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Выбрались с любимой @instacattt_3 из стеклянного лабиринта ✔️❤️ #2017 #russia #kazan #trip #themazerunners

¿Festejamos todos juntos? No puedo mas de la felicidad *-----* *da saltitos de felicidad*
Se confirmó *hace rato* que saldrá la nueva precuela de la saga "The Maze Runners" con un prólogo de Newt y la historia narrada desde el punto de vista de Thomas, contando como fue l construcción del laberinto, antes de perder la memoria :D
Me alegró la vida :D
Estoy suuuper feliz :D
No, no voy aparar :D
#TheMazeRunners #TheFeverCode

#labirent #themazerunners 🌴🌴🙉

Ay 😨

Creditos de la foto a @adictos_a_la_lectura 👌

#DylanOBrien #TheMazeRunners

Another one from yesterday! We didn't even finish half of we bought 😂😂 @crissyb_ #themazerunners #thescorchtrials


When I woke up, I found myself in a cage, a metal cage. I jumped up immediately my head ached and I sang backwards. Carefully I touched my head and realized that I have wounds in two places, on the left half of my forehead and on the back of my head. Without warning, the cage stopped and a loud beeping and the flickering red lamps made me start again in fright. Again, pain shot through my head. Above me the doors opened and bright light shone through the grille. Blinded by the sun, I held my hand over my eyes. I heard something jump on the floor next to me.
So what do you think about it? Should I go on writing?

☟☟'kay everybody❤❤I'll start with Chat Conversations😙❤☟
Send me on DM your Name, the name of the #mazerunnerglador you want a chat with and the thema (like Romantic or Dirty or a Fight) Luv yaa❤❤
#themazerunners #tmr #themazerunnermovie #glador #mazerunnerchat #love #fakechat #griever

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