gratitudeissoextremelyimportant #mindaltering #worldchanging #ringshot #weddingringbling #thankfulthursday #thanksgiving2018 #theoxandthefox

I have heard great reviews about this book (and have LOVED a few of the other books @johngreenwritesbooks has written) and it caught my eye on the store bookshelf. I told my husband about it, the author and asked if it would be alright to buy (because John Green doesn't disappoint) without really knowing what it is about.
My sweet husband turned to me and said "a book is always a great investment!" Immediately took it off the shelf and put it in the cart.
I am an avid reader especially in the colder months with a blanket, my mood light and a hoodie!
I also always bring a book with me (or two or three) in the summer camping seasons πŸŒžπŸ“šπŸ—»β›ΊπŸŒ„. What amazing books have you read lately? Let me know in the comments some 'need to reads' for a girl who always had a hard time picking what to read πŸ™ˆ
#theoxandthefox #johngreen #avidreader #rechargebutton #newfallbook #fallfeels #grapevine #autumninspiration #777luckyfish #nourishthesoulwithagoodbook

⏬Some of the hazards that come with getting a crisp, clean, moody, and beautiful ring shot in Autumn leaves are as follows!⏬ 1. Spiders amongst the leaves 🍁😭
2. Having a dog tug on your arm with his leash, smell & step right where you've strategically placed the ring.πŸΆπŸ’
3. Finally getting some KILLER shots πŸ“· only to have your phone fall in your dogs πŸ’© because it fell out of the front pocket of your jacket πŸ˜‘ ...Not a joke... It really happened so...⬇
4. Take a picture of my phone... so you never forget the moment your phone couldn't land ANYWHERE else besides right directly on the πŸπŸ’©dookyπŸ’©πŸ
Happy Friday Eve Everyone!
#kdquistphotography #autumninspiration #autumn🍁 #ringshot #utahautumm #utahsessions #detailsinthefabric #detailshot #whataday #thursdaysthenewfriday #theoxandthefox #bestofutah #featuremebest #featureacc #777luckyfish #worldofportraits #dirtybootsandmessyhair #worldofportraits

It's Wednesday my dudes!! (Gimme a πŸ‘Œ if you get that vine reference!)
I know I have some new followers + I want to say hello to you (YES YOU! reading this right now!).
Thank you SO much for joining me in sharing in each of my clients unique stories. I want to spread positivity, joy and light to your feed and I hope I can achieve that for you today🌠
⬇5 quick need to know facts about me ⬇ πŸ”½1. I'm obsessed with my hair πŸ’ I love keeping it healthy, clean, looking nice, + always want it to grow!πŸ’†
πŸ”½2. I love all dogs! I am deathly allergic to all animals, but I can't resist petting every dog I see 🐢❀
πŸ”½3. Anything with a Fox on it? Is my jam!!! πŸ’—
πŸ”½4. I am so freaking lucky and blessed to be where I am today. In my marriage/forever love + life; all because of Gods Grace ❀
πŸ”½5. I have enraged feelings of hate for any + all spiders 😩

Tell me one thing you love about your life right now?! .
#kdquistphotography #utahsessions #selfportrait #ilovemycareer #ladyboss #makingconnections #reachingout #utahphotographer #utahphotography #bettertodaythanyesterday #spreadthelove #spreadthelight #fieldsarepictureperfect #theoxandthefox #utahportraitphotographer #daviscountyphotographer #saltlakecountyphotographer #webercountyphotographer #morgancountyphotographer #longsleevesandwarmhearts #communityovercompetition

πŸ”ΌDoes anyone else feel like weekends are wonderful + stressful all at the same time?πŸ”Ό Its as if we're finally relaxed from a week of driving, pushing forward through trials, stress, work, (all if the above) but then we pick up these "weekend duties" in replacement of work? πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‘
πŸβ–ΆWe had those same thoughts; So we spent the majority of the late afternoon on a last minute cold day scenic drive complete with indoor car pic-nic while scouting out more locations for fall sessions.β—€πŸ I never like scouting locations alone. But doing so with my very willing sexy driver and backseat maniac (he's an attention seeker) will always be my first choice!
#kdquistphotography #theoxandthefox #myloveforever #mybabyboy #forfallsake #best_of_utah #777luckyfish #utahsessions #utahphotography #utahphotographer #fallisuponus #changeofscenery #weekendvibes #gameoftones

Happy boyfriend day to my Always & Forever boyfriend 😍
This is one of my all time favorite pictures we took while dating...
Reason 1. Because I'm now married to a sexy model πŸ”₯😍πŸ”₯😍πŸ”₯
Reason 2. Because this is exactly how he makes me feel every single day. Full of uncontrolled smiles and happy eyes πŸ˜„ βœ³πŸ’Ÿβ‡πŸ’Ÿβœ³πŸ’Ÿβ‡πŸ’Ÿβœ³πŸ’Ÿβ‡πŸ’Ÿβœ³πŸ’Ÿβœ³πŸ’Ÿβ‡ Here's a story about his extreme kindness that I will never forget and wanted to share ‡

I severely injured my neck a few months before we got married. I had tried to get out of my bed, stretched and πŸ’₯POPπŸ’₯ strained my neck and shoulder muscle to the point that I had zero movement. I was petrified of what I did/ potentially had done and called Warren. He (at the time) had Tallulah, his motorcycle, as his main transportation and asked where I was going to the doctor, then said "I'll be there as quick as I can. Its going to be okay... I love you" and hung up.
He sped (80-90 mph) to meet me & my mom at the hospital and took the rest of work off and cared for me.
Every night πŸŒ™ during the 2 weeks of recoup, he let me peacefully fall asleep at night laying next to him on my parents couch, to make sure I was soundly at peace, then headed home. Didnt matter the time. He waited.

He is forever kind, and always giving. He is my everything ❀ I am so lucky πŸ€β€
#kdquistphotography #kindnesssavestheworld #ireallylovemyhusband
#pineapplesandgrace #kindness #theoxandthefox #familyportrait #familyisforever #selfportrait #dirtybootsandmessyhair #loverstohold #loversforever #lovethelove

I'd be lost without you... But I love to get lost with you...πŸŒ„
My husband took thisπŸ”Ή πŸ“· πŸ”ΉNo filter.... But a whole lot of love, passion, caring, a one in a billion kind of relationship mixed with a bit of Utah magic. ✨
#silhouette #sundaysareforlovers #dirtybootsandmessyhair #BeUtahful #couplesgoals #utahcouples #myloveforever #theoxandthefox #backwardshatsandmessylocks #forevermine #utahphotographer #utahphotography #itsthelittlemoments #777luckyfish #710kportraits #featureacc #lovethelove #earthportraits

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