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Well this just happened! Love Song Events & Photography Inc. is now a resident of Old Town Temecula! We will still be working very closely with Baby Bound in Canyon Lake California however, we have out grown our space there and needed something much larger. This cute studio became available and we jumped on it! I've waited almost 6 years for my own studio so today is a very good day friends!! Wish me luck as @decked_out_designs and I revamp this beauty next week!!! I am beyond blessed to now have Cari on our Love Song Team!

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You will be forever missed beautiful mama!
FOREVER LOVED SESSION: UPDATE ON MEGAN ZIPPERER - Megan was diagnosed with stage 3 Adnecarcinoma of the cervix (AKA Cervical cancer)

Tonight, I am broken for another family who lost their loved one far too soon. Megan was just 25 years old given months to live that turned into weeks after being diagnosed with . She was, what I would call, a real life southern belle. Her blonde hair was beautiful and her blue eyes shone like diamonds. She had a laugh that was infectious and the ability to make anyone feel better even while she was the sick one. She was priceless.
Megan and I connected a few months ago when she was nominated for a documentation. My flight was booked for next week and we were ready to make precious moments that her family could forever hold on to. I had a list of about 40 things she wanted to tackle for them and I was ensuring that we would get them all done.
Megan believed in Jesus. She would tell me, "Lindsey you just watch out because YOU are about to document a miracle! I believe I will be healed." Megan was so excited for her vow renewal. A vow renewal which was supposed to happen next weekend. She clung to the little moments in life and prayed fervently for a miracle.
Today Megan took her last breath here on Earth and took her first breath with Jesus.... The blessing in all of this is that she is no longer in pain. Some would argue that she never got her miracle, but I beg to differ. I believe Megan's goal was to lead people to Christ and to show people God's love. Her love for God was always on display and her actions were so pure. Megan took her story and used it for God's glory. She allowed hundreds from around the world to pray for and love on her. She taught them to accept a situation they could not change.
Please respect this family as they grieve and pray for them tonight. When the family is ready to receive the blessings of kind words, meals or other gestures, I will be sure to let you all know. Until then please be sure to leave them a loving comment below.
Megan will forever be watching over her beloved husband and three beautiful children.

I am disgusted!! Never in the 6 years of owning my company, Love Song, did I think I would be posting something to this degree of plagiarism on my company's Facebook page. I have worked so very hard to maintain the credibility and integrity of my company and foundation. My heart is set on helping people and documenting real life. I stand for what is right regardless of how many heads I may turn, I stand for the truth and I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT MY CLIENTS WELL-BEING, THEY ARE MY HIGHTEST PRIORITY. On Sunday June 18th I started to receive messages about a woman in North Carolina, Nancy Lilley using pirated images of my still birth client Monroe Faith. Monroe passed in 2014 at 38 weeks in utero and her story was the highest featured story on behalf of Love Song, with over 91 million views, touching hearts across the globe. This shamelessly evil and corrupt woman in North Carolina started a funding account with my deceased client's images, made key chains with her photo on them, had a service for this "so called" stillbirth of her's and her husband's, cropped out my logos and lied to her friends, neighbors and family. I have contacted this woman personally to speak about this situation and have heard nothing. I have been told that "Nancy" has since suffered from "another stillbirth" this time a son. She has deleted her Facebook. I was also told by a close friend of the family that the husband is a truck driver and was not aware of all that has transpired with her "so called" 1st pregnancy. Suspicion started to arise after the second stillbirth and I was notified. As a mother I am horrified, as a business owner I am shocked. I'm truly amazed at the lengths people will go to, to make a dollar. Our attorneys will be handling this situation from here forward. If you see the woman featured below- SHE DID NOT GIVE BIRTH TO THIS BABY! DO NOT GIVE HER MONEY! DO NOT GIVE HER EVEN A SECOND OF YOUR TIME! I am baffled that someone has the audacity to do something so cruel, unethical and unprincipled. Sweet Monroe is LOVED by her parents. Visit our Facebook page for the real Monroe's story.
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Harlow got fed by the cutest little helper today at the love song photo shoot thank you so much @lindseylvesong !! ❤️❤️ can't wait to see the photos #thelovesongfoundation #hopeforharlow

