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ทิ้ง​กู​กัน​หมด​พี่ๆ​กู 55555​ #Lifeismotion #TheNewLight

ชายล้อมรอบ #lifeismotion #TheNewLight 💙

Never stop da partyyyyyy!🙌🏻 #Lifeismotion #TheNewLight

มันก้จะยิ้มๆแก้มแตกหน่อย😆 #thenewlight #Lifeismotion #tcg_events

She likes to find interesting places to rest her head while I'm researching. #Eya #TheNewLight

Smoke sum bi@#* #thenewlight

Tonight Sunday July 9th. A perfect time to reset and embrace #thenewlight #thenewearth #thenewday #theglobalshift

#Lifeismotion #TheNewLight วันนี้สีน้ำเงินอีกแย้วว ❤️


THU 04.05.2017
PRIVATE EVENT "Exclusive Launch Party by SINGHA Light"
#Lifeismotion #TheNewLight

#NSFM #memmory เก็บไว้ดูความสุขช่วงเวลานึง ^^

As soon as I saw that sun the beautiful morning of the Eclipse the tears already started to come. Beyond blessed to share this beautiful moment with so many incredible people. 🌟❣️💫
#oregoneclipse #healing #goddess #thenewlight #abundance #prosperity #love #intentions

Im so focused #rightnow cant noone break that and if you try ill break you. #flowtime #musicroomatl #thenewlight #newartisttakeover #bxtakeover

Trust me when I tell you, I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS PERSON or Am I? 👀 #thenewlight #theglobalshift #samadhi

I meditated for an hour and a half today, and It felt like it was only for 10 minutes. I came out of the experience with such a deep heartfelt feeling of hope. But since the meditation ended, I keep receiving the same image of me in the water with the rope around my neck. I now know it's time to let go, to completely let go, and I am. #meditate #meditation #meditationrevolution #theglobalshift #thenewlight

No quick fixes. No one miracle answers.
Nothing will cause or create the needed changes immediately. It takes time, patience and discipline. Meditation is not a "I didn't have time today" thing.... it's also not a "yea, I'll try it sometime" thing. Mediation does NOT bring immediate change. In fact, to even get into a deep meditative state, can takes weeks to months, or years for one to obtain.
If you are trying to find answers, be and feel more free, be happy and not depressed. Connect with your higherself - or just remove the layers society has buried you under.
Then DAILY meditation is a must. With all of the other things you dedicate time to in your life, this is one you absolutely should be making the time for. Start slow, 5 to 10 minutes.. and keep adding a minute a day or if you are "fidgety" then add a minute a week to it, just don't rush it. As I said it's not how change works, dedication is.
If you are going to Meditate, then you Meditate. Every single day. TWICE if you can.
Don't worry about your thoughts, don't fight them, don't resist them. Let them enter your mind, and when you become aware of the fact that are thinking, just stop thinking that thought. Just meditate.
It's the SINGLE best thing you can incorporate into your daily routine. #meditate #meditation #meditationrevolution #theglobalshift #thenewlight

#Doing - the activities in which a particular person engages. Effort, activity. ------vs ------ #Being - Existence. The nature or essence of a person. --- It's time time we rip away the outer layers that have been thrown upon us. Your true path, your soul wants to emerge and experience this created reality as it was originally intended. By continuing to engage in exterior events and activities in order to achieve enlightenment, is only self deception as you are only catering to your exterior self, the ego. Your true Being uses no words or methods to be itself so neither should YOU. Be still, be silence and let go. Go inside your minds deepest regions and find the path to unlock your true calling as I did. My series, my FREE series on YouTube is not about showing you how to live or be, it's about my life, about teaching what I've gone through and what I continue to experience and witness on my path. It's about how I am now seeing and understanding the created world around me. Seeing with my true Being, while I continue to dissolve the mask of ego. I do not see the world with egoic eyes as I am now seeing through that mask. I am seeing, feeling and believing with my true Being. This series is expressing the answers to the questions I've been asking since a child. This series is showing that one damaged person can prevail and obtain, change and Shift their perspective into one of Light and Love. This series is about becoming. #samadhi #theglobalshift #thenewlight

#samadhi I'll be a little quiet over the next few days as I'll be diving a deeper into the egoic self in order to remove a few more layers. #theglobalshift #spiritualteacher #meditationrevolution #thenewlight

Going to my rock in the river. Sit and #meditate a bit. Reflect on the past few months... let go some more. Think about the days ahead. Working on the perspective, the projection. Working inward and upwards. Out and around. Working on being The Light. #theglobalshift #thenewlight #spiritualteacher

We come from a place unknown to us.
We all have and make choices in what to believe.
My path behind me was known before I walked its steps, just as the path in front of me now reveals itself. I know where to place each step if I choose to believe. And I do, I believe in me. The Shift is approaching. #believe #theglobalshift #thenewlight #thenewearth #thenewday #crypticmessage #readbetweenthelines

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