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I look outside my window.

I see the fireflies dance.

I watch as they swarm around and around.

Giving off the light of knowledge and of life.

I enjoy watching them dance and surround the world.

I watch as they glow in time.

Showing that each of us light one another's way.

Showing us they dance to guide one another.

They teach us alone we hold light.

But together we shine.

That alone we can be visible.

But together we can show others.

I take another look.

I see some dim, some bright.

Together they still light the night.

Together they light one another.

And alone they give nothing to the dark.

But together they give the night brightness.

Some people seem to be the same.

We all have a light.

But when we combine we shine.

Alone we are not noticed.

But together we cannot be unseen.

I dream of lights flashing.

Flashing within the night.

I dream of people.

People who have lost the light.

I was once dim as any.

I was once as dull as day.

I watch through the window.

Watch the world and its light.

So tonight I watch the fireflies dance.

I dream of the fireflies light.

I will sleep well.

Among their guiding lights.... #fireflies #thenightslight #peaceful

Go ahead and you'll see what's waiting for you. 😃😃😃
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The moon! Captured way smaller than it actually was!

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