Heaven! Is not found in a church baby girl.
Heaven is found within your sacred body.
Patriarchy has placed a thick coat of fear and shame on our spirits!, Shame is a particular affliction for #women. Shame has long been a tool of collective patriarchal repression. In our Judeo-Christian culture woman was blamed for banishing us from the Garden of Eden, and since then women have been made to feel ashamed of their instinctual self, of their bodies, of their femininity, and also of their spiritual nature. #Feminine #spirituality carries the sacred wholeness of life, which has been despised and rejected by the masculine which longs to escape the limitations of the physical world. For many women a deep, imposed shame comes to the surface and has to be faced. THE GREAT SPIRIT of our Devine mother forces is calling out to us to embrace our Devine feminine to take our human life in our arms and harness our power. Your innner goddess. She is your power, the power you’ve always had within. your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. You may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear her because of this pain and shame that fills you with grief! But as you let go of it all! I promise she will fill your body with ripples of POWER and delight. We have forgotten that we were born
of celestial cataclysm.

We have forgotten how to dance
bare-footed on the earth to the cadence
of our souls. we have forgotten the ritual
fires and the acrid tang of holy smoke
on our tongues.

If such a #consciousness truly is set loose in the world, nothing will be the same. It will free us to be in a #sacred #body, on a sacred planet, in sacred communion with all of it. It will infect the universe with holiness. We will discover the Divine deep within the earth and the cells of our bodies. And we can finally! As a whole! Return to love! Return to balance. Return to MATRIARCHY 🌙⚛️ #yoniverse #sacredfeminine #sacredgeometry #matriarchy #thematriarchalmovement #yogini #mala #meditation #pachamama #loveandlight #shamefree #selflove #womenempowerment #empoweringwomen #inspiration #heartchakra #healing #moonchild #witchesofinstagram #lightworker

👸🏻🤴🏼 RISE IN LOVE... with someONE ⚛️ who matches your worth. Who nourishes the flow of your energy.
Who isn’t looking for a trophy! to brag about.
Rather One who seeks priceless moments of vulnerability,growth, and laughter. Build with someone who takes your weakness and triggers and helps you heal! Supports you as you grow past the pain and not always so fun moments.
One who carries your wounds and turns transforms them into strength. Rise with the one who sees all
Of your fears, failures and insecurities and chooses to be the alchemist of your pain.
One who’s conversations provide healing!
Where you both get high off one another’s presence and intellectualism.
Be with someone who inspires you to be your greatest self!! When you have found this... You have arrived....home

Souls connecting and hearts embracing... that’s how galaxies collide. 👸🏻⚛️🤴🏼

Find the warrior that lies within you and listen to what she says: I am free.
I am cosmic force of creation
I am my own kind of beautiful!
I am grounded. I am worthy of INFINITE LOVE,abundance, prosperity, . I am fierce.
I am confident. I am capable. I fully connected to source energy.
I use my intuition as my compass. Trusting it knowing it serves my greatest good.
I am NOT! my parents or society!
But my own creator! And magic maker!
I am an alchemist!
I am love in motion.
I am bright light.
I am unstoppable! 👸🏻👸🏽👸🏼👸🏾
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Ancient #Tantric practitioners knew that body and emotion regenerate and heal with #dance. They used its power to call in the divine. We long for tribal joining and shared ritual. We yearn to feel light-filled and passionate. Channeling your inner #shakti allows you to weave your #magic into ancient ritual feeding #body,#mind, #spirit, and emotion.
#Shakti शक्ति, is #strength,powerful Devine feminine energy. Shakti is!! the primordial! cosmic! #energy and it represents the dynamic forces that echo through the entire #universe. As we head into this full moon on the 31st the portal of #devinefeminine will open. #Beautiful things are in store this year! All the reason to dance! ♉️💃🏻👸🏻
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An awakened man is a warrior of the heart.
He has heard the deeper calling.
He is conscious of his feelings and speaks the language of love.
He sees the beauty of the world around him, is present-minded, and knows the ways of the divine.
He is compassionate, authentically cares about people, and has the highest respect for the feminine.

He adores the woman who calls to his soul, knows how to listen and communicate to her heart, and understands how to satisfy her deepest desires.

He is comfortable being vulnerable, looks for the answers within, and is not afraid to #surrender to #truth.

He learns from the pain that each life-lesson teaches him, admits when he is wrong, and is always accountable for his actions.

He actively uses his sword with a dual purpose – to strip away his own ego so the light can stream in while also protecting those he loves.

He is a champion of those who do not have a voice, #strength to those who need encouragement, and a light to the ones who have lost their way.

