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Stossel & Associates apartment project c1960. The firm founded by Hungarian Hugo Stossel completed numerous apartments from the 1950s into the 1960s. By 1970 Stossel had returned to Vienna leaving others including Hungarian George Buda carrying on the firm. Anyone know where this might be? #othermoderns #themoderns #australianarchitecture #australiandesign

My parents home had furniture from exactly the same period- also by M Gerstl. Wonderful exhibition #sydlivmus #themoderns European Designers in Sydney

As a twin exhibition to Marion Hall Best at The Museum of Sydney is #themoderns a detailed look at the phenomenal impact of emigres on architecture and design in Australia from the post- war period. Well crafted sets - furnished with the help of @twentiethcenturykenneale showcase some great pieces such as this bentwood chair attributed to Kalmar Interiors. Curated by @othermoderns Rebecca Hawcroft.

🇺🇸👌Well this is rather nice. 'The Moderns' is jam packed full of wonderful, mid-century, American, graphic design. Find this future classic in our 'Graphic Design' books section. #counterprintbooks #themoderns #essentialreading #usausausa

Oh hey guys, it's Dirk. If you don't have this book, I can't recommend it enough. It's super! #graphicdesign #stevenheller #themoderns

Architect Jean Fombertaux (1920-1975) designed this, his own house, in 1966 on a steep site at the end of a cul-de-sac in Sydney’s North Shore.

Emigrating from France in 1936, find out more about Fombertaux’s impact on #modernist #design in #Sydney in our #themoderns exhibition.
Hurry, exhibition closes 26 November at #MuseumOfSydney

Photo © Guy Wilkinson


The midcentury bachelorette pad of my dreams. #TheModerns

Untitled [Black and yellow on white abstract], Henry Salkauskas, 1961, courtesy of @nationalgalleryaus - with two bowls, part of a consignment of Lucie Rie ceramics imported from London by Artes Studio, c1960-1965, courtesy of @maasmuseum - #themoderns @ #museumofsydney

Farewelling #themoderns at the #museumofsydney today - including this portrait of Rabbi Porusch by Sali Herman, 1960, courtesy of @artgalleryofnsw

Another display of #modernistfurniture at #themoderns

Some background information at the entry to #themoderns #exhibition at #museumofsydney

This weekend is your last chance to see The Moderns exhibition at Museum of Sydney. Inspired by the exhibition, our latest Cook and Curator blog explores some popular 1950s and 60s cocktails. Don’t miss out on visiting the exhibition and sampling some modernist-inspired cocktails at The Governors Table this weekend. Read more: http://slm.is/moderns-cocktails
Image: Mid-century glassware on display in a Paul Kafka cocktail cabinet (MAAS) at The Moderns exhibition, Museum of Sydney. Photo © Nicholas Watt for Sydney Living Museums
#themoderns #museumofsydney #governorstable #cookandthecurator #cocktails

久々#Themoderns に330が登場したぜ!

#aigany #themoderns #nyc #designmatters Meet The Moderns: Midcentury American Graphic Design. There goes “Don Draper” himself George Luis!

Listening to these greats. Lois/Wolff/Geismar/Danne. #themoderns

Listening to these greats. Lois/Wolff/Geismar/Danne. #themoderns with @evangaffney

#aigany #themoderns #nyc #designmatters Meet The Moderns: Midcentury American Graphic Design.

Steven Kalmar arrived in Sydney in 1937 with wife Carlotta, one of many Hungarians making a new home in the city. Although a graduate of architecture Kalmar turned to furniture design and by 1949 had his own store in the fashionable Rowe Street. Under the slogan ‘Do you need modern furniture?’ Kalmar Interiors sold a range of Kalmar’s own designs. See these Kalmar pieces in The Moderns, Museum of Sydney @sydlivmus closing Sunday! This amazing lamp is from the private collection of @twentiethcenturykenneale see it while you can #themoderns #othermoderns

Architect Jean Fombertaux (1920-1975) designed this, his own house, in 1966 on a steep site at the end of a cul-de-sac in Sydney’s North Shore.

Emigrating from France in 1936, find out more about Fombertaux’s impact on #modernist #design in #Sydney in our #themoderns exhibition.
Hurry, exhibition closes 26 November at #MuseumOfSydney

Photo © Guy Wilkinson

Just hanging with the Gerstl furniture at @sydlivmus 💚 @twentiethcenturykenneale #themoderns

'Darling you know we're not supposed to use the balcony. You're spoiling the crystalline proportions of the building'. George Molnar, 1956 National Library of Australia 🇦🇺 #georgemolnar #architect #themoderns #museumofsydney

Hugo Stossel house Bellevue Hill, c.1955. I’m off to Leichhardt Library tonight to talk to the lovely people there about The Other Moderns. Come join me if you can 6.30. They have wine 🍷! 📷 Max Dupain

Susan Kozma-Orlay arrived in Australia from Budapest in 1947. Although trained at some of Europe’s most avant-garde universities it took over a decade for her to work again as a furniture and interior designer.
For the first time explore Kozma's career in Australia and discover more unknown émigré designers influential in shaping #modernist design in Sydney in our Moderns exhibition: slm.is/themoderns
Hurry closes 26 November at Museum of Sydney
#themoderns #modernistfurnitue #designers

Image: Courtesy Peter Orlay

Loved this exhibition!#midcenturyperfection #themoderns
The Moderns: European Designers in Sydney at Museum of Sydney, explores a forgotten aspect of Australian modernism, highlighting the direct connections between Sydney and the European design centres of Vienna, Berlin and Budapest.

