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Franny Friday - seperated at birth #twins #bondage #blackfriday #thenannylife

A momma [who I've never worked for] stopped me at church today with a greeting that caught me off guard. "Well hello Ms. Popular". [A title I've never held and would never care to be called] "Why do you say that?" , I asked. She then explained how everyone and their mom [literally] was trying to get on my baby rotation. In the sweetest voice, "You must be so stressed out!"

Quite the opposite.

Just six months ago, the Lord and I processed some things out in this area. I was asking Him about when my time would come to steward my own babes. Because in my humanlike thinking, I was growing weary of watching others while longing for my own. I LOVE what I get to do, but I'm definitely not perfect. He spoke so much truth. Within days of this conversation, I was approached by more families than ever. Just like Him to confirm my calling, remind me to keep doing good, and breathe life to a place that growing dry. [in such a tangible way] Thankful for the fresh revelation and grace to keep on, He knows my heart so well. •

So, stressed? Not in the least bit. Honored to be trusted, one hundred percent! Just a little sad that I can't say YES to them all. #thenannylife

Milkshakes before dinner? It's Friday, why not?! 🍒🍦 #MelsDiner #TheNannyLife #HappyFriday #TheBesties #FitFatAndAllThat

We've got another #HarryPotter fan in the family! Makes me proud! 😊 #TheNannyLife #Gryffindor

// when you haven't worn makeup in months & take a selfie after changing poopy diapers all day #thenannylife

Thanks to #themoorethemarryher wedding, these buddies were reunited tonight. Nichole the nanny....quesadilla-making, hair-braiding, Donut Wednesday eating, sno-biz buying, cat-loving, Lakeside-swimming, and too many other childhood memory making things to list. Nichole was a gift to us all those years ago when the buddies were little and momma was working. We ❤ our @nicholevvv. Wish Nashville was closer! WE MISS YOU!

#thenannylife I love that I get to call this my job❤️

Thankful for everyday that I get to spending running after this kid
#adventureswithhudson #thenannylife


The munchkins at work have been asking for cheese scones for dinner.

I'm a bit bad using their father's Epicurean vintage chedder😎 lol and added some mustard powder and chives.
They've expanded slightly 😁and I'm re naming them pull-a-parts as you do when you stuff up a recipe. I've also made some pumpkin soup to go with them and can now sit for a bit and taste test all the makings

#kidsdinner #familydinners #scones #pumpkin #cheese #thenannylife #nannylife #dontchawishyanannywashotlikeme

Got to work today and the parents (paleo) were drooling at the meatloaf i bought with me for my lunch so it's a baking sesh while master 2 is sleeping.
I've added a bit of chilli to this one along with grated mushroom and carrot. Onion and celery, bit of garlic and some sundried tomatoes give it zing.
Filled it with cream cheese and spinach leaves.
#ketogenic #keto #paleo #fitfam #healthyfood #weightloss #foodforlife #cookingsesh #fitspiration #thenannylife #healthyeating

The joys of #summer #thenannylife

The joys of #summer #thenannylife

Trying not to cry as I think about tonight being the last few hours with this girl before I'm off to my next adventure. Only nannies understand the emotions you go through when you leave a job, it's something I can't describe. It's a very emotional process but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Pushing past the emotions and tears I remember all the fun times I've had with her, seeing her do sign language I taught her, hearing her say her first words, watching her struggle with a new task and complete it on her own with joy, confidence and pride, experiencing her silly, sassy, adventurous personality, taking her hiking and barely being able to keep up with her, picking her up when she's crying and having her squeeze me and rest her head on me, hearing her say my name (saza!), dancing like crazy through the house, taking Snapchat pictures with the silliest filters. I can't wait to see where this girl goes, I don't know what it will be but I know it will be something amazing. I love booger.

Het was bakken en braden in de Efteling! ☀☀☀

Picture with my birds #thenannylife

#thenannylife I love that I get to call this my job❤️

Leftovers for lunch. Citrus-marinated chicken breast, lemon garlic broccolini, and mediterranean farro. This was a super quick dinner to make for the family I work for and only took 30 minutes.

We love #freethursdays in the museum district! It's a great way to see which museums your kiddos connect with the best before buying a membership and you don't feel guilty if you have to leave mid meltdown because it was free 🤗. Have you all seen the new exhibit at the health museum? #adventuresinnannying #thenannylife #nannylife #houstonblogger #nannyadventures #free #houston #fun #diversity #thehealthmuseum #thehealthmuseumhouston #museum

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