8 years apart. Doesn't even look like me anymore haha. #tbt #throwback #thenandnow #beforeandaftercripplingdebt

On July 2nd 2018, I was in my car and got caught in a crossfire between two men I didn’t know at all, they were shooting at each other. I had to make a choice between staying and hoping someone came to help or going to find help so I drove off not knowing exactly what injury I’d sustained but knowing that I needed to get to the hospital asap. I stopped at a gas station and waved down help and woke up the next day in hospital with my eye completely gone. I had a minimal bruising on my brain that caused the worst headaches for weeks but no major brain damage, full functionality (besides the obvious of me being half blind) and most importantly my life. My car was totalled out due to the seat being completely saturated in blood, windows shot out, bullets going through the door, etc. Seeing the aftermath of that (how destroyed the car was) made me realize even more how much of a miracle me being alive really is. Doctors are amazed at my recovery, my family is thankful and I’m extremely grateful for a second chance. I hope when people read this they can see that you can move on from traumatic events even if they are life altering. While in a life or death situation, I realized how beautiful life was and I now appreciate every moment more than I ever have. I still smile every day because my looks have changed but who I am hasn’t changed and that’s what really matters in life. I smile because I'm alive, I smile because I still get to tell my loved ones how much the mean to me. I smile because I've been given another chance to realise my purpose in life. This experience made me realise there's much more to life than the little things we think matter day to day. The trivial things we complain about don't matter when your life flashes before you. Now, I strive each day to be a better person than I was before and ever since this incident, I’ve been blessed and highly favored despite everything I lost. Please put the guns down because bullets have no name & while no life should ever be taken through gun violence, you also never know whose innocent loved ones' life can be taken at any moment in these senseless acts. - Jessica, survivor @yamagucc

I Benjamin Button’ed. Yikes. #beforeandafter #thenandnow #instagay #gayboy #lol #scruff #woof

#новороссийск, улица Советов, район нынешней Черноморки(на старом фото её ещё нет), 1950е годы.
Спасибо за фото из семейного архива @len_chik_s_ 👍
#Novorossiysk, Sovetov Street, 1950s.

This revisited image from @barry_phipps makes me think of the two drawings you had to find the differences in from the cartoon page in the paper. How many differences can you find? Ottumwa, Iowa 2013/2018. Inquire for purchase. #art
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Took a stroll down memory lane.

Lots of changes in this time both physically, mentally, and emotionally.
#2011 #2015 #2018 #changes #ageinggracefully #age #memories #healthiernow #selflove #thenandnow

It's purely a coincidence that my favorite orange pot resides on a stump both here and at my former garden (swipe). Clearly though I need to up my game on the companion plants 😉.

I was gonna say “If you can’t handle me at my ‘Lynda’ then you don’t deserve me at my ‘Gal’ “ but honestly both are fierce, strong, badass, intelligent, passionate, inspirational heroines & I don’t think you deserve me at either, so...yeah. 💁🏻‍♀️😅😝🙃🙈😂 #WhyImSingle #42DaysUntilHalloween #WonderWoman #ThenAndNow #LyndaCarter #GalGadot #WonderWomen #WonderGals #Heroines #Classic #Timeless #Justice #Love #Peace #Badass #Superheros #NerdProbs #DaughterOfThemyscira #Nerdin #wcw 🤓😅👊🏻💋🔥⚔️💥🙈❤️

I took this when @rachaelannestoll was just about 8 months pregnant. Today we returned to the same spot for a picnic for my moms birthday and we couldn’t help but take another photo. Oh did I mention that Everly is almost 8 months... 😉 #GingerSnapsPhotography #maternityshoot #photography #photoshoot #photographer #thenandnow #everlyv

Snoozin’ since I was a baby 💕
Swipeee for puppy belly overload & my sleepy pupper face 💕😍😭💕
#puppy #mygoodness #pitbull

Then ➡️ Now⁣

Same girl in both pictures but everything, I mean everything has changed.⁣

On the left was the old me. I ate and drank my feelings. I was on a rollercoaster ride I couldn’t get off of and I yo-yo’d straight threw my 20’s.⁣

As far as confidence? Most of the time I didn’t have any. I tanned almost every day (as you can tell from the picture) and I was obsessed with buying clothes because those 2 things were the only things that made me feel better about myself, no matter how short lived it was. I was miserable on the inside even if I didn’t show it on the outside.⁣

So how did I end up where I am now, the picture on the right? The answer is pretty simple. I finally decided to do something about it.⁣

I ordered a program and followed it to a T and it changed my entire life.⁣

I lost the double chin along with 20 pounds and I fell absolutely head over heels in love with this program.⁣

I love it because it showed me that I could fit this into my busy life because all I had to do was make time for a 30 minute workout right in my living room.⁣

I love it because I learned how to eat right and that it never means counting calories or starving myself.⁣

I love it because it comes with the most delicious shakes ever that fill my body with all the nutrients it needs to thrive every day.⁣

I’ve never felt better about myself, loved myself more or felt more confident and happy than I do now and I want YOU to feel like this too!⁣

I’m starting a 3 week virtual bootcamp on October 1st. Virtual meaning you can live anywhere in the US, Canada or UK and still participate in the private group online. I will put in your hands the same exact program I follow which got me the results you see in the picture and changed my whole life and help you do the same.⁣

Want to be fit friends and do this with me or want some more information? Drop your favorite emoji below or fill out the form found in my bio. 💕
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Then and now. We loved this iconic photo from 3 years ago at our @thewoodlandsmall Lolli & Pops. So when the family came back recently, we had to recreate it.
We appreciate our loyal customers and its great to delight them over the years.
#thenandnow #lolliandpops #purveyorsofsweetness #sisters #iconic

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