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I forgot how much I loved this story. Thanks, Mrs. Hewig, for the recommendation all those years ago. ❤️ #themayorofcasterbridge #thomashardy

“Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain" 
#thomashardy #themayorofcasterbridge

Thomas Hardy's former study at his longtime Dorset home, Max Gate, a house he designed and where he lived from 1885 until his death in 1928...#ThomasHardy #JudetheObscure #TessofthedUrbervilles #TheMayorofCasterbridge #FarfromtheMaddingCrowd 📝🏠📚🏘✍🏼

"[...] happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain."


About today morning:
I woke up with the realisation that I haven't read a classic in over a month, which is fucking insane so I picked up my favourite classic author of all bloody time Thomas Hardy. Thomas Hardy is to me what Jane Austen is to many people.
I love his characters, I love the intensity. I love the romance. Thomas Hardy makes me wanna visit England real bad 💘
I hope your day is full of good coffee, funny jokes and a little private time for reading 💕
#thomashardy #themayorofcasterbridge #bookstagram


Hello guys! I wanted to click some pics to post here, and as I was pretending not to know, there were so little books in my collection! 😟🤕 Whatever I had were mostly translations. Mom and Dad wouldn't buy them for me so I still have to endure college to land on a job, earn my own money and reach my dream of owning a library. 🙄😥 *sigh* Tough life, ikr?! I was tagged by the @pixiiee.books to do the #7readerfacts tag. She is a lovely gal, and one of the first friends I made on instagram 😋👭 Go give her a follow people!
So here you go -
Name a book that,
1) you are too lazy to read : #TheGodofSmallThings by #ArundhatiRoy 😶👻 2) made you swoon : #ToAlltheBoysI'veLovedBefore series by #JennyHan 😍😁 3) gave you a hangover :
#TheMayorOfCasterBridge by #ThomasHardy 😢🤧 4) you will always reread : #SomeoneLikeYou by #NikitaSingh 💕💗 5) you will always recommend :
#TheBookThief by #MarkusZusak 😊😇 6) is of your favourite author : #FallingIntoPlace by #AmyZhang, or 2) & 5)

7) made you fall in love with reading : #harrypotter by #JKRowling 😍🤓 Thats it!
Tagging some of you to do the #7readerfacts. Be lenient, and keep reading! 💁‍♀️😉 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeatures #bibliophile #booknerd #bookfellow

This week we're featuring a classic for #whatwerereadingwednesday: Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge. The titular mayor drunkenly sold his wife to a sailor for five guineas and swore a twenty year vow of sobriety in repentance. Those twenty years are almost up, and who should come looking for him but his long-lost wife and daughter? But what the mayor might have regretted losing eighteen years ago is likely to throw a wrench in his current plans.

#thomashardy #themayorofcasterbridge #classics #books #bookstagram #publife #publishing #wessex

“Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain" 
#thomashardy #themayorofcasterbridge

Slower than a melodrama. :( But not too bad. #bookstagram #classicreads #themayorofcasterbridge

Witchcraft & Wizardry ⚡️#themayorofcasterbridge #thomashardy

The Mayor of Casterbridge - Thomas Hardy (1886)
You should read this if you haven't read a Thomas Hardy in a while and want a revisit to Wessex with all the inns and all seeming idyllic imagery. This one took me a while to get into but from quite early on there are so many gossipy throws and surprises in addition to such strong characters that it was quite a quick read for me. Probably not the best choice for a first time reader.
You shouldn't read this if you're feeling insecure or in a downtrodden place - you'd be in for a rough and depressing read. I personally have never felt utterly low reading Hardy (stone cold maybe!) because the language is so beautiful and entire novels just flow. The plot chronicles the repercussions of one man's drunken mistake and throughout the novel more and more selfish decisions and lack of clarity and security leads to him slowly losing everything.
Favourite Quote: "I won't be a slave to the past. I'll love where I choose."

Sunday reading 📖 Hope you all had a lovely weekend and great start to the week 😊 #cafe #cafestagram @bluebottle @bluebottlela #mocha #latteart #reading #books #literature #themayorofcasterbridge #thomashardy

We had Teachers' Day celebrations in school today and for the first time in my life, I received a white chrysanthemum! My favourite flower has always been the sunflower because of its cheeriness, but reading up on the 'mum, I found out that it's a symbol of truth and strong life and I'm loving it! I've been teaching for a long while now, although in different places, and in the next month I'll have to make a decision whether I want to continue doing this for one more year. I'm hoping this one week of break would give me time to rest, reflect and of course read. And then I'll be in a better state of mind to be making the (hopefully) right decision.
Books that I plan to read are two recent random finds: #LoveinaColdClimate and #TheMayorofCasterbridge.
#NancyMitford #ThomasHardy #PenguinClassics

Yesterday's #bookbuys from Ilkley 💙💚

Will try to finish it this time....😁 #thomashardy #themayorofcasterbridge #bookstagram #classics #novel

Just listed this lovely copy of Hardy's classic in the shop. I adore woodcuts.

I made a heck of a lot of flash cards for my Faustus and Mayor of Casterbridge resit. There's writing on both sides as well! 📝
#studyblr #studyspo #studynotes #studygram #englishliterature #exams #revision #flashcard #revisionnotes #doctorfaustus #themayorofcasterbridge #colourful #📝 #✏️

"I won't be a slave to the past. I'll love where I choose." The Mayor of Casterbridge, Thomas Hardy

I have always loved Hardy and spent many a teenage year working my way through his collection. I decided it was time this week to revisit one and decided on #themayorofcasterbridge
because i had read it the least. I love how the plot is always moving forward, characters are interwoven and when you feel you know where you are, the next secret comes out. His descriptive writing is faultless and i was not disappointed on a second read. The pretty hydrangea is out of my parents garden 🏵

#thomashardy #hardy #bookstagram
#bookworm #reading #fiction #classics #penguinclassics #britishclassics #mayorofcasterbridge #hydrangea #bibliophile

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