The October wildfires brought our community together through love, and it has only grown since. 📷: @adamdecker #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke .
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Lots of love tonight. I exchanged stories and hugs with strangers about the fires 7 months ago at our Community Strong Wednesday Night Market. I’m so proud to be a board member for such a great community. #santarosastrong #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #communitystrong #santarosa #shoplocal #eatlocal #whatdayisit #winewednesday #sunglasseshidetears

It’s almost been a year since the fires struck and took most of Santa Rosa. I’ll never forget that night.. being trapped surrounded by flames. I come out to fountain grove (one of the areas that burned the most) and just look at the regrowth of life already spreading. Taking a breath. And being thankful to be here. 💜 #sonomacountystrong #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #sonomacounty #kawasakizx6r #wildfire #sonomacountyfire2017 #fountaingrove #mammamotto #motovlogger

Saw some happiness driving through Coffey Park today. Tons of wildflowers springing up, signs of love from the community, and some rebuilding... #coffeypark #santarosa #santarosastrong #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #sonomacounty #sonomastrong #rebirth #wildflowers #love

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be”
This was one of the wedding gifts we had at my moms house. Luckily we were able to salvage it from the debris. It is just a little more special now even though it is bent and burnt.
#sonomastrong #tubbsfire #santarosafire #fromashcomeslove #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #weddinggift #cawedding16 .
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🔥October 8th 2017 🔥🔥I awoke in the middle of the night to a natural disaster that would change our lives. This is a place I know well, I was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. That day changed things forever. The fires started and quickly spread to burn more than 20,000 acres over night arriving right outside my kitchen window, there for my eyes to witness. Over the rest of the month the fires continued to burn out of control connecting and growing . Leaving all of us scared and feeling helpless as the fires gobbled up homes, businesses and natural treasures without discretion. By the end of the disaster 43 people had lost their lives, 36,000 acres had burned and 9,900 structures burned 2,834 of those were homes in my hometown Santa Rosa California. By the time the fires were put out in late October our little town and surrounding natural beauty was forever changed. Now 6 months later things feel different. The Earth 🌏 has its own cycle and its own wisdom. After fires, 🌱new growth comes to regenerate. This is certainly true in the hills that surround me. My step dad Glenn McCrea @glennmccreaphoto has been going out and hiking in the burn zones through out this winter and spring. Documenting the way the earth has been healing itself. I wanted to share these images today on 🌏 Earth Day as a tribute to the power of our our planet and it’s amazing ability to heal and transform itself. 🌏 Happy Earth Day #sonomastrong

People breathing air in California, get these supplies and take them: Slippery elm lozenges, elderberry syrup or lozenges, cilantro and turmeric pills, and Vitamin C. Saunas, going swimming, and drinking tons of water will also help your body detox the toxins it's constantly taking in. Up your intake of antioxidants and anti inflammatory foods like dark leafy greens, blueberries, cherries, mushrooms, mango, etc. Love you all. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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#throwbackthursday I know it’s still so real for many who are still recovering but I finally feel I can post about the north bay firestorm back in October. I have never been so scared in my life, I didn’t fall asleep that night as the wind on the hills were howling with intensity. Just as I started to drift off, I was startled by a neighbors car alarm blaring, soon followed by the fire department driving down the street on the loud mic saying calmly but promptly “evacuate”. I looked out my back yard and saw the hill glowing deep with red. Knowing things had gotten bad, First thing I did was cram my fur babies into their kennels and into my car. then their food and a few other small things not really knowing the full severity of the situation. The next day while attempting to sleep at my grandmothers 7 miles away, we were again under evacuation. The next two weeks I camped in my tent at my great grand-parents in there yard and then in my grandmothers RV. Scared, sad and filled with defeat and feelings of defenselessness. Sorrow and anxieties lingered as I learned many lost there homes and a few lost their lives. Fortunately for myself the fire stopped within 1/4 mile in all directions from my home and my pets and myself were safe. While I was lucky, many on my street and community were not. After the intense two weeks of hard, long, draining hours from all the volunteers and committed first responders, we were finally able to go home. The smell driving through the fire zone after was like nothing I ever smelled before, my once favorite smell of campfire now made me sick to my stomach and filled me with grief. I still find myself riddled with anxiety every time I smell wood smoke. Be kind, you don’t know everyones story in life but thanks for taking the time to read mine. #sonomacounty #sonomastrong #befiresafe #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke ##northerncalifornia #wildfire #thankyoufirstresponders

SF Bay Area friends - you can help with the North Bay fire recovery in our public lands! Volunteers for Outdoor California, a trail maintenance and construction volunteer group, is focusing their 2018 season on working in parks that were damaged by the firestorm. If you use and love our local trails in the North Bay, consider volunteering a day or a weekend to work on rehabbing our awesome parks. Link in my profile for more info or to register for upcoming projects. I've volunteered with them a few times and they're an awesome group of folks! See you out there!

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What feels like the end is often the beginning.... This day has been looming over me for 6 months. The day our home, our memories, our things, our previous life is scraped away. Scraped to the skeleton of what once was. Taken away for good. I was fearful I wouldn’t be able to let go. Or faced with actually having to let go. Forced to move on as the trucks drove off with a piece of me. I wondered what it would look like. How I would react. But as life would have it, my trip to Oregon had been extended. Missing the day I feared the most. I was just where I was supposed to be this day. With my horses. Focusing on the present and all the good and new in my life. It all worked out just as it was supposed be. Good bye Henno Rd. Thank you for the memories. You will be forever missed. This ‘home’ will forever have my heart. .
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🏡 Just under 18 months ago I got the privilege of finding the perfect home for my client in fountain grove. She was relocating from Southern California to be closer to family. Due to the devastating wildfires my client lost her home. Today we officially SOLD the lot and begin the start of a new chapter. This client of mine is my 87 yr old grandma. So this transaction has been extra special for me for obvious reasons. 🏡 .
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I love my #coffeystrong shirt! Get yours at coffeystrongtogether.com. All the proceeds help towards rebuilding the Coffey Park neighborhood. #coffeystrong #coffeystrongtogether #rebuild #community #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #sonomacounty #tipsyinsonoma

We found this beautiful display of #sonomastrong graphic design works. #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #santarosastrong #sonomaproud

Such an honor to help out Jose Jr. get to his study abroad program! @funnnorthbay
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This photo is worth 1,000 words... featuring a very happy, very muddy sunny and in the background the demolished remains of 90% of Middle Ranch. The last of the remaining burnt structures were are being carted away this week and with them the charred remains of the home of so many wonderful horses and their owners. ^
The rain came and the charred trees are green again. Grass covers the valley and the creek is running for the first time since last spring. #gonebutneverforgotten #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke #equestriancommunity #sylmarstrong #creekfire #wewillrebuild

Saw this at a job today and had to stop and think.... Its crazy how this reminds me of Oct 8th and how insane everything was. How people lost everything. I try not to be materialistic but I also recognize sentimental value. Just like this car... This junk couldve been a beater or somebody's baby. #sonomastrong #theloveintheairisthickerthanthesmoke

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