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Your heart and soul, documented is how i often describe my sessions. They take place in your home, where you teach your littles and where your heart is on display in the routines and decor. I adore seeing how each mom uses her unique talents to run a home, like this bucket list display from the amazing @thejuniperblog. Such a fun way to dream of adventures with your kids and reflect on all the wonders of each season. I’m so taking and using this one in our family! What are some routines and ideas you use around your home? What’s on your winter family bucket list? .
From a recent in-home session. Book your own heart and soul session today. DM me for a the details.

↟ yaiza, spain - palmtrees everywhere around

Ice day baby clinic is open for business. 😂

It’s a rare Alabama snow day over here! #growjackgrow

How well do you sleep? 💭 Growing up, and well into my student days, I could sleep up to 12 hours a night, every night. That changed last year when I got into a rut of late nights and early mornings 💤 Working for myself certainly took its toll too. In December last year I decided to get serious about my sleep - I mean, I do it 33% of the time - reviewing my sleep space and my bedding. I’ve since improved it by switching to a @leesasleepuk mattress 🌿 Their green initiatives and B-Corp status made them the best option for me. If you’re looking to switch, head to my blog for a full review and £80 off the Leesa mattress ✌🏻 #ad

Ah, Tuesdays. I love Tuesdays. It’s the only day of the week when James takes Juni to school and picks up both girls after their after-school activities, meaning that after I get Ella on the bus at 8:15, I have a full day to dial down on work in a blissfully quiet house. Today I’m testing a new recipe and editing the “first review” of my book, which is now fully designed and formatted (!!). Right now I'm savoring a silent post-lunch break with this rich frosted chocolate brownie, which I tested yesterday and will share with you soon. But for now, it’s all mine. 😉😋 #fromscratchfast #glutenfree #dairyfree #naturallysweetened
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(shot by @livingwiththelins)
‘‘he is falling in love with breathing the air through his longs - with live.’’

It’s PAAAAYDAAAAAY!! 🙌🏻 I popped to the shops as soon as I finished work (braving the snow) to buy some gorgeous boots I’d seen and then got there and they were out of stock 😒 I did, however pick up some gorgeous wire baskets from Sainsbury’s to sort out my current Lush basket which is overflowing ✌🏻

When you want to be the banker but don't actually know the rules...


I am originally from upstate NY and totally know the difference between frost and snow. My littles on the other hand are true Floridians. This morning when we left for school, it was 28 degrees, and a thick blanket of frost beautifully covered the ground in white. My two oldest were ecstatic that it "snowed" in FL. Did I tell them it was just frost? HECK NO!!! They've been wishing and praying for snow here in Florida, how could I crush that dream?

P.S. I'm absolutely ok with this "white" lie. (see what I did there? ;D)

Here are easy step-by-step instructions that will make the daunting task of cleaning and organizing your refrigerator that much easier to accomplish!⠀

Every single item in there - including all removable shelves and drawers.⠀

Now that your fridge is void of all shelves and food, start by cleaning the inside of it with warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. Once you’ve got that out of the way, do the same with your shelves and drawers, then dry everything with a clean dishtowel and pop those shelves and drawers back in.⠀

As you are placing things back in your fridge, check to make sure they aren't expired! This is the perfect time to toss anything that you will not (or can not) use.⠀

By adding “clean out the fridge” to your regular cleaning routine weekly, or bi-weekly, you’ll be able to keep on top of what’s in there, thus eliminating the need for another good deep clean for a while.

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Uma das resoluções da Teresa, para este ano, foi voltar ao Gym. 💪🏻

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