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Happiness is when a @shakeshack opens less than 2 miles from your house 🍴🍔#shakeshack #answeredprayers #yum #thelittlethingsinlife #mineistheplainone

Burgundy eyes (AKA) "Burgundy-eyes". #simplygorgeousbyerin

One of the little, insignificant things I'm looking forward to: putting seasonal wreaths up on our front door. #extraordinaryALX #thelittlethingsinlife

Missing mornings in Manhattan. 💗
Starting Monday with some inspo courtesy of Carrie Bradshaw: 👉🏼 "So maybe it won't look like you thought it would in high school, but it's important to remember that love is possible. Anything is possible. This is New York." 🙌🏼
NYC is a state of mind. Take that in your pocket and run with it all week long. Anything is possible. It just starts with you making up your mind that it really is. 👊🏼 Now I'm off to get a venti cos helloooooo, Monday! ☕️
♡ ♡ ♡
#nyc #newyork #newyorkcity

Happy birthday, dad! If you hadn't been born, I wouldn't be here, and we know how tragic that would be for the world. // In all seriousness though -- thanks for loving and supporting me and being the best and (mostly) coolest dad I know. You have neato tattoos and people say I look like you, so we've got that goin for us. ❤️😘 #worldsbestdad #favoriteoldestdaughter #happybirthdaydad

Too cute...💌💕
I have some pretty good people in my life..
Thank youu Allan Martinez!! What a guy.. #blessed #grateful #thelittlethingsinlife

Wax seal beauty ☁️ ⠀
Hoy doy gracias por: ⠀
• La persona que encontró mi cartera en el estacionamiento de kroger y la devolvió a servicio al cliente.⠀
• Por la persona de servicio al cliente que se tomó el tiempo de buscar mi información en la pc y llamarme para recoger mi cartera.⠀
• Por la persona que me vio con las manos llenas de bolsas y se ofreció a ayudarme a cargarlas.⠀
• Por las personas que en ocasiones toman el carrito de compras y dicen "no te preocupes yo lo pongo de regreso"⠀
¡ A todas ellas gracias! de parte de una Mamá de dos que siempre anda a las prisas 💕⠀

Did a 5am hike with my mom this morning so we could watch the sunrise. She's been collecting heart rocks for years. Here's another one for her collection. ❤️ 🌅


"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life"
And the #thetaV brings all those little details to life like never before.

Was able to catch this gorgeous sunrise this morning on my way to work!
It amazes me at how much beauty this world 🌎 has to offer!
We live our lives day to day..on the go..constantly moving.
But we never take the time to appreciate the beauty that stands right in front of us.
#beautifulsunrise #morningdrives #beautybeforemyeyes #thelittlethingsinlife #appreciatelife

Recycled paper with deckled edges and tiny gold foil leaves for these delicious reception menus. 🤤👀
Quite an unique look since all the details are handmade.

Trying to get back to normal routine and life after Hurricane Irma! Finding beauty in all the little things. Praying for Texas and Florida and for those who really endured more. #igers #igersjax #afterthehurricane #beauty #thelittlethingsinlife #onlyinduval #jax #florida

Когато бях малка откъснах цвете и го поставих във ваза. След няколко дни то умря. Попитах мама защо, а тя ми отговори: "Не можеш да накараш цвете да вирее в среда, на която то не принадлежи."
Сега осъзнах, че и с хората е така.
#малкитенеща #цвете

When I was little I picked up a flower and put it in a vase. After a few days, it died. I asked my mom why and she said: "You can't force a flower to thrive somewhere it doesn't belong to."
And now I have realized that people are like that too."
#thelittlethingsinlife #flower

Its always going to be moments over mountains for me.

Treasure those special ladies in your life 💕💕

It's all about those finishing touches... For this client we produced a guest brochure to accompany his beautiful guest apartment

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