Welp, good thing I decided to try my swimsuits on before we left cuzzz only one of them still fits, and barely! I may or may not have to purchase a new one before summer’s over🙈

Anyhoo! Finishing up all last minute prep before our big trip tomorrow and getting stuff done around the house today. Still can’t believe we’re leaving in the morning!

So thankful for all I was able to knock out throughout the week and that I’m not scrambling around like a mad woman today.

Prayers for us as we travel and for a fun, restful getaway would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone else have anything exciting going on this weekend?!🎉 #thelowlylife #risingtidesociety #flashofdelight

It’s our last day with this little guy before we drop him off at my parents for the next 2 weeks😭

It’ll be the longest we’ve been away from him in forever and none of us are too happy about it. If only we could trust him not to eat the sand and drink the saltwater on the beach🙈

So lots of extra snuggles and walks and treats are on the agenda for today (like he isn’t going to be spoiled rotten at grandma and grandpas house)! #thelowlylife

3 completely unrelated things:

1. We leave for vacation SATURDAY and we are SO excited to hit the road, visit with our friends and family in NY for a bit and then get ourselves on the glorious beach for our babymoon. EEK!

2. I’m currently covered up to my ears in these pretty pom poms and am not the least bit upset about it😍 Working on the sweetest DIY’s for Sybil’s nursery and can’t even wait to share them with you all soon🤗

3. Jay and I were crazy kids last night and went to see a late night showing of A Quiet Place. You guys...I cannot say enough good things about that movie. It is INCREDIBLE. Not sure how many places are still playing it, but if you haven’t yet, go see it! It’s my new favorite.

That is all. Happy Wednesday!✂️ #thelowlylife #diyhomedecor

Happy Friday, friends!

I am SO excited to finally be back on the blog today and to reveal our latest and biggest DIY: restoring my childhood dining table set.

This project was time consuming and pretty darn frustrating at moments (reupholstery is 😫🤬🤯) but it was a huge labor of love and we had so much fun making it ours!

Link to the blog and all the before and after pics is in my profile. Thank you Lord, we are DONE!

Anyone else have an almost nervous breakdown reupholstering furniture?!🙋🏻‍♀️#thelowlylife #handmadewithjoann

Feeling ALL.THE. FEELS. about how Sybby’s nursery is slowly but surely coming together😭

We’re incorporating a subtle Classic Pooh theme into her room and it’s been so much fun hunting down goodies and figuring out how I want to decorate and balance everything.

There’s still much to do, but I can’t even wait till I can show you all the finished product. And I’ve got the most darling DIY projects to get started on for the nursery and they’ll be coming to the blog real soon!

And speaking of the blog, I’ve got our big reveal of the dining table set we restored coming at ya over there tomorrow and am SO EXCITED about it. Stay tuned🙈😍 #thelowlylife #sybilhelencosgrove

Jay and I have been talking this week about just how good life has been these past several months and how settled and content we feel.

When you actually stop and take the time to think through all the things God has done and prayers He’s answered, it’s overwhelming.

We brought many things before the Lord as we prepared to move to GA, and He has so graciously given us the desires of our hearts and been all over our transition here.

Today I am thankful for where we are, for our lovely home, for friendship, community, our fluffy pup and for our sweet baby girl growing inside of me.

In His perfect timing and according to His perfect will, He is faithful to meet our needs and He knows our desires far more than we can comprehend.

We can trust Him with what’s in our hearts and know that it’s safest when we can just surrender it over to Him. Know that He will ALWAYS do what is best and there is peace found in Him receiving glory above all else with our lives. “Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.“ Psalm 37:2-5🌿 #thelowlylife #sharemytargetstyle

This weekend was SO relaxing and care free, which is just what we’ve been needing desperately over here!

Thankful for a couple days full of donuts, friend dates, sleeping in, getting yard/house work done (still have to show you guys the before and after of our big landscaping project👏🏻💪🏻), lots of quality time with hubby, and some successful thrifting/antiquing.

