These two have been a total blessing and keep me in check! They have taught me that despite of any disabilities, you wake up every morning with the same energy and love. With a busy schedule with this dynamic duo is always good to plan things like the @mormonmomplanner

Love how it turned out! The letter "O" can be decorated per the current season. So easy to do! Letters, wreath and fall leafs from @michaelsstores!

Been busy but finally got our beach day clip loaded. California has some unique beaches and this one is a hidden one. We go every year during the summer once with extended family. It's a tradition now. Happy Sunday!

Someday I will find the manager to get this sorted out lol Someday!!!!!

New video on the link! Had so much fun with the family! This week will be a hot one so we might just go back for more 🤔

Clue! This is the United State Signature of exploration... New video on the link in bio with the answer. If your ever in the Los Angeles Area this is a fun place to go to and VERY affordable. It's free admission and donations are welcome. Parking was $12 only!

Sometime I wonder if my fairy godmothers are going to show up! Oh well my house is not a showroom it's a real house to live in. Happy Friday!

Unicorn is parked outside cause this mama is hard at work plus finishing my next video.

Taken of the coast of Mexico. Sunset and sunrise on deck 4 are quiet, cool and priceless on the @disneycruiseline and no filter! This is my happy place!

I can't believe that we're pass the half way mark to the year being over 😱

Happy birthday to my two peas! Who week of celebration! 😘👦🏻👦🏻#happybirthday #twins #birthdayboys

A week of vacation only means it's time to explore but on this day we did it un a budget!

Summer Bucket List is a must!!! Anyone else doing one?

Our family loves @aquariumpacific It is the best bargain in town for so much fun in the summer. The family membership does beat the prices to any local themed park in SoCal. Plus your membership is a donation!!!! 😍 Check out our latest adventure link on bio!

New video up! Check bio for new video

Happy Sunday!

Dinner at Triton was a nice! The best was the assistant server really going the extra mile creating something for the boys! See what she did on the link in bio. #cruisefood

What is it like to be a parent of a special needs? Let me tell you! It is something else. It teachers you so many things but at the same time it open your eyes to new realities and one of them is ISOLATION. For example having family excluded you from family events/vacation is not easy to digest. How would it feel to live with family so close that they would rather plan a week of event and drive hours to meet up and not once consider to ask? Or the curtesy of asking? That's the life these two little ones will face, isolation from their own family and others. Guess what? That's why I'm here aka Mama Bear and I'm so glad that my siblings & my mom provide this and more. It is a new reality for my husband who is realizing things aren't easy for a parent of special needs. So if you or someone you know has a child of special needs, extend your hand not just a prayer! #mothersarepowerful

This picture has no filter ZERO! Thanks @ohtoodlesears for the most comfortable ears ever for our cruise - catch our cruise link on bio.

Call me crazy but this ice cream on a hot day brings me joy! This is while we were in Cabo and it was A👏🏻MA👏🏻ZING👏🏻 Oh and my cute nails are from @jamberry

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