Miss Nicolette ♡
She told me she wanted to be a doctor's and I could call her "Nikki McStuffins." I just love this kid!
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Off to Texas and then Baton Rouge to grant a few wishes and document some extreamly courageous individuals!!!! Pray for safe travels!
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God is so good y'all! Meet Deanna. 6 years ago she was one of our very first maternity sessions. Deanna and her husband Joe prayed and waited nearly 10 years for a child. In 2011 she became pregnant with their baby boy Tristan. I was able to photograph and capture his handsome debut! Now here we are 5 years later with Deanna about to give birth to their baby girl Taylor...Thanks to IUI treatments (Intruterine Insemination). Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman's uterus to facilitate fertilization. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance offertilization. Science it's just remarkable!

Please join with me today in praying for this mama and growing baby Taylor. She will make her mark on this world in 7 weeks!!! Deanna and Joe, Thank you for allowing me the opportunity once more to photograph your beautiful family. ♡

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Meet my precious niece Olivia Gracelyn!! She was born at 36 weeks, weighing 5pounds 8oz! Miss Olivia is now 11 days new and perfectly healthy. Thank you Jesus for blessing one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world with this heavenly miracle.
Auntie LOVES YOU!!!!!! #lovesongphotography #lovesongeventsandphotography #teamlovesong #weareteamlovesong #thelovesongfoundation #familyphotographer
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Meet Alexis-
Yay!!! Yesterday was a great day. We got to enjoy 16 year old Alexis fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer!

Her mom wrote: Look who we got to spend time with.
Alexis still isn't at 100 % yet so we are hoping that she will be feeling great tomorrow to take some beautiful pictures. Lindsey and her sister are amazing and we are so glad they are here spending some time with us.
You guys... I'm so excited about these pictures!!! Oh, and she brought Alexis all kinds of awesome gifts. Over all, It's been a pretty good day for our girl. Keep Alexis in your prayers tonight for no nausea and renewed strength for tomorrow's activities :) Update since: Alexis is feeling so much better and ready to rock and roll today! I will be sure to post pictures of our events later. Y'all have a wonderful day! And keep Alexis in your prayers.
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Precious boy. We will miss you.
Lord wrap your arms around them today.

Last night after finishing my sessions I laid down to write and check on Christie. Within minutes my phone rang. I knew this was the call. I answered it and instead of saying hello I said, "NO friend! Please don't tell me.." All I heard was sobbing.
She was broken holding onto her baby. I was helpless, there was absolutely nothing I could do to comfort my friend. Together we sat in silence and cried.

