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The kind of problem we all can be ok having. A #plant_problem.
A window at Selwyn College. One of the first Cambridge University colleges to become mixed when women were admitted from 1976. It's crazy to think that this was just 40 some years ago!!
All packed and ready to go. At least us girls and the dogs (hair cut and baths -- can't have smelly dogs in the car 😜). Hubby hasn't packed a thing and he still needs to do an oil change. He said all that would take him 30 minutes. Hmm 😜😂
In America, we could do 12hrs drive no problem. Get in the high way, cruise control and make sure the car stays on the road. Here, 5hrs (or 260 miles) seem so far away! I don't know why. Maybe because we're rarely on the Motorway/Interstate and the A-roads (highways) can alternate between dual and single carriage ways. Or add a roundabout every two miles on that A-road. You accelerate to 70 mi/hr and then slow down again right before the roundabout. If you need to practice roundabouts, go to Milton Keynes!! You'll hit loads! Then as you get closer to your destination, the B-roads. These are country roads that maybe fit two cars. Most do, but on a few, cars would have to take turns. A 10 miles distance can mean a 20-30 minutes ride.
We may feel overwhelmed before the drive but once we get to our destination, it's all worth it.
Here's to a smooth and safe drive to one of UNESCO's newest World Heritage site!!
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#инструкцияКпарижуlucchezi Как правильно выбрать ресторан в Париже? Основное правило Хороших и вкусных мест - кухня открыта только на обед и ужин, в неурочное время могут предложить только напитки и лёгкие, нет, супер лёгкие закуски. по-русски - это сухомятка, но бывают исключения. Чтобы вычислить эти самые исключения, встаньте с потенциальным местом кормления, притворитесь, что ковыряетесь в носу и внимательно последите, что я подают людям и тогда есть шанс удачно подкрепиться.
Все остальные места, которые предлагают сервис целый день, можете считать туристическими, невкусными и не достойными вашего гастрономического внимания.
Обед традиционно с 12 до трёх, но в три вас уже могут и не посадить, сказать, что кухня закрывается
К Ужину рестораны обычно открываются к семи, особо правильные места предлагают две посадки в 07:30 и в 9:00.
Желать приятного аппетита в таких местах не принято, так что никакого вам Бон аппети в ленты, а бон дегустасьен, что означает хорошей дегустации 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂
How to chose the right restaurant in Paris? The main rule for good and tasty places - the kitchen is open for lunch and dinner only. Out of these hours only drinks and light, no, superlight snacks are served. Sometimes there are exceptions. To find out about these exceptions take a place near the restaurant, trying to look like you are just picking your nose while in reality looking to what customers are served. All other places which offer round-the-clock service are mostly touristic, not tasty and hardly worth your gastronomic attention. Lunch is traditionally served from 12 to 3pm, but at 3 there is a high risk that you won't be sitted. For dinner the restaurants usually open at 7pm. The most proper places offer two services - at 7.30 and at 09.00 and usually don't say "bon appétit" in this kind of places. So I'm not wishing you any bon appétit either. But I wish bon degustation, like the French put it.

We are a little obsessed with simple, beautiful and functional ceramics, and fell in love with these pieces the moment we saw them. Handmade in London by a Korean ceramicist, reinterpreting the simple, earthy and unconstrained style of traditional Korean pottery for a contemporary and modern sensibility, natural, simple and honest. You’ll find the full collection available now on the site, have a magical Friday all. ☕️✌🏻

I can say with all confidence that today is Friday! Ok, well I'm like 90% sure it's Friday 🤔 so... I'm just gonna go for it! 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Happy Friday! ✨

I've known all my life we would meet and that my soul is connected to yours for all eternity, my sweet, little blessings 🌿 / / Today I woke up energized, well rested, and 36 WEEKS PREGNANT!! You guys, this is huge for me; the longest I've ever been pregnant, and considered "term"! This means SO much weight is taken off my shoulders and that I can just relax until babe decides to come. No need for my multiple back up birth plans; now, I just plan for my homebirth and ONE back up birth plan. Of course, I know by now to be very flexible with labor and birth, but this is new territory for me; I have no fear and I could not be more excited and proud!! Plus, it's great that we have amazing hospitals here in Portland that work collaboratively with homebirth and birth center midwives, just in case there's any need to transfer. I've planned all outside of hospital births with my two before, but we could never make it past 36 weeks to be at the birth center. Thankfully, both my beautiful babes were healthy and just ready for unknown medical reasons. However, it still always bothered me moving forward thinking about having more babies because I want them to be safe and us to have the opportunity to labor and birth the way I would prefer. Well, here this squish and I are, 36 weeks and still going! 🙌🏼 This morning my midwife and team comes over for my first home prenatal visit, and guess what she's bringing over!! My birth tub!! Feeling good and looking forward to meeting this sweet soul. Happy, happy Friday, beautiful people!! .
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Back home in Tenterfield after our trip to the US and straight into work, shooting for the incredible @old_council_chambers . If you are looking for a weekend away head over to the @old_council_chambers feed ... Steve and Bianca are taking bookings, just direct message them. You won't regret it, this place is amazing.

En un principio, iban a ayudar las dos a hacer una ensalada de lentejas. Hasta que Sophie encontró donde se guardan las chuches en la despensa... y ahí quedó el intento. 🙄 #sophiebicho


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Kite chasers

the turtle bay one pots are sooo good 💋

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Happy weekend!

Trying to keep these alive 🌱🤞🏻

Moving furniture again! I love how simply moving a chair or a rug can make a room feel brand new. This chair has moved from my dinning room into my kitchen.

👆 My face now that the weekend is finally here. Phew what a week😑😜

S A T U R D A Y ~ it's a kind of flat lay! Who knows where today went. I'm not sure I brushed my hair & I need matchsticks for my eye lids. Everyone is clean and fed so I class that as a huge success!

Good morning friends! I hope you're able to relax today!

"One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years." 📸 Dior Photography

Getting the most important items ready for a week at the beach! Cold Sassy Tree is our next book club read, so I need to start and finish that one for sure. I've heard nothing but great things about Smith's "Ladie's Detective Agency" series, and I snagged this one at the friends of the library sale for a buck. And last but not least, I plan on rereading an old favorite - Madeleine L'Engle's "Walking on Water." If you're a creative and a believer in Jesus, it will inspire you to see and live your art in a whole new way.
I'm not gonna lie - I'm also headed to the library right now to pick up a few more. I'll share those in my stories today! What's been one of your favorite beach reads? #lauraslitlove

Stan the shop dog flat out .

This mansion is in my neighborhood and it stands out like the sorest of sore thumbs because we do not live in a mansion neighborhood but I think it's pretty anyway.

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