He is #confident and #strong, but he is also a promoter of peace, an agent of humility, and a model of grace and forgiveness.

He calls to other #conscious #men to join the revolution, to lay down their ego, and with true masculine energy, demonstrate what it means to be a man who is connected to his heart. ~ Daniel Nielsen

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WOMBMAN- we bear children, have menstrual cycles, different anatomy and higher levels of estrogen and oxytocin. Women bond differently, select their mates differently and communicate differently. Women are women and not men, for a reason.

Nothing is going to change these truths no matter how much more ideologically equal we become. What might be a healthier approach as women is to embrace what makes us different rather than seeing these qualities as inherently problematic and weak. Often, we unconsciously disengage from what makes us more feminine in favor of masculine characteristics, or at least characteristics that are easily comprehendible by the masculine mindset- that make us “stronger” and more impenetrable within patriarchy. To play the boy’s game, you have to act like a boy, right? Successful business women often wear their masculinity proudly, as if it alone is what drove them to success.

Traditionally feminine traits are seen so negatively. We’re dismissed as being “crazy” when we’re emotional so we learn to adopt a more rational (masculine) approach. Let’s look at the root of the “craziness”- our hormones are rapidly cycling every month and that’s why we get emotional in the ways that we do, it’s not because we are neurologically damaged. Our instincts to nurture & be guided by that famous “feminine intuition” are seen as too soft & irrational and are instead replaced by a cutthroat, logical attitude. We’ve even learned to favor a physique that undercuts our own natural curves.

We have to examine who’s actually setting standards for what is an acceptable version of femininity. The patriarchy reaffirms this ideal of acceptable femininity to better conceptualize, understand, and control the fairer sex. By abiding by these standards that we don’t set, we’re automatically rejecting our own assets, all of which give us power (why do you think these qualities make men so uncomfortable? The more discomfort elicited, the closer we are to change). We need to set our own standard, one that is so true to femininity that it allows women to set the rules for the boy’s game instead of having to play in it when the rules are rigged against us...⬇️continued below

Strong but supple, decisive and nurturing, wild yet wise.
This is duality! Within the realm of Devine feminine & devine masculine.
The #gym as been both my therapy and my greatest source for tapping into #Devinemasculine.
Every man and every women must tune in and channel into both.
In order for you to know yourself at the deepest level of your being, you need to experience the expressions of the #divinefeminine and divine masculine energies, so you can grow spiritually, mentally, and even physically! Through consciousness.

The imbalance of the divine feminine and divine masculine energies is the fundamental cause of human suffering, because it steers us away from living in a state of balance and harmony with Nature. Today, we live in a world where the divine masculine #energy has become so strong and distorted that it has weakened the divine feminine energy, preventing it from expressing its qualities effectively.

In my personal #journey being able to harness both Divine feminine divine masculine energy when it is needed has allowed me to achieve a deep level of awakening and really understanding who I am both warrior and #goddess. 👸🏻💪🏼⚛️ I encourage every one of you reading this is, to really understand the importance of allowing yourselves to tune in to both sides to create space for when you need divine feminine or divine masculine energy. It is vital to your emotional and #spiritual #health.
With LOVE! ~Liz
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Some days I am more wolf than women and I wont apologize for my wild. 🐺👸🏻⚛️🌙

I'd rather be a feminist than masochist
⚛️🌙👸🏻 #midnightswim #stargazing #fitmom .
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HAPPY! Moonday! ♉️👸🏻 #morningyoga #gratitude #sunshine

Patriarchy is the single most life-threatening social disease assaulting every women spiritually, mentally and physically. Women HAVE a history that has been systematically suppressed. Our collective spirituality has largely been tainted to fit the needs of men and those in power. This has a profound effect on the self-esteem of girls and the women they become. This influence can be seen in their life choices, partners and financial security for the rest of their lives. It also has an effect on the way their future partners will view them - and ultimately treat them. Our girls deserve better.
Women are the only oppressed group in our society that lives in intimate association with their opressors.
I'm sure these "high priest" didn't realize that it would back lash because it has created a boomerang effect. It has Destroyed Devine masculine and has created hu-MAN a slave of his own ego.
It has killed the spirits of more little boys than any war it's created.
It has brainwashed young men into thinking that women are their objects of play and pleasure. It convinces men that women are "less than." I can't think of anything more disgusting and destructive to the human race than patriarchy!
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It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things,
But seeing through things 🌙👸🏻