Monday- 9:45am...9:59am...11:40am Backspace, delete, write....uggghhhh try again. I start writing and then draw a blank. I go from wanting to share everything about Aydain to typing nothing. For 4 hours, I have tried so hard to come up with the words that would help explain the pain that so many hearts feel in this moment. I feel like there is nothing that will come out of my mouth that will touch on this precious boys life. Sweet 6 year old Aydain Dammer who was battling Neuroblastoma fights no more. One may say that he lost his battle to cancer...However, I prefer to say that he won. Aydain wins by being with our Lord Almighty.
What is Heaven like, little man? You spoke about it many times before you left. Aydain we knew you were ready. We knew you were holding on for your family. We knew you were tired, your body hurt and your little tummy couldn’t take anymore. You let me create many priceless moments for your Mommy and Daddy. I want you to know that they miss you so much. Your last words to your Mommy were "I love you." I know she finds comfort in that, buddy. Last night, your Daddy and Mommy just sat in your bed and cried. It is so quiet without your giggles. Only hours since you left and it already feels like a lifetime. You sent me this video when we granted your Beach wish. I've watched it over and over again, it displays your personality perfectly! You loved to love!
You were and forever will be a hero to your brothers and your sissy's best friend. Please visit your family in their dreams and light them with your love.
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FOREVER LOVED SESSION: Update on Aydain Dammer.
It has been four days since I did my Facebook live. I still can't bear to watch it because I was so emotional about this weak little boy. Just to know that you have friends out there that are going through the darkest hour of their lives seems impossible. Today I was able to be with this sweet boy. For those of you that do not know Aydain's story- he is 6 year old little boy fighting Neuroblastoma. Christie and David, Aydain's parents, asked me to be the spokesperson for their family. Unfortunately Aydain is fighting a battle that he has no control over. Although his precious little body is shutting down his heart continues to beat and fight for the ones he loves the most. Christie and David have assured Aydain that it is okay to let go. His belly is swollen yet his sweet little face is still ever so precious. His hands are soft as silk. I took pictures of him today so I could preserve his perfect freckles. We recorded Aydain's heartbeat so his family will have that to replay over and over again. At this time the Dammer's have decided to remain in the hospital until Aydain is called to Heaven. Please respect their privacy as they are not wanting visitors at this time. They are doing their very best to balance the needs of their other children and Aydain's needs during these unbearable moments.
Many of you have contacted me in regards to how you can help this family. And I most definitely have an answer! Set aside from giving to their youcaring account if you wish to send them a gift card for food or gas it would be much appreciated.
Love Song Foundation (Aydain)
Po box 2229
Menifee CA 92585
Thank you for loving on this family. Your words, your prayers, and your thoughts do not go unseen. Feel free to leave them a message in love. They will absolutely be reading!

I will be sure to update on Aydain and my other clients via Instragram- lindseylvesong

To watch Aydain's entire story and wish fulfilled by us go to our facebook!
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At a loss for words... I remember running as a child and falling. When my back hit the ground I could barely breathe. My mom ran over to me and told me to remain calm. She said I had the wind knocked out of me. It was hard for me to speak let alone breathe. This morning my dear friend Christi, Aydain's mama, called me to give me the results of her son's scan. I feel as if I am a little kid again with the wind knocked out of me...Only this time I didn't fall. I will update in detail on 6 year old Aydain later but for now he needs your prayers.

Please pray for this sweet boy! Please pray that Aydain's pain is manageable. I absolutely hate you cancer! You will never have victory over the people that I love. -lindseylvesong

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YAY!! It's time to celebrate you ladies! Mama & Me mini's Sunday April 23rd & Sunday April 30th! OUR LOCATION IS PERFECTION!!!
Click the link to book your session, I'll see ya there!
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This is Ashlynn and my youngest Nicolette. Ash is 6 years old fighting leukemia. She gave Nicki this superwoman mask and said that she could fly with it on. Nicolette told me it's the best gift EVER and she wears it every night.
I'll be sharing this sweet girls story soon on our Facebook page. In the meantime please keep her in your prayers. .
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When your 10 year old asks if she can put this life size image of you from your most recent event in her new room. 😉😉😉 She still think I'm pretty cool. .
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TEAM ASHLYNN! She is a 6 year old beauty queen fighting ALL leukemia. Please keep her in your prayers. Nicolette (my youngest) and I sure had fun today photographing her!
Check out our facebook page next week for her entire story.

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Meet 3 year old Maddie who's about to be a BIG sister! I've been photographing her for years and I must say she ROCKED her Easter Lamb session.
Just too cute! Happy Sunday to y'all.
Crown by: @sweetstemsflorist

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THAT ONE TIME YOU PHOTOGRAPHED A STUNNING MAMA TO BE AT ONE EPIC LOCATION! You were quite the model Mimi. Love'n my job today and everyday. - Lindsey

Crown by: Sweet Stems Florist LLC

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51 sessions later ladies and gentlemen...Easter mini's are in the bag!! Little Oliver was quite the model!
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Their precious miracle will be making an entrance very soon. We all can't wait to meet you little Bo Oliver.
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