The secret behind Thanos's beauty. XD


The difference 👀 #2017vs2018 #thenandnow #oof

So many people think lip fillers are only used to change the size of the body of the lips but it can really be done for so much more! Lip fillers can help define the natural outline of the Cupid’s bow, vermillion border or the oral commissures! People have contacted me who are unhappy with the shape of their lips rather than the size and I have explained to them just what lip fillers can do! Please message me for more information if you are in the same situation or just want to know more information!💋💉 #lipfillers #beforeandafter #thenandnow #smile #cupidsbow #plumpedlips

First day of Nursery School and Last Day.
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2006/2018. История о том, как за 12(ДВЕНАДЦАТЬ, КАРЛ!!😱)лет я сменила пробор. #thenandnow

😍😍😍 .
Ааа, какая фотография нашлась, 2012 год. ☀️ .
Угадаете какая надпись у Сережи на спине? Такая же или другая? Ваши варианты💡

Всем кто угадывал в предыдущем фото, вот ответ. 😁
А, кстати, на футболках наши фото 2006 года 😎😍🤣
А у вас были футболки с вашими фото? .

From THEN... and NOW... @danielaticzon
You are forever my best friend.
Bz kahit na anong problema mangyari. Kahit sa hindi natin laging pagkikita know that I will always LOVE YOU. 💞 I always miss you when were not together, but know that no matter how far we are from each other, it doesn’t matter.
Bz sa bawat tampuhan natin. Walang sukuan sa pagkakaibigan natin... hay nako ang cheesy ko na. Bz sa throwback natin to now. Ako lang nanaba. Ikaw naman sobra payat mo huh. So kunin mo ung taba ko transfer please hahahaha 😂😂😅😘😍 Love you

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BZ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😘😘😘😍😍😍💞💞💞 #nodistance #throwback #thenandnow

The difference between these two photos: FOOD! -In the photo on the left: taken about a year ago when I went through a "I'M GETTING FIT SO I SHOULD STARVE MYSELF!" phase that lasted about 3 weeks. At the time I was going to the gym about 5 times a week but seeing no results. I was eating salads and chicken trying to quickly lose weight by creating an extreme calorie deficit. As a result of this I would end up binge eating like 2-3 times a week at night before I went to bed because I was SO HUNGRY! -In the photo on the right: (last night): I have been eating a clean diet (no “working out” other than hiking/kayaking) for 5 months, and lost 55 lbs because of it. I eat delicious food (tacos, pizza, and chinese food included!) but they're all cooked with clean ingredients. I eat more often now than I did whenever I was as big as I was in the first photo. Constant snacking! But instead of chips, regular ice cream, and candy I now eat things like fruit, yogurt with granola, and low calorie ice cream (@halotopcreamery for the win)! Later on today I’ll be posting three meal prep dishes I made for the week if you’d like to try out some of the recipes that helped me lose 55 lbs in 5 months. Tacos and Thai food! YUM! 💛

P.S.- I was kicking myself last night after I took this picture. I was thinking, "if i would've just started this a year ago I'd already have all of the weight off and all I'd be doing now is building muscle! But whats the point in that?! I had to stop myself immediately when I started that thought process. What’s the point in wasting my time being mad that I wasted my time a year ago?! Don’t beat yourself up for not starting sooner! Just keep moving forward so that a year from now you aren’t thinking, “I wish I would’ve started a year ago.” -
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1985, 33 years ago, the cast and crew of Back to the Future posed at Universal Studios between Stages 21 and 29. Today, little has changed. Old Stage 29 is home to Family Feud, until they wrap shortly, but no longer bears a name with new stages being built on the backlot. The Back Lot Cafe (behind the crowd, attached to Stage 29) has been demolished, replaced by two Wolfgang Puck commissaries, a barbecue tent and a parking lot for food trucks. I wonder what the place will look like in 2051, 33 years from now? I'll be 74. 😳#universalstudios #universalstudioslot #backtothefuture #backlot #production #setlife #thenandnow #timemarcheson

Slow down Paisley Jo!! #almost2 #20monthsold #thenandnow

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