Speaking of, I found so. many. goodies. on Saturday, including the rest of the plates I’ve been needing to make my plate wall for the dining room!😍🤗 Which I was hopinggg to have done before I reveal our DIY reupholstered dining set on the blog, but it’s just not gonna happen unfortunately.

So keep your eyes peeled this week for a WAY overdue blog post about how our gorgeous dining table set turned out! We are obsessed with it.

Happy Monday, friends🌻 #thelowlylife #everysquareastory

This beautiful girl has deserved a major shoutout for quite awhile now, but we’re usually having so much fun that we forget to take pictures together!

Jill came into my life in January and it’s thanks to this platform that our paths ever crossed. She randomly messaged me asking if she could take me out for coffee and the rest is history.

Before moving to Georgia, I specifically asked the Lord to provide a true, genuine friendship with someone for me, and I get so emotional when I think about just how much he answered and exceeded my desires and need through giving me Jill.

I’ve never experienced such a sweet, authentic friendship before and had so many things in common with someone. And the fact that our husbands are best friends too is just a huge bonus!

Why God waited so long to bring us all together, I have no idea, but I’ll never be able to thank him enough for this gift.

Today and everyday, I’m thankful for God’s goodness and for rare, life giving and completely hilarious friendships like these.💛 #thelowlylife #friendshipfriday

Last week was jam packed.

Every single day we had something going on and it’s weeks like that where I’m the most stressed out and drained. And when I get sick😩

Even though I’m still fighting off a dumb cold and we’re still feeling tuckered out, this week is looking a whooole lot better for us and there’s some exciting things going on. So it’s all good!

Hoping to get this big bad boy finished with some of my free time this week. It’s only the project for our house that I’ve redone a billion times (we’re going with yellow after trying like 6 different shades of green🙈) and am super intimidated by! But fingers crossed I’m finally gonna tackle it🙏🏻 Please tell me I’m not the only one who has to do a project over SO MANY TIMES before it gets to where it needs to be?!? #thelowlylife #makewavesmonday

Happy Friday, friends!

For those of you new around here, hi! I’m Danielle.
I live just outside of Atlanta, GA with my handsome hubby and fluffy pup in our cozy first home.
I’m currently about 21 weeks pregnant with our first baby and she’s all we can think about these days. Looking so forward to meeting our darling Sybil and being a mama soon!
I’m really passionate about living a life of simplicity and intentionality in every aspect and encouraging others to do the same.

There’s SO much life to live outside of the feeds we scroll, pretty pictures we post and “stories” we share. I think it’s always wise to take a step back and reflect on the ways we’re using social media and ask ourselves whether those ways are healthy for us and our families/relationships.
Since being pregnant, I’ve had a really hard time keeping up a routine with my blogging, working on music, baking in my kitchen and just creating in general.

There’s a lot of transition happening right now, physically, mentally and emotionally, and so I’m just learning and choosing to take things more slowly, enjoying this crazy exciting season we’re in as we prepare for parenthood.
I do, however, have some fun blog posts, DIYS and guest features coming your way and I’m SO excited to share them with you all very, very soon!

Okay, now tell me something about YOU! What is life looking like for you currently? #thelowlylife #fridayintroductions

It may be gloomy and rainy outside, but this is my pretty view inside so I’m perfectly alright with it.

It’s been a busy, busy week over here and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. So today I’ve been making time for rest (I think I’m getting sick😩) and some things I enjoy.

And obviously one of those things is the latest issue of @Magnolia Journal. Duh!

Anyone else have their hands on a copy yet?!😍 #thelowlylife #mybeautifulsimplicity

Growing up, my husband used to vacation with his family to Rehoboth Beach, DE and those are some of his most favorite childhood memories.

After we got married we started going there together too and I fell in love with the place.
Our trip last year was the most fun and relaxing time we’ve had in a long while and I’m SO excited to be going back in June for our babymoon!

The 30 day countdown officially begins this week, so automatically it’s gonna be a good one.

Who else is vacationing this summer?! Where are you going? #thelowlylife #makewavesmonday

The day we found out about Sybby🎉

And also directly after we stuffed our faces with Mexican food in celebration. Which I would have ZERO issues with doing again to celebrate Friday!

