Chrome vinyl installed on our beautiful baby blue @hp (Dory) after testing our 2 different types of transfer tape (paper and clear covering). Paper was the "clear" winner!! Pun intended. Lol
I stopped the installation video early, as I knew it was going to be a struggle for me to remove the clear transfer tape off the design without destroying it. Many things help us determine what kind of transfer tape to use; color or thickness of vinyl, intricacy of design, or even retail usage.
This was a great example of the two different types. Thanks for watching and feel free to share!! *Sorry there is no voice over, no CC, and no we don't have rights to the music playing in the videos (that's just to help shadow over background noise, like our 2 cutters running)* @hp @pazzlescreativecutters @xactobrand @dvinedsign402 @thelifeofprice @certifiedbasshead @down4soundshop @uscutter1 #vinylbombtheworld #certifiedbasshead #hp #pazzles #thelifeofprice #down4soundshop #TransferRiteTape #

I like my bass like l like my women; BEEFY. Quality build by @autosoundsofbakersfield

We only fuck with that loud 👌💪 cuz shits on point trucks up next 🙏 #sundownaudio #sundown #sa12 #thelifeofprice #xspower #mechmanalternators #thatloud #letsgetit

I love car audio and giving away free product. This man won a 15” NVX VCW woofer via my FB April Fools giveaway. Be sure to follow me on FB and stay tuned for more giveaways across all of my social media accounts!

Someone please tag the man behind this build below so we can shake his hand 🤝 this is seriously impressive. NVX is definitely my favorite brand making this system all the more special 💙

If your subs are only as good as the box they are in, then these subs must sound amazing! What would would you fill this enclosure with? Comment below 👇 and give @tc_designs_ a follow 👥 if you like this custom work. I know I do!!

Order on the 22nd got it on the 24th thank u JP #downforsound #thelifeofprice

Just wanna say thank you to my man @thelifeofprice !!! The #1 thing I wanted to do while I was in Vegas was meet him and he did not disappoint, he is one of the nicest and most down to earth individuals, and a highly intelligent businessman. He is the reason I got into car audio and want to do it as a career, and today helped confirm my decision with that’s the route I wanna take!
#socksncrocs #down4sound #thelifeofprice

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