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❤️ The Morgan Family ❤️ 5th year wedding anniversary present 💝

#TBT goes back to #Easter2001. #MyBeautifulWife @thehopefulstylist was the tender age of 17 years old and I was 18 years old. If you #SwipeLeft you'll see this was back when she was my best friend and lil sis and I was her big bro and best friend because that's what she wrote. Lol WOW time has flew by. Back at the church we were children at and attended our childhood #BrooklynTabernacleDeliveranceCenter. It was this pic, this day actually that propelled our friendship tighter than ever before because I confided in only Hope and she really had my back. This picture is worth a million words but here's a quick snapshot. This was my last day really a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Center Mass Choir and I was heart broken, church hurt, and in a sense lost not knowing what was going to happen ministry wise and now today, she's still with me and now I'm officially being ordained to the office of Elder in The LORD'S Church in 9 weeks. She's been riding with me for a long time. So here's to real friendship. #ThrowBackThursday. #BackInTheDay #WhenIWasYoung #ImNotAKidAnymore #ButSomeDays #ISitAndWishIWasAKidAgain but #ImAChampion and #ImHappy and #GratefulWhereIAm #MyWifeIsMyBestfriend #BlackLove #MarriageGodsWay #PowerCouple #NubianRoyalty #BabyMorganParents #TheMorganFamily

✨Happy New Year✨ Hello 2018. We are ready for you!! Goodbye 2017. You taught us so much! #themorganfamily #bringiton

12.15.17 I married the love of my life! #TheMorganFamily

The Morgan Family! Comment who your favourite member of The Morgan Family is! #themorganfamily #homeandaway @__jamesstewart__ @jackson_heywood @penny.mcnamee @orpheus.pledger

...We spent some time in the new house last night since we had the keys. It felt so weird to be there. We were wondering if we should ask where the towels were for our showers. We cannot wait to move in and make it our home! 😍😍 #themorganfamily #est1142017

Atlanta! #themorganfamily

It's your BIRTHDAY, dad ❤️❤️ Cheers to all the fun times & adventures the future holds for us #themorganfamily #birthdayboy

Happy Mother's Day To The 2 Most Important Ladies In My Life, They Help Me Out On A Daily, They Keep This Family In Tac.

#ilovethisgirl .
Over the last two and a half years I have had the pleasure of getting to know and growing to love this girl. I will admit that there have been many ups and downs as we have figured each other out and learnt to put down our walls and calm our fears. Being this kind of mother has tested me and tried me in ways I couldn't have imagined and I was not as emotionally prepared for it as I though I was.
After working through my own issues (which I'm sure I will continue to do my whole life) I have come to understand that we both want to same thing. To love and to be loved. This, I am good at. Humor has become a friend to us both and honest, truthful, love. Amarria is easy to love. She is good and wants to be good. She is kind, forgiving, wise, brave, helpful, determined, smart, beautiful, and most of all she is a seeker of truth. When she sees truth she easily recognizes it and seeks to embrace it. If she can keep that trait with her her whole life, she will be unstoppable. Amarria, each day you have a greater piece of my heart. Thank you for teaching me another way to love and be loved. Thank you for teaching me to love like the Savior. .
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." #laotzu

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