Life is all the more joyous for us these days and this guy is all the more amazing and handsome and wonderful.

Love our beautiful life so much and I cannot even wait to raise our sweet girl together!

In other news, this baby registry thing is WAY more stressful and complicated than I thought. Any and all tips on making the whole decision process less intimidating would be glorious😫🙈 #thelowlylife #sybilhelencosgrove

Friends, Jay and I are SO EXCITED to announce that we have a darling little girl on the way!

I always pictured us with a son, so I was completely shocked when we found out about Sybil (pronounced Sib-ul), but God knew that we needed this sweet girl in our lives and we could not be happier about having a daughter.

She is strong, healthy and moving around like crazy! I can’t thank everyone who has been praying for our family these past few months enough. Please continue to keep us and our little lady in your prayers!

Sybil Helen, we cannot even wait to meet you and love you SO unbelievably much already.💛🎀🌼 #thelowlylife #sybilhelencosgrove

It was so surreal celebrating yesterday for the first time as a soon to be mama.

Thankful for this precious gift and for the health and strength God is giving our sweet baby. CANNOT even believe it’s been 19 weeks already!

PS: We just might be announcing what we’re having super duper soon. So keep your eyes peeled!🤗💛#thelowlylife #sybilhelencosgrove

REAL TALK: Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

Full of SO much joy, surprise and excitement (announcing what we’re having real soon, folks!🤗). And yet, in the midst of all the overwhelming good that was happening, the enemy managed in his crafty way to use something so ridiculous to pound me with some major fears.

The Lord woke my husband out of a deep sleep last night to comfort me with and remind me of the truths about who He is that I was quickly forgetting. That God is a wise, loving, gracious Father, who’s very nature is goodness and who’s character never changes.

He is a faithful provider and sustainer, and I cannot rely on my fickle, weak flesh to encourage my heart of that promise.

I daily need His Word. I constantly need communion with Him. Our reliance cannot be on past revelation, but on the continual growth in our knowledge of who God is, intimacy with His Spirit, and the ongoing work He is doing in us.

God is not a tyrant, friends. He will not give something good only to tease and torture us somehow with it later. HE IS FAITHFUL and we can forever and always trust that He will hold us fast.

When I fear my faith will fail
Christ will hold me fast
When the tempter would prevail
He will hold me fast
I could never keep my hold
Through life’s fearful path
For my love is often cold
He must hold me fast

He will hold me fast
He will hold me fast
For my Savior loves me so
He will hold me fast
#thelowlylife #letteringhislove

We find out who our little one is this afternoon and I’m feeling all the feels about it😭🙌🏻😆👏🏻🎉💛 It’s SUCH an exciting, long awaited day!

The votes on what we’re having are currently split. What do you think our baby will be?! #thelowlylife #sybilhelencosgrove

Home. Sweet. Home.😭🙌🏻 I don’t know if it’s just these pregnancy hormones or what, but I had some MAJOR home sickness while I was away this trip and I could not even wait to get back to my guy, our pup and our cozy place.
Thankful for such a sweet time with my family, but there’s just nothing like coming home!

Now please excuse me while I go sleep the day away. We drove through the night to beat traffic and this girls’ currently running on 2 hours sleep. ✌🏻#thelowlylife #makewavesmonday

How I’m feeling about Friday and being with this little squirt.
I’ve missed my niece so ridiculously much!

It’s one heck of a happy weekend over here💛 #thelowlylife #auntielife

Said goodbye to my hubby and pup today😭

Going on a little road trip with my family to KC for my brother in laws’ graduation from seminary this weekend!

I absolutely h a t e taking trips without Jay and I’ll miss him something fierce, but I’m SO excited about seeing my seester, getting my hands on my sweet niece, visiting my hometown and just soaking up this time with family.

Clearly I’ve got the good stuff packed for the car ride. I didn’t sleep a wink last night though, so most likely today’s stretch will be nothing but😴

Prayers for safe travels for me and my family would be so appreciated! #thelowlylife

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