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It was pretty Amazing! to watch seven Boreal Caribou make their way across Parker Lake yesterday. I was just drinking my morning coffee and watching the beautiful sunrise🌅 when I noticed them off in the distance. One Caribou is not in the photo📸 #explorebc#travelnorthernbc🇨🇦.

I was absentmindedly, I thought, talking about pasties the other day. Today four of them showed up at our doorstep. All the way from #ely. @hoopertodd FTW. #minnesota #pastie #thenorth #zups

#LyaStark Chapter 2:
“She is beautiful!” Lya exclaimed when Jon gave her a black-haired puppy, her fur was so dark she almost looked like a shadow. “Can I have her, is she even a her?” She asked and looked up to her brother. “Yes it’s a she, it’s a Direwolf.” He answered and smiled at his younger sister when she started to cuddle it. “She was the last one we found, she kept hidden very well. I don’t think she liked me that much.” He told making Lya look up. “But she likes being in your arms, take good care of her. Father gave us all the responsibility for the pups, ai?” He said, and looked at her as a true older brother, even though they were half-siblings the two loved each other more than anyone. Jon was a few years older when Lya was born and there was a brother-sister bond immediately and it never left. “I will.” She answered and nodded, she put the little pup on the ground and looks amused when the pup hides behind her. “See, she is scared of me, hiding there like a shadow.” Jon said, which made Lya giggle. “Maybe I should just call her shadow.” She suggested, Jon nodded. “Shadow suits her.” He answered. “Snow!” Lya looked up by hearing her half-brother's sure name, called by Theon, Theon Greyjoy. “Its time to get ready, come on.” Theon said, annoyed that he took so long. His gaze shifts from Jon to Lya, a smirk formed on his face. “Lady Lya.” He greets which made her cheeks turn red out of shame. She knew why he was smirking at her, but her brother did not, and she would like to keep it like that. “Theon.” She greeted back and lowered her gaze. She felt the sudden urge to hide behind Jon just like Shadow did hide behind her. “I-I think its time for me to get ready too. I’ll see both of you later then.” She said and looked at the two and turned around to walk away. She knew that she had to talk to Theon as soon as possible, make him understand that wat whatever yesterday happened was a mistake, never to be made again.

Siempre hay algo que celebrar.. -
#montana's #newmarket #thenorth #shocktopbeers

Has the #snow got you reconsidering your decision to come and see us at @asyoulikeitjes tomorrow?
If the answers yes then you’re clearly not of #thenorth. Shame on you. #asyoulikeitjesmond #newcastle #newcastlelivemusic #amvlivemusic

Beyond the Wall, where the snow falls, and the white winds blow ❄️💧#thenorth

Giveaway time! Blueberry Platypus Co will be giving away these two Stefon Diggs digital prints from Sunday’s Minneapolis Miracle game!

To enter, Follow @blueberryplatypus and tag a friend in the comment section.

Prints will be delivered in PDF format via email to the winner. PDF works for sizes 16x20, 11x14, & 8x10.


Contest will end on 1/19/2017 @ 10 PM CST

Business on top, silk underneath 👌🏼 //

Preschoolers had fun working together to build snow people today in the warmer weather. It looks like they’ve got the cheering section all set for the big game! #MyMinnehaha .
#outdoorlearning #preschool #twincities #nature #kids #Minneapolis #onlyinmn #vikings #thenorth

#lyastark Chapter 1:
Her hair was blowing in the wind while she road her horse, a big smile formed on her face. Lya always loved to ride her horse, it was her favorite thing to do in her spare time. She was young when she sat on the back of a horse for the first time, it was scary and very new, but she loved it more then anything. “Father?” She asked when she saw her father standing with his back to her and others standing around him, it was just then she noticed the man kneeling on the ground with his head on the executioner’s block. Lya hated executions, she hated death and hated the idea of her father executing another man. She always knew that it must be done, but that didn’t mean she had to like it. She gets of her horse and walked with a fast pace to her father and the others. “Lya, what are you doing here?” Her father, Eddard Stark, asks when he saw her, but of course he knew what she was doing here. Lya was riding her horse, like she always does, she was a fast rider which he was proud of. Seeing his daughter riding on her favorite horse always reminded him of his younger sister Lyanna who loved horse riding too. Lya always reminded him to his younger sister, she is shy but when she gets to know you better she would reveal her true strong self. “I was riding, I didn’t think it would be a problem?” She answers looking over her father shoulders to see what was happening behind him. “It’s not a problem, it’s just that there is some business I have to take care of.” He says and puts his hand on her shoulder. “You should go, do you need anyone to escort you?” He asks, she shakes her head and steps back to her horse. She mounts her horse and takes the reins in her left hand. She looks back to her father, who is standing next to the executioner’s block. He wields his sword, whom Theon was holding while lowering his head. Lya her eyes glare over the older boy but quickly looks away when the boy looks up and looks at her. Even when she looks straight forward she feels his eyes burning in his back. She takes a deep breath and orders her horse to star riding by squeezing her legs. It doesn’t take long before she hears her father executing the man.

Heyy Guys, I'll be writing and posting my Fanfiction of Game Of Thrones called #LyaStark here. English is not my Native language so I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, still hope y'all enjoy it 😚Here the intro:
Lya Stark is a very shy girl and the oldest daughter of Eddard Stark. She enjoyed her life in the North, but also dreamt about a different life in the South. When the South steps foot in the North she is over excited, but she never expected that it would change her life completely. Is she ready, will she handle the fights that will come her way?

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