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Kızımın aldığı en güzel kargo 📦 #incisu#nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew #t21love@helloesraozcan

La discusión duró un ratito más, a Lola le daba la risa!..pero ella se empeñaba en "Mama!!!" Pepita aprende y disfruta muchísimo al mismo tiempo gracias a profesionales como Lola, tienen una relación genial! 📕📕 Pepita with her teacher..she loves her classes and learns so much at the same time, its fantastic. They are arguing about the person in the picture, it's a man but she insists on calling him "Mum" while Lola tries not too laugh too much and explain at he same time #pepitamola #superpepita #extrachromosomeextracute #theluckyfew #t21 #downsyndromeawareness #differetcapabilities

Question: what is my favorite trait about Flick? Well the fact that she’s hilarious! I honestly laugh so hard everyday because of things she does. Whether it be her Crazy dancing or how she teases or sometimes just how smart she is and she knows it!
How are her eyes? She did have glasses for a brief moment. So your eyes are muscles and she also has hypotonia which is low muscle tone. When a child turns two they start to focus on smaller objects further away (this goes for typical children as well). Well the same was happening for Flick and when she gets tired especially, her eye would stray a bit in. The doctor thought glasses would help strengthen but it went away and her actual eyesight is fine! It does look like it does it when she’s turned but that’s normal when she’s looking to the side.
More questions for #downsyndromeawarenessmonth ? Let me know!
Looking ready for this fall weather in her new @carters turkey outfit!

No Blastomycosis! No answers.

They have no idea what he has, BUT he had a really good night & is having a good day today! When he woke up this morning he started doing his "happy yell." Medication changes again. (Down on Epi 😊) He also took a break from CPAP & went back to optiflow for awhile. (He's back on CPAP now.) He did a really good job sitting up earlier & was even able to sit unassisted once on his own. I don't know where his strength comes from, but I'm sure glad he knows when to conserve it & when to use it.
Although we are still frustrated & have a lot of unknowns ahead of us, we are feeling pretty good... today. One day at a time. ❤💙💛
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I was thrilled so many people loved my Extra mom onsie! So for Down syndrome awareness month I teamed up with one of our favorite boutiques @ablackbirdsboutique and one of our favorite little buddies, @perfectly_pierce to give away a few of the MY MOM ISN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO'S EXTRA #homiewithanextrachromie tee shirts or onsie!
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#nothingdownaboutit #theluckyfew #t21 #trisomy21 #downsyndrome #downsyndromeawarenessmonth #upsyndrome #extrachromosome #lifeisbetterwithyou

Hoy súper Rocio mi profe me ha enseñado a pintar 🎨!!! Me ha encantado !!! Luego me he quedado jugando !! #sindromededown #t21 #superacion #teson #constancia #theluckyfew

💙 As this sweet sister was cuddled up with Nic today she commented on how much she loves how Nic and Colt are “so soft and squishy because the other babies in the nursery are stiff and hard”. 😂 .........
I thought this was a cute observation of one trait of Down syndrome known as hypotonia or low muscle tone. This is the reason why so many babies with Down syndrome are extremely flexible and why it often takes them longer to master things like walking, chewing or tongue control and other areas that require muscle work that we take for granted. ..........
Because of Nic’s year in an orphanage crib with zero muscle work or stimulation, his muscle tone was non existent. He was the equivalent of a rag doll when we brought him home. But he has made rapid gains and is getting quite strong in comparison to where he started. ......
Colt on the other hand has always seemed to have what I would consider fairly “typical” muscle tone. There are definitely things that have taken him a bit longer or a bit more work but I haven’t thought much of it really. ........
So, double bonus, we get to cuddle our sweet,”squishy” babies PLUS have that much more of a celebration when they reach a milestone and have grown those muscles! 💪 .
We really are #theluckyfew !💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
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#downsynromeawarenessmonth Day 18: one of the things I always have in the back of my mind is being aware of how I acknowledge my children. I do a lot of advocating for Mikey and sometimes the focus seems to be all on him. I don't want Eden to get lost in the shuffle. She is just as important as her brother and is valued just as much. She's a blessing to our family and adds a lot of crazy to our dynamic! She is such a joy! I want her to grow up to be an advocate for her brother, but it could quickly turn into the exact opposite if I'm not careful to treat them both equally. I seriously never stop thinking about it. Parenting isn't easy, but I know that with the Lord's help we will have clear direction. 📸 @k.w.photos #dsam2017 #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit


Jordan Grace wearing daddy’s sweater made by Nana Mac 🌸

False: Students who can’t keep up with the pace or difficulty of the general education curriculum should not be included.
I was going to put a bunch of facts in here, but nothing is really speaking to me like my own experience with Ruby. Sometimes I get all wrapped up in the testing and the numbers because we work with her so much it's almost like my own grade😂And while she is TOTALLY rockin' the first grade, there is a definite difference in some of her work and the level of help she needs. We work closely with her teachers to help give her realistic goals and work, all the while being exposed to ALL the curriculum. Will the gap continue to grow? Yes. Will we continue to work closely with her teachers to help give her the support she needs? Yes. Does she DESERVE to continue being in the Gen Ed classroom even as she falls behind academically? ABSOLUTELY.
Cuz it's not JUST about the academics, y'all. It's about so, so much more. I mean- think of all the deep conversations you had at your locker before science class about "Jake's Butt", that embarrassing thing your mom said in front of Jake, getting in trouble for rolling your eyes at your mom for embarrassing you in front of Jake...It's about LIFE! (and sometimes maybe Jake's cute butt.) 😂😍
#RubyAndNellaRockInclusion #inclusionmatters #theluckyfew #Downsyndromeawareness

