Be kind as you go along the path that is yours. Be grateful for the path and be careful where you tread, pay respect to the paths that unfurl at your feet. Say hello. Greet the dawn together. Tip your hat, smile.
Know that the path is yours, that is exists for you. It is your birthright to claim it, do or don’t, it will be waiting either way. Love it or hate it, but take the time to learn from it, your soul will remember. Do better in the next life.
Gift yourself the gift of a deep breath out from time to time, take off your shoes, your woes, tell the troops ‘at ease’, unclench your clothes, let your walls lie down and sleep. And then, in that quiet breath, remember who you are, have always been, beyond your woes, beyond yourself, the kind and careful grass of home. It lives for you. It waits for you to lie down upon it in the sun, to sprawl out and bask until you see you are the grass itself. See. As often as you can remember to. Drop by. Visit *you*. Be that, and you won’t have to be kind or gentle or compassionate, you *will*, you *are* already, just by being.
Don’t be anyone else, check yourself from time to time, shake it off. The path is for you alone, and it is passing through you just as much as you are through it. Do walk in your own shoes. They are good shoes. The best. Because *you* are kind and good, it is your nature to be kind, and if you can learn to trust that, it will manifest itself around you like a garden, sprawling out to greet you as you walk along your path. Say hello. Tip your hat. Greet the dawn. Say hello from me. 🌿
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💃🏽🕺🏿Ready to groove with us this Saturday in the Mission? Its time for the annual @noisepop 20th Street Block Party! The event is FREE and is a benefit for MLVS 🙌🏾 We’ll be there amongst many artists, musicians, and foodies so join us, and come celebrate in the sunshine 🌞
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Betty & Rodger exploring the Mission for a yummy breakfast before urban hiking. Found It! 😋
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"Having the opportunity to learn and to educate ourselves is amazing because I never had that opportunity before. This a motivational place for the community." -Nancy, Community Resource Room Client. Create opportunities for women today, check out the link in our bio💃🏿
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Our road trip through Northern California started in San Francisco. We only had 48 hours in the city and the girls and I had never been there. I wanted to see as much as possible so we booked a tour with @dylanstourssf. It was amazing! Dylan’s Tours is one of the highest rated tours on Trip Advisor for a reason! It was hands down my kids favorite thing we did in California and it’s something I recommend to everyone traveling to San Fran. These are pictures from the Mission District. The murals were so pretty. Next time we are in San Fran we will book a custom tour with @dylanstourssf to spend more time in the Mission area. #thesummerscollective #lifetravelstyle #familytrip #familytravel #familyexploring #travelblogger #travelphotography #momswhotravel #momsofteens #momsofgirls #kidsexplore #seetheworld #sanfrancisco #themissiondistrict #californiaadventure #dylanstours #dylanstourssf

can we speak in flowers.
it will be easier for me to understand. // N.W. 🌻🍃#themissiondistrict

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