Great afternoon at @sydlivmus #museumofsydney finally getting to see #themoderns. Great to walk around with @othermoderns and hear about her research into these interesting lives. What a treat! Such an incredible labour of love

Wowowow #MarionBest was my kinda woman: I’m going to recreate her glossy walls one day (not to mention the Marimekko habit in this show). I’m bummed I only made it on the last day: but you can still get down to see #TheModerns (featuring this Sydney scarf design by Susan Kozma-Orlay) #stufftoseeinSydney #golookatthings #thingstolookat #interiors #textiledesign

Just caught ‪#TheModerns: European Designers in Sydney curated by @othermoderns @sydlivmus #museumofsydney. I grew up in Sydney among the designs of these European émigres and had no idea of where they came from. Bit of a revelation in all sorts of ways. It’s only on for another couple of weeks, a must see. #tookmeback

Here for #themoderns at @sydlivmus museum of Sydney 😄😄

Check your smile!!
An English man.

Happy Friday. Exterior of William Bland building Macquarie Street by Oser & Fombertaux, 1963. You might have been to the doctor there or possibly the Land & Environment Court. Hopefully not for the destruction of our twentieth century heritage! 📷 Max Dupain

This weekend is your final chance to see Marion Hall Best: Interiors at the Museum of Sydney. Be inspired by Best's world of bold colours, patterns, fabrics, and design. On Sunday you can also catch the last in our Modernist Exhibition talks series – Modern but not Minimalist. Find out more: slm.is/themoderns & slm.is/marionhallbest #themoderns #modernism#MarionHallBest #MuseumofSydney .
Image: Showroom of Marion Best Pty Ltd at 153 Queen Street, Woollahra, 1968. Mary White, 1968. Caroline Simpson Library & Research Collection, Sydney Living Museums Photo © Estate of Mary White.

If you’re in Sydney, the @sydlivmus at the #MuseumofSydney has a wonderful, intimate exhibition currently on view #TheModerns, which celebrates the many European designers, craftsmen and craftswomen who immigrated to Australia before, during and after World War II. Gorgeous and informative presentation of these remarkable individuals.


#themoderns @sydlivmus Sydney Museum

More design reading from #themoderns: two by Tscherny, Pineles, Troller, Winkler, two by Bass, Bassman.

Such a great motto!.....
‘Design for Happiness’ by George Korody, The Sunday Herald Magazine, 20 March 1949.
#themoderns #georgekorody #architect #interiordesigner #furnituredesigner #modernism #modernist #postwaraustralia #architecture #artesstudio #motto #design #happiness #illustration

Second instalment of a new monthly playlist bringing together the best tracks i've been listening to in the studio. Please follow the link in my bio to have a listen ( http://www.benedge.co.uk/radio/ ) Make sure to follow my Spotify profile not the playlist itself for notifications of when the next one is up!
This is literally the music I paint to, hope you enjoy!
Track list is as follows -

Anything Could Happen – The Clean
My Place – The Adverts
There Is a War – Leonard Cohen
Natty Rebel – U-Roy
Life – Jeffrey Lewis
You Don't Want The Kids To Be Dead – The Beets
I'm so Depressed – Abner Jay
Got to Have Pop – The Moderns
Little Boxes – Pete Seeger
Hurt so Good – Susan Cadogan
Rising Of The Moon – The Dubliners
Moments - The Kinks
The Boy With Magazines - Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies
The Community Of Hope - PJ Harvey
My Last Days On Earth - Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys
#theclean #theadverts #leonardcohen #uroy #jeffreylewis #thebeets #abnerjay #themoderns #peteseeeger #susancadogan #thedubliners #thekinks #petebenthamandthedinnerladies #pjharvey #billmonroe #artistradio #benedge #musicipaintto #volumetwo #spotifyplaylist #art #music #inspiration

Very grateful to @hoseheadrecords for reissuing this rare one. A must-own for fans and collectors of powerpop. This is also one of those albums where you can tell immediately by looking at the cover that it’s gonna be a solid listen. My #VinylWednesdays pick of the week, The Moderns, S/T EP originally from #1979 out by the band themselves in their native home of Sweden. Hoping you guys reissue the rest of their catalogue. Thanks for looking! #TheModerns #PowerPop #Mod #TheYearOfToday #GotToHavePop #WhenTheTimeComes #SayYes #Vinyl #Sweden

Today in detail 🔎 Barbara Stauffacher Solomon's 1967-69 monthly program guides for the San Francisco Museum of Art, as seen in the book The Moderns, published by @abramsbooks. 3 in stock. "Under the tutelage of modern Swiss masters in Basel, [Solomon] became an early and devout practitioner of Swiss Style design starting in the late fifties. In the early sixties, she brought these ideas to America, merging them with a bold, expressive, and enthusiastic California spirit and pioneering the world of large-scale forms, murals, and signage—supergraphics." The Moderns is $55. Email contact@standardsmanual.com to purchase. ⠀⠀
#graphicdesign #standardsmanual #design #bookstore #greenpoint #brooklyn #barbarastauffachersolomon #barbarasolomon #themoderns #supergraphics #abrams #abramsbooks #womenindesign #femaledesigners #halloffemmes #typography #type #swissdesign #modernism

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