Duplo never gets old 😁 40 years ago I used to play with this so I guess this makes it vintage 😂😂😂
#duplo #nevertoooldtoplay #downsyndromerocks #theluckyfew

This is my son! He has an extra chromosome aka trisomy 21, aka down syndrome. He is awesome. October is down syndrome awareness month. I am one of #theluckyfew who gets the privilege of parenting someone with an extra chromosome. Hope you get the privilege of having someone in your life with an extra chromosome one day too.

When I was 21 weeks pregnant, we received unexpected news that our baby would be born with Down Syndrome. The news left me sobbing on the floor while clutching my swollen belly. At this point, we had a diagnosis and lists and charts of information that broke our hearts, we did not yet know our son.
The diagnosis brought grief deeper than I had ever experienced. I was terrified. I had no idea how to do this.
Recently, I was talking with another special needs mom who, like me, was feeling broken hearted over missed milestones and daunting questions without answers. I shared with her the only strategy I have found that gets me through painful days: look away from the questions and worry, and look at your child.
When I refocus my gaze on Bodie, I see my perfect son, the best gift I had no idea I needed.
Bodie is the easiest part of our Down Syndrome journey. When I filter out all of the noise and fear and just look at my little guy, all is right with the world again 💛💙
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I can't not believe how big she looks in this picture... eek. Slow down you move to fast. .
#dsam2017 people with Down Syndrome are smaller in stature. Girls average a height of 4ft 9in and boys 5ft 2in. Considering this momma is only 5'1 We are fully aware dynamite come in small packages.
#downsyndrome #downrightperfect #theluckyfew #dsdn #homiewithanextrachromie #uniquelyperfect #nothingdownaboutit #beautifulconditions #ssparents #lifeisbetterwithyou #upsyndrome #t21

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Day 19 of Down syndrome awareness month- These two have a special bond. She already looks up to him and he is so protective of her. Just 18 months apart, these two will walk through life closely. Bo was born with a big personality, very opinionated, loud, and doesn't back down. I believe God gave him these characteristics to help watch over Jules. #siblinglove #bigbrother #littlesis #julietfaith #bobobear #tribeofsix #downsyndromeawarenessmonth #theluckyfew #downrightperfect💛💙

B-day do @aventurasdetintin 1 ano de felicidades com os amiguinhos do @acolhedown !!! #movimentodown #acolhedown #t21 #theluckyfew

I hope you'll always think I'm cool & laugh at me for being silly. I hope you'll love me forever and always want to be by my side . You teach me more than I'll ever be able to teach you . Im so lucky to be your big EE ( sissy ) ••You have me wrapped around your little finger nugget 💛🎃
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FACEBOOK ➖Skyler sharing smiles
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Down Syndrome Awareness Day 19

Most people would say that when you receive a diagnosis like Down syndrome you go through a whole range of emotions. That was certainly true for me.
Looking back there are so many things I wish I understood, but I really believe that there is nothing anyone can say or do that will make everything all okay for you in an instant. It's a journey with many stages. There is no way around it, you have to go through it. You have to live it.
Ahead of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the DSDN asked us moms to share a letter written to our diagnosis day self. None of this is news to those who know us, but the link to ours is in the profile ❤

#rocktober #rockthe21 #DownSyndromeAwareness #DSAM2017 #DSDN #DearMe #Downsyndrome #lifewithDS #Trisomy21 #T21 #morealikethandifferent #nothingdownaboutit #lifeisbetterwithyou #theluckyfew

Ohmagosh! A tiny #lithuanianhunk! He’d only been home for 3 months here! 😍 #downsyndromelove #downsyndromeadoption #theluckyfew #raisingachildwithdownsyndrome

💛Down Syndrome Awareness Month💙 Don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaways🎉 Free decals all month long! 📷cred: @l_ayn #alilsomethingextra #ds #t21 #321 #downsyndrome #upsyndorme #theluckyfew #morealikethandifferent #extrachromosomeextracute #changingthefaceofbeauty #dsrocks #dsawareness #giveaways

Look who registered to vote like a good citizen! #randomfact people with Down syndrome can vote just like anyone else. His teacher called me a few days ago asking if it was okay to register him. Of course I said yes, but do I honestly think he can vote? I don't think he's there yet, but he'll get there. #21daysofdownsyndrome #downwithjoel #downsyndrome #trisomy21 #voting #t21 #theluckyfew #homiewithanextrachromie

Just to prove he isn’t ALWAYS asleep at Target 😂

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