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Episode 610 #themindyproject

Final day shooting #TheMindyProject. An incredible, hilarious, challenging, ridiculous, beautiful six years. Thanks so much for watching/letting me be a part of it/tolerating me & my mother plugging it endlessly. Photo stolen from our wonderful editor/director David Rogers #byebyemindy

That's a wrap! #themindyproject #laterbaby

@mindykaling was the first person to offer me a job after Fargo hit. I’ll never forget where I was when I got the call about #TheMindyProject, when it registered that work begat work, when I realized that there was going to be a life for me in this industry after Fargo. I’ll be grateful to Mindy for that forever. Her show wraps shooting this week, and it’s a good one. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mindy.

#MindyKaling is saying goodbye to #TheMindyProject set. 😥 In a new photo, the star and series creator shared a look at her “last day” shooting the Hulu comedy after six seasons. The photo shows Mindy Lahiri back in her office a final time after season 5 left viewers with a cliffhanger. Click the link in our bio to see what Kaling has to say about the final season. ❤️#regram 📷: @mindykaling

New episode of #TheMindyProject streaming now on @hulu

Can't believe this is the last day of filming for @mindyprojecthulu The whole cast & crew was always so lovely to me, and I'm super happy that my gf was able to work with such great people for three seasons. As an added bonus, she now knows how to put on bandaids and take my blood pressure. I love you #nursecolette and I'm so proud of you. 😘 #themindyproject

"We're gonna need a bigger bed". I love my #themindyproject camera crew. #seriesfinale #behindthescenes #local600


THE MINDY PROJECT Planner Stickers @sporkcity use coupon code SAWONINSTAGRAM to get %15 off #themindyproject #planneraddict #plannerstickers

Pretty much the only landmark I wanted to see in NYC because of #themindyproject...we even walked a few floors up/down #laterbaby #messageformindy #fbf

Dr. Mindy Lahiri is one of the best characters on TV. When you're sad she makes you laugh. Whenever I watch this show I always find myself sniggering alone.😂
Even when I'm not watching,the characters' dialouges keep echoing in my brain. Just so funny.📺

I've been binging #themindyproject and I'm not ready for this to end 😭

The new billboard at the Universal. #themindyproject #universalstudios

Episode 610 #themindyproject

#TheMindyProject exhibition at #PaleyCenter in Beverly Hills with dozens of outfits and quotes from the famous TV-Show!

#engelvoelkers #evusa #evbh #ThingsHappeningInBeverlyHills#loveBeverlyHills #exhibition

#flashbackfriday to the Mindy Project wrap party with the fave @richameows where the only thing better than seeing Mindy was the champagne and fries
#fbf #themindyproject #weekendvibes #weekend

I actually did some school work today
so that’s a start to the weekend 😂

Watching agents of shield again after like a
week break from it bc I found out grant is barely
in season 4 and he’s my fave character. But I
think if I focus on Fitz that I can be happy with
the show ❤️

#dannycastellano #themindyproject #mindykaling
#mindylahiri #fitz #agentsofshield

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