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Yo sorry we haven't posted in a while. I had exams but like I'm done for now so expect a return of our posts to your feed 😂😂 -k

i love!!!


| march 26 12:57pm |
i had a dream last night that in animal crossing i was like hitting a character with my bug net and all the other town members like turned on me and would not talk to me so I was talking to the mayors assistant trying to put in complaints about all the town members so they'd all move out anyways i would tell you guys about how i woke up with a migraine but then you fans of the pilot band would start singing that song (if u still do it ill just delete ur comment that's so annoying jesus)

Straightening your hair when it's hot is hell I'm going to shave my head and move to the arctic there's no other option
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Scroll through to read my "Muslim and Queer?" caption


| march 26 5:25pm |
ugh don't get mad you guys okay this is funny all right i myself could be considered a fan of these two jared leto jokers ok i listen to the music and ive even been to a concert and it's still funny if you really don't like it just move on i understand but scroll on by it's okay

i can be your china doll

you're slurring your words, not making any sense. but i don't fucking care

the man who fell to earth
the man who sold the world

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الحب ما دام مكتومآ على خطر = وغاية الأمن أن تدنو من الحذر
وأطيب الحب ما من الحديث به = كالنار لا تأت نفعآ وهي في الحجر

Nails for JSM 150canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦 #flower #nailfoil #red #white #theme

my cat keeps moving around bc she wants attention

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