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Happy thanksgiving lovelies!! - Tori. 🖤💫

It's opening night of the #JoanneWorldTour! In honor of @ladygaga's big night: a flashback to #TheMonsterBall 👹⚡️🕶

got the hottest chick in the game wearin’ my chain 💛🐶🔥♥️ #halloween2017 #nyc #themonsterball #itsawrap @a_alliston

#tbt to #TheMonsterBall in 2010! Jaegers do @ladygaga again in t-minus 48! @caseyproblems #thatwasaLOOK #JoanneWorldTour 🖤🌐🎵

#tb to this exact day 7 years ago 💛 #themonsterball

The french call it `La vérité'. Je detesté la vérité. In fact, I hate the truth so much I'd prefer a giant dose of bullshit any day over the truth.

#ladygaga #teeth #themonsterball #littlemonsters


Happy thanksgiving lovelies!! - Tori. 🖤💫

Happy thanksgiving everyone!! 🖤 Hope you all have a wonderful day.

31 Days of Gaga // to ‘94
It was fall of 2009, Lady Gaga was prepping the world for Bad Romance. She had just performed on SNL and then shortly after there was a demo leak of B.R. & No Way had a demo leak.
Bad Romance officially dropped not long after that.
The song, the music video, the live performances... They were all so perfect and of course, I had to buy the sunglasses at Hot Topic!
This song was #1 in my library until... Born This Way came along.
Thank you, Gaga
#31DaysOfGaga #1994 #LadyGaga #BadRomance #NoWay #Demo #SNL #TheMonsterBall

Goodnight everyone! 🖤✨

This look gives me Alice in Wonderland vibes tbh, she looks AMAZING! - Gigi 💘

Bae. 🖤💫 @ladygaga

I’m so happy about Gaga’s performance from Sunday night being uploaded to YouTube! - Tori. 🖤💫

Sorry for the inactivity. This account isn’t doing too well and with as many accounts as I run it’s hard to stay motivated. 🖤💫

This performance was beautiful. - Tori ❤️💙

The “gagaimages.co” website is down yet again, if any of you guys know any good websites for HD Gaga images, please DM us the link to the website if you can! 💓 - Gigi

Oh. My. God.!!! Gaga was so amazing tonight!! She was so beautiful too. And her acceptance speech got me emotional. 😭 - Tori. 🖤💫

O.M.G.!!!! Gaga was soooooo amazing, as usual!! 😭😭 And her acceptance speech had me emotional. So proud of her.

Ten minutes until the AMA’s start! Gaga is gonna absolutely slay with her performance of “The Cure”. Even though she performs this song every night at JWT, she’s gonna do something special tonight and we’re ready for it! - Gigi 💙

Sorry we’re a day late, but, happy birthday to The Fame Monster!! - Tori. 🖤💫

(I know I’m a day late but) Happy birthday to this truly iconic, game-changing album!! I can’t imagine my life without it. The Fame Monster truly did so much for the industry and for Gaga’s career. 🖤💫

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