Today is my night to do the work that fulfills me the most and amazingly enough I have pulled the Heart Chakra Card and the Harmony Card for tonight’s readings. I hope you all enjoy it and that it finds those with whom these messages resonate with the most. The Heart Chakra card’s key word is “I Love” and appropriately so because this Chakra represents unconditional love, compassion, harmony (the second card I pulled), relationships and healing. It is the link between your heart, mind, body and soul. By balancing this Chakra you allow healing energy to get through and flow freely. You achieve this by loving yourself first and foremost, and then in turn you are able to love others as well. It will also allow you to learn forgiveness and will attune you with Spirit. Balancing this Chakra may take a while but it is imperative that you do so slowly and by allowing plenty of time, you can master the art of love in all its forms. The second card I pulled is Harmony and signifies that a Deep and spiritual love, partnership, union and/or initiation is taking place at this time and will manifest in the near future. This can pertain to either a love, platonic or business relationship. For this particular reading, because the Heart Chakra Card is present, this reading pertains more to a romantic relationship. Spirit is calling on you now to make decisions in regards to certain relationships in your life. Bonds that you may be forming with others are really about who you are and are meant to be mirrors reflecting back to you what you need to see and become aware of. Within every relationship we experience, there is a lesson to be learned and it is time to ask questions such as what you are learning, what new qualities you are developing because of this relationship? Is it for your highest and best good? You get the picture. If you’ve experienced hurtful situations in past relationships, now is the time to re-examine those moments that have shaped who you are today and how you love yourself and others. Work through those emotions and release them to the universe and into Spirits loving arms. (Cont’d Below in Comments)

It’s #TarotEverday Today's Cards July 17th The Lovers + The Wheel Of Fortune = I overcome all obstacles in my life. I am evolving. #TheLovers card represents perfection, harmony, and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another means that they can overcome any situation in their life. The lovers signify intimacy in relationships. It can also signify the decisions we make and how our moral ground affects those particular choices. Communication is key as we share our feelings or make important decisions. We develop trust to build firm foundations for our future. Not just about relationships and sexuality (though very much so), The Lovers indicates when we're being called to make a moral or ethical choice—eat the apple or walk away. 🍎💭 Honoring your personal beliefs and philosophies is a major theme with The Lovers. We've all heard that we must love ourselves in order to be open to receiving love from others, and The Lovers remind us of this concept. 💗💜💗
And of course, spiritual sexual union with another is a cornerstone of the human experience. 😉 #TheWheelofFortune, "I am Changing". The Wheel of Fortune (although it sounds Great!) can be a very Awkward and Ambiguous Card to read, it's very subjective. Sometimes you're Riding the Wheel and Sometimes you're Ground to Dust under it. This Card is about the Law of Returns. It can mean good things happening and luck turning around OR a warning to batten down the hatches and get ready for a storm. When this Card appears, the Eye of the Wheel is fixed upon you. Call it Fate, Call it Destiny, Call it Whatever the hell you want but don't be surprised to see a Change, of Course, coming your way. Something big and that you'd least expect. Whatever happens to you during this time; Good, Bad or Somewhere in between, know that it is bringing you closer to your Life's purpose.
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this piece has totally captured my attention today...... i could post a lot of pics from moma, but this one is just.... a special one. 😎 #TheLovers #OilOnCanvas #ReneMagritte #Surrealism #TheFirst #Variations #Art #Painting #Kiss #Veils #Lovers #Mystery #TwoFigures #Provoking #Intriguing #Moment #Thoughts #Artwork #MoMa

Thoughts on the Lovers card over on the blog. ⠀
Also I think the Lovers from the Next World Tarot (one on the left) is my absolute favourite lovers card.⠀

Other decks in this photo: Linestrider Tarot, Cosmos Tarot, Wildwood Tarot, Steampunk Tarot and Lumina Tarot

Mujer, yo hubiera sido tu hijo, por beberte 
la leche de los senos como de un manantial, por mirarte y sentirte a mi lado y tenerte. - Pablo Neruda .
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Day 17 of the #powerfullywild challenge by @purefield.healing

What is the relationship between my inner child and my inner wild woman?

Five of Cups + The Lovers

I first pulled only one card, the Five of Cups. It is the same card I got for Day One of this challenge for the nature of my inner wild woman. I think they are both damaged and neglected in their own ways, but they share that intense survival ability. I'm not sure they always know what to make of each other and could use some integrating.

For further clarification I decided to look at the foundation card, and it was The Lovers. This is a card I personally struggle with, but I was actually really happy to see it here. My husband always tells me how freely I give my love to the people and animals around me -- despite all the damage I've experienced and work each day to repair, I am still full of love. It's at the core of who I am.
Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall, U.S. Games ©1991
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The Lovers shows a naked couple with an angel floating above, symbolizing the radiance of new love. This card is about more than love though, it can represent any kind of union or the blinding perfection of anything new. The Lovers encourages examining your feelings, options, motives, and personal values before making a difficult choice. This card can also represent finding or establishing a belief system and viewing obstacles as blessings in disguise.

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Eternally bound. #tarot #thelovers #lamoureux

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