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😭 Remember this day?
This was on July 23 of 2016, During the #TVD& #39;s final comic-con or also known as the day that my death sentence began. I remember myself that day I was so nervous because they were gonna renew or end the show so I didn't knew what was going to happen but I had this feeling (that I don't have with #TheOriginals at the moment, thank god) of loss, I knew something wasn't right because all the cast was there and also that feeling that I had was so strong that I literally wanted to cry, and I did, I wasn't there but I knew it was ending at the same moment they announced it, i mean like all twitter went crazy, the first posts about it were like 5 seconds after this and I was so devastated (still) and i couldn't believe that, but then @TheCW posted the #TVDForever video I saw, 8 minutes 53 seconds and I said to myself: this is it, or you die right now during this video or you live and die while watching the Finale (and so I did it on the finale, but when i died I became a vampire with Stefan's blood and that's how I turned my humanity off) and I already had an edit just in case they ended the show on an album of my gallery called "I don't wanna use it NEVER!" but I did use it like 3 hours later I made it. I just can't believe it's over I can't accept that. πŸ’”

TVD characters + compelling😍
I really wish I had blue or green eyes lol
Who's eyes are your favorite?
My edit give credit

β€” stexi from beginning to end :' )
q: favourite friendship from tvd? (choose one!)

I feel bad for all of them 😭
#qotd : Elena or Katherine?
ic : @tvdbadass follow her ❀️

how can you not ship them
β€” Stefan, Caroline, or Elena?

Good morning πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
I loveeeeed Jermey
Q: Did you like Jermey?

From innocents mermaids to dangerous vampires πŸ”₯
omg same expression on the 2 pictures!!! I love them sm it's amazing they both played on the same show twice! It's destiny for sure

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This episode was so good
Q:season 5 or season 4?



These scene killed me 😍 Kolbekah and Klabekah at the same episode and being cute to each other is dead of me. Next to Relijah they're my favorite siblings relationship 😍❀
+ Kol protecting Rebekah is my aesthetic 😍 I wanna see more of them ❀
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I never thought I would ship them but I do πŸ˜‚ the cHREMISTRY BETWEEN CLAIRE AND CHARLES IS BEYOND THIS WORLD, LIKE DAMN 😍 This episode was just amazing. And I think the blue thing has to do with Eva Sinclair and her past with Vincent, idk, it's just a feeling. I cann't wait for Hope meet the family! And Klope scenes, I'm so ready 😍
dt: @morgangilliestonkinpipes because I know she loves Rebel ❀
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Sweet sweet delena . I feel absolutely terrible rn and i'm crying and ugh

This makes me so sad , Klaus is in so much pain when he's confined πŸ˜­πŸ’” #TheOriginals #KlausMikaelson #Sad #Feels #JosephMorgan

Just in stock. Link in Bio!

#MobTies πŸ–€Hole lot of fuckin money in just this one pic free the guys until it's backwards #LifeChagingNiggas #RunitUpOrGetRanOver #theoriginals #TurnMyLifeOverToTheTrap πŸ™πŸ½ pray fa the streets I'm free 🀞🏽

the king and the queen πŸ‘‘
vc. cb??

Since apparently only 3/4 of the original couples on PLL will be endgame, I have a really bad feeling Spoby is going to be the one to miss out on their well deserved endgame. Emison is practically confirmed with all the hype being talked about their relationship in 7B & we all saw some plans of some weddings for Haleb ++++ Ezria so ???? Fuck. If I am right, I will legit sue Marlene's fkn ass. How can she make Emison endgame and not such a pure + beauty ship known as Spoby ?? Yikes. I don't get it & I really hope I'm NOT right but I have a terrible feeling I am.
Cr; @xbellisario.
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