Day 170: So today I went climbing with my dad, Sofia, and Katelyn in Las Conchas. We got in a pretty good number of climbs and had a blast as we tried routes most of us had never done before. I got destroyed by a 5.11b and couldn’t top a 5.12b. The 5.12b was an accident, I need to train ropes more before I try it again, my endurance is terrible. Other than that, the day was such an amazing way to say farewell to summer break. The day kept me busy and away from the sadness of starting classes back up, but I think I am ready now.

It’s #WorldPhotographyDay and I’m headed home after 9 days in Iceland, a place I had long only dreamt of getting to photograph. This is an old favorite from the state I’m returning home to at the moment, but don’t worry I’ll be sharing some of the 4,000+ photos from Iceland as soon as I get through ‘em. 😅
This medium is the most accessible art form on the planet nowadays, and seeing the ways it has shaped who I am and how I can contribute to the world I believe there is a great deal of power in this beloved medium. It can teleport you through time and space, open your eyes to the world, teach you to imagine more, and so so much more. I hope the work I make does at least a little of this for you. •

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Whatcha lookin at? Model: @fire.cherry

We may not be the city that never sleeps but we are the land that never fails to enchant.

Definitely feeling the wanderlust now that summer is coming to an end and my last year of undergrad starts tomorrow. 😅
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Almost that time of year again! #thelobolife

Welcome home, Lobos. Let's make this a year of unforgettable memories and adventure! #thelobolife 📸: @ehan.jihye

Day 169: I’m posting pretty late tonight, mainly because I was hanging out with Dominic for a good while. It was nice to have some one on one time with such a rad friend. I probably shouldn’t be up this late though. I’m headed pretty early to go climbing tomorrow. I really am stoked to get on some real rock finally ❤️

attention to detail -ll-||• #thelobolife #unmsaap

A l p h a b e T e b a h p l A

The last photo from this lovely session 🍃 If you want to see the rest of this session, check out my Facebook page. Link in my bio!🌻
Hair and makeup: @styles_bynaomi
#loslunasphotographer #loslunas #valenciacounty

Go check out my photography page for more of this beautiful SUMMER session 💚
Hair and makeup: @styles_bynaomi
#liveloslunas #loslunasphotographer

Hair and makeup: @styles_bynaomi

the bunny slopes are my jam ••• #thelobolife #unmsaap

It's sunsets like these that make this place unforgettable. #thelobolife 📸: @freedomwaffle

interesting addition to the unm campus [ll\• #unmsaap #thelobolife

Day 168: To be rather honest, I’m pretty stressed about this semester starting on Monday. I’m worried I’m gonna have a bunch of crappy classes and professors again. For the third semester in a row. I’m trying to stay positive though, it’s a bit of a struggle. There is still some hope that this semester will turn out, I am definitely clinging to that. I know this isn’t the most up beat post ever but I just want to keep this daily post thing honest.

• We are each a unique leaf🍃, belonging to the same tree. 🌲 oh yeah and Go Bo’s 🐺🐾•
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So blessed and honored to have had the privilege to be apart of such a magnificent program. Working alongside these amazing scholars to help students become acquainted with UNM couldn’t have gone any better. I’m very glad for the friendships made. Because nobody gets a second chance to make new old friends. Im very thankful for the Pro staff for guiding us and helping us grow and learn in so many ways. Here’s to all the progress we’ve made since we started. I sure am going to missing this. So proud to be a Lobo.❤️•

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