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Happy Monday. Hugh Buhrich designed Franklin House, Waverley 📷 Max Dupain 1958

#themoderns exhibition #Gerstl furniture #midcenturyinterior portrait by #judycassab

Colour pop at #themoderns Museum of Sydney #marrionhallbest

I can't get enough of Marion Hall Best and #themoderns at #museumofsydney, the unsung heroes who transformed Sydney with European sophistication grounded in beautiful craftsmanship, quality construction and innovative ideas for living... 🏆It is an important time to reflect and learn from these design successes of the past so we might make better cities for the future....

A taste of the new 7"s #TheModerns, #TvFreaks, #JJDoll & #MadExistence all different all bangers.

Not our new house but the #themoderns exhibition featuring European designers in Sydney. Also lucky enough to see @modernister #manabouttheshow talking about his show Man about the house. Very inspiring afternoon all round. #sydneylivingmuseums #mos


Happy Monday. Hugh Buhrich designed Franklin House, Waverley 📷 Max Dupain 1958

What a great exhibition! So interesting to see how European immigrants shaped modern Sydney with their designs. #artexhibition #sydney #museumofsydney #themoderns #modernart #culturalweekend

Then you find one of your design professors in a book on influential designers.

#design #designhistory #midcentury #graphicdesign #designbooks #book #designeducation #themoderns #dietmarwinkler @thedailyheller

Meet the men and women who shaped and invented Mid-Century Modern #graphicdesign. #TheModerns by Steven Heller & Greg D'Onofrio is out now! ⠀

#Design #Book #Typography #Designer #Bibliophile #LDF17

If you have enjoyed following my research and are in Sydney please come along Sunday Oct 1st to a talk that highlights lots of discoveries about modernist emigre furniture designers with a panel of my go to experts; Andrew Shapiro @shapirosydney , curator and researcher @catriona_quinn and Artes Studio nut and super collector Jeromie Maver. Tickets via @sydlivmus Modernist Season talk series. 📷 Paul Kafka chair and Steven Kalmar table nest collection CSRL @sydlivmus

In 'The Moderns', we meet the men and women who invented and shaped Midcentury Modern graphic design in America. Some are well-known, others are honored in this volume for the first time, and together they comprised a movement that changed our design world.

Find out more about #modernist #furniture and #design with our exciting Making Australian Modernism: furniture talk 1 October. Learn more about the people, processes and practices instrumental in defining #modernist aesthetic in Australia from a great line up including #themoderns curator Rebecca Hawcroft @othermoderns and speakers Andrew Shapiro; Century Fine and Decorative Arts auctioneer from @shapirosydney, Jeromie Maver; researcher and collector of mid-century design and Catriona Quinn; curator @catriona_quinn
Secure your tickets via our website - link in profile.
Part of our exciting talk series accompanying #themoderns #marionhallbest exhibitions now on.
Image: Private Collection. Interior of Stossel House, Lindfield (1949), with furniture made by P E Kafka

The @l_d_f_official London Design Festival is underway! To celebrate we thought we'd show you a few new releases perfect for fans of all things Design and Graphic Design. ⠀

@papress' #ModernTypographyCards feature one-of-a-kind typefaces as well as modern classics, and they include capsule histories of their origin and use. ⠀

#TheModerns: Midcentury American Graphic Design by Steven Heller and Greg D'Onofrio, introduces the men and women who shaped design in that era. The story of the people and a movement that changed the world.⠀

#TwoDimensionalMan is @PaulSahre's Graphic Memoir: part memoir, part art book, part meditation on creativity and completely insightful into the extraordinary career of one of the world's most influential designers. ⠀


#LDF17 #Design #GraphicDesign #Designer #Books #Stationery #Notecards #StationeryAddict #Bookstagram #Bibliophile

Tuesdays are our favorite day of the week in publishing! 🎉🙌👏 IT'S PUB DAY! 🎉🙌👏 Tell us which one(s) you want to snag from our stack today!

Susan Orlay's charming and evocative illustration of her life in late 1940s Sydney. Including her own modern furniture designs and some fresh looking yellow stripey curtains. There is so much to take in at @othermoderns exhibition The Moderns @sydlivmus it's worth several visits. Small space but it packs a punch in content and display. #interiordesignhistory #australianfurnituredesigners #susanorlay #othermoderns #themoderns #emigredesigners

Was there such a thing as the 'Kafka style' ? Come in for a chat at @shapirosydney I'm working in the gallery all day on this outstanding sale that happens to include furniture crossing all my current research interests - emigre designers and cabinetmakers like Kafka, early Fred Ward furniture and overlooked decorator/ furniture designers like Noel Coulson. Introduce yourself and I'd be happy to bust a few myths about the Kafka style #interiordesignhistory #australianfurnituredesigners #paulkafka #paulkafkachair #kafkafurniture #themoderns #othermoderns #emigredesigners #midcenturymodern

Grant Featherston Wing armchair 1951 Lot 120 @shapirosydney Design sale busts a few myths about modernism. The modern interior had many nuances and in this case Featherston's design, one of the most up to date on offer in the local market, was upholstered in pale pink damask weave in a floral bouquet pattern. #featherstonchair #grantfeatherston #australianfurnituredesigners #themoderns #interiordesignhistory #damask #modernbutnotmodernist

"Among our Continental friends exclusive furniture has always been very popular. During the past years I have enjoyed fulfilling the "dreams" of my clientele by introducing both European style and craftsmanship to Australian homes." This was how Viennese émigré designer Paul Kafka announced the relocation of his furniture factory to 161 Botany Road, Waterloo in 1949. PE Kafka Modern Exclusive Furniture set the standard for custom made furniture in post-war Sydney; using high quality timbers and exceptionally well made, for many in Sydney’s émigré community owning Kafka furniture was sign you had made it. Kafka cocktail cabinet from c.1947 from the @mass collection on display at Museum of Sydney @sydlivmus now #themoderns

Sydney launch of @geoffi35 new book on Grant Featherston the first since Terence Lane's 1988 @ngvmelbourne catalogue Featherston chairs. Great to hear the informal Q and A between Geoff and Andrew at @shapirosydney this afternoon. #featherston #grantfeatherston #australianfurnituredesigners #themoderns

Too say this exhibition was my cup of tea is an understatement #themoderns #marionhallbest #maxdupain #midcentury #loveeyes #craftie @sydlivmus

Hungarian interior and furniture designer Steven Kalmar was a household name in the 1950s and 60s. Advertisements for his Rowe Street store Kalmar Interiors, appeared in nearly every issue of Australian House & Garden magazine during the early 50s, asking 'Do you need modern furniture?’ Kalmar later become a design authority, penning a weekly home improvement and renovation column, ‘You and your home with Steven Kalmar’ in the Sunday Telegraph from 1961 to 1975. He then wrote on design for Women’s World (later Woman’s Day) until 1981. The Moderns: European Designers in Sydney at the Museum of Sydney features this Kalmar furniture from the collection of @twentiethcenturykenneale @slm and @ali_in_situ 👍🏼

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