She does everything with passion. Looks at the world with burning, fire-lit eyes, loves with deep conviction, deep in her bones and smiles with secrets she keeps from ancient of days that she has carried with her from past life. She feels everything all at once or not at all, with a soul that runs deeper than darkest parts of the ocean floor and is more intense than any heaven you have ever known. She heals and cares for every women she encounters. She understands her calling and accepts is proudly.
The world isn’t ready for the havoc in her blood and the storm on her skin, but she doesn’t stop for anyone… she walks with thunder in her every move. She's manifesting and stirring up the return of #matriarchy with every move she makes. 👸🏻🌍⚛️🐆 #fuckpatriarchy #devinefeminine #sacredfeminine #devinemasculine #goddess #lightworker #truthseekers #womenempowerment #motherhood #avatar #yin #yoni #yonipower #vegan #body #thematriarchalmovement #spiritual #spiritualgangster #feminist #freespirit

Happy Rising! One of the best ways to stay open and remain in #devinefeminine is through energy flow, moment and #dance. From the chakra perspective, #feminine energy is located in the sacral or second chakra and promotes juiciness, emotion-based creation, flow, sexiness, #sensuality and intimate connection. The satisfying feeling when a painting or poem seems to be channelled from the source with ease and passion, is the feminine energy at work.

The ultimate goal is to bring both male and female energies into harmonious balance within a single being, but we all know that balance can often feel like the world's biggest myth. Moving your body helps heal the second chakra by getting your body’s #energy flowing, which activates the chakra and removes blockages.

The sacral chakra is the seat of emotion. Associated with the color orange, the sacral chakra (taken from the Sanskrit word svadhisthana, meaning “dwelling place of the self”) governs our ability to initiate, nurture and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.Located in the lower abdomen, it is the hub of our creativity and guides us see beyond the mundane to embrace our dreams and desires. A balanced #sacral chakra offers balance, grounding, and strength. 🌍👸🏻⚛️ #lightworker #yoni #yogini #sacredgeometry #earthlings #moonchild #freespirit #hippie #healing #nakedface #sunshine #freethenipple #spiritual #sacredfeminine #thematriarchalmovement #fuckpatriarchy #yogabody #fitmoms #healthylifestyle

While the U.S. is only now starting to explore modern medical uses of marijuana, for centuries, women around the world have harnessed the magical green leaves to relieve pain, to increase sacred sexual energy exchange. Back in ancient Egypt, marijuana was frequently used during labor. Ancient Egyptians would grind cannabis into honey and apply the volva. People throughout the ages have utilized cannabis in many forms, from tribal shamans to Victorian women. These ingestion methods and applications find their origin in the ancient world, where cannabis was used in medicine, magic, religion and recreation. These earliest civilizations cultivated and traded the psychoactive plant.

The ancients discovered cannabis in their search for ropes, textiles, foods and pharmaceuticals. Some varieties were not fit for fabric and rope, but their sticky psychotropic flowers had a better purpose. The plant was typically harvested and either juiced or smoked. Wine infusion, water extraction and fumigating the dried flower were the most common methods of ingestion. Recent archaeological evidence and surviving documents gives us a window into the historical use of #cannabis.
Cannabis is medicine! It is a gift from the great mother! Honor it! Keep it sacred. #pachamama

"Once you have experienced The sacredness of soul deep loving where all your senses come alive with #spiritual #energy, you will never be satisfied anything less than that which transcends the physical plane alone." ~ There are four primary soulful energies in Soul Energy Exchange (S.E.X.): love, pleasure, lingum and yoni. The third and fourth energies are Hindu Sanskrit terms used by Tantra workshop leaders Charles and Caroline Muir, and understanding them assists us in breaking out of traditional, cultural thinking patterns. The third expression, lingum energy, represents the masculine drive, penis, aggression and personal power, the giving of complex energies, and glory. While lingum energy is often male identified, in reality this energy is found in all human beings. And our fourth soulful expression is yoni energy, which represents the feminine, the vagina or any part of the body that exudes surrender and desire to receive energy. Yes, men too have yoni energy.

We are all more or less conditioned and limited in our expression of #yoni or lingum energies, not to mention love and pleasure. In truth we have all suffered traumas to our lingum and yoni energies, as well as love and pleasure. Unlocking traumatic and toxic shame, and thawing frozen energies are steps on our path to the sacred. Experimenting, without judgment, along the felt sense boundaries of these energies is a direct route to god energy, the earth, our ancient memories, and the universe. All four of these soulful energies are the creator’s way of expressing itself through us. .
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They fear you my darling because you know your power. Let them run.
Fools are weak.
You require a GOD! Not some simple man. Be patient. And hold on to your standards.
Do anything but settle. 🤘🏼💋👸🏻
. #womenempowerment #goddess #queenb #sacredfeminine #devinefeminine #matriarchy #freespirit #soulmate #goddesslife #thematriarchalmovement #thematriarch

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