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Would you stay here for a night? 🌌💫✨ Photographed by @hilvees
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Create and inspire #spiritsoflife
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Long Beach🐬✨

Let's run away from Monday 😩

Evenings in Rockies ⛰
Photo by: @wherezjeff
#myjasper #venturebeyond

Urban Exploring #downtherabbithole

Waited all night for the clouds to clear up for this shot! ☁️ Had such a memorable time camping underneath the stars for the first time. 🌌⛺️ Definitely won't be my last time visiting Alabama Hills! 📷 And for those who are curious, I shot this on a @sonyalpha A6500. Totally in love with the performance of this camera. Happy I made the switch from Canon to Sony! #sonyalpha

perfect evenings up the parkway, waded out into the water to get a better look at Mt. Chephran. a lot of pretty peaks to scramble up along the Mistaya river valley, tough to run out of new spots in the Rockies. this part of the parkway is just short of the middle, it was nice to come in from the David Thompson Hwy and catch sunset around Saskatchewan Crossing, after the last one came in Saskatchewan proper.


Onondaga Cave State Park 1 of 14⠀

I didn't get a chance to visit the actual caves at Onondaga, but I hiked 2 of the trails to get a good idea of what the park is like; It's beautiful! I hiked the Vilander Bluff trail first, which is actually separate from the main park. The loop is near Vilander Bluff, the tallest bluff along the Maramec River.⠀
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• in love with this place

#Milan is not just #shopping but also a cultural life!
Photo by @riartphotography

📌You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. 🙌🏼💦💧🍁🍀😊. 📷@yaripat #gypsytrips

We call it the Silk Hankerchiefs- Silky sheets of pasta cooked to perfection and tossed in a pesto and pine nut salsa 😲🙌👌


We live in a beautiful planet🌏

This is the Berlin Wall.

Haven't been posting for a while but tonight was absolute 🔥 The pass definitely was the spot to be tonight

Endless ocean

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