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It was so absolutely delightful to spend time with @susanotkids this weekend. Loved having a chance to meet her family too! ❤️ #chooseyourtribe #thelifeboss #confidencecatalyst #yourstorymatters

Behind the scenes: when your house is a construction zone? You realize the best place to do a live broadcast is in your newly tiled shower! Watch me chat about blogging with @stompsoftware & @chipgillespie from here today! #makeitwork #mskeithappen #workanywhere #thelifeboss

When @TypeBStudio joined me for Episode 9 of the podcast (which is live now, you should check it out!) I convinced her that we should do a webinar together. She has this magical way of making Google Analytics less terrifying. They are so helpful for your business - but only if you know how to use them and you're not afraid of them! Go to the site and sign up! TheLifeBoss.com - look for episode 9! #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #typebstudio

Black Kindle Paperwhite or White? Help! I can't decide! I only get to keep one. Which one should it be? #ilovemykindle #TheLifeBoss

When you decided to follow your passion, being a web designer wasn't part of the plan. However, it is a CRITICAL part of your business that you can't ignore! Want to make it easier? Get the 5DayDeal Bundle before it is GONE in just over 2 hours! Use Squarespace? That's ok! Have a site already? You can still use this! Not a photographer? It still applies to you! If you try to buy everything included later, it would cost you over $2400. Get it TODAY for only $87! You'd better be fast though - the deal ends SOON! http://christinetremoulet.com/5daydealweb - link in profile too! #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #risingtidesociety #savvybusinessowner

Today is #selfcaresunday and I'm about to paint my nails! Which color would you pick?! #thelifeboss #youareenough

My friend @sarahramsden_ joined me for a conversation on The Life Boss about how her diagnosis with a brain tumor and Multiple Sclerosis completely changed the trajectory of her life & career. She went from being a high-level graphic designer to becoming a nutritionist and a coach focused on helping her clients make the most of their second chance in life. Major health issues change more than medical records, they change YOU. You've fought a big fight, you deserve a BIG LIFE.She also shared tips on what we can all do to make ourselves healthier as entrepreneurs - tune in and learn more. Your health is the foundation of your business! #TheLifeBoss #BusinessBrilliantly #podcast

Roasted cauliflower at @coltivarehtx - I've been craving this all day! So delicious! With pine nuts and raisins. Magical. #houston #thisishouston #thelifeboss

I am so in love with these notebooks! Letterpress covers, gold, and the paper inside is so nice too. Trying to choose which one I want for my next #bulletjournal - aren't they gorgeous? You should pick one up at www.bestdayever.com - in the shop! Cutest notepads too - I'm getting the pink and the blue ones! #thelifeboss #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies


Today was a good day. A ton of hard work. Now to kick off the blogging & social media for photographers course sale!!! #bloggingbrilliantly #bloggingforphotographers #thelifeboss #thelifebosssociety

I’m just as guilty of this as everyone else. Yesterday, after a few price coaching sessions where I talked with people about how they *deserve* to be profitable; how just because they are using their talent to serve others, it is still ok to make money, I realized that I was doing it too. I was looking at my own project and letting my fear guide it, not my dreams. Well, that isn’t going to end well for anyone! Time to take my own advice and correct this situation! After all, what is the point of being your own boss if you’re not happy with your life as a result? #thelifeboss #prophotographer #photographyeducation

It is like the universe knows I’m about to launch The Life Boss Society for Photographers. Over & over, I keep seeing posts, hearing podcasts, reading articles, talking with friends about how their businesses are struggling, their lives are stressful, and they can’t figure out why. They don’t have a plan. They aren’t aware of what they bring to the table for their clients, and how they can use it to stand out. I can’t wait to dive in and help. Together, we will find where they want to go. It will be AMAZING! #thelifeboss #lifeofaphotographer #prophotographer #businessofphotography

Tonight I took some time to reflect on this day two years ago, when I learned I had a 100% heart blockage and needed 4 stents, plus 4 more 6 months later. Two years ago, I wanted Oprah to know me. Now? I’m not sure why that was so important. It isn’t now. Life has changed so much in two years. I’ve gone to war with depression, I’ve dealt with a chemical rollercoaster of the drug cocktail keeping me alive, I’ve faced fear, often. I am thankful for it. I’m learning to respect my time, my energy level. To have grace for myself, not guilt. To embrace the things I most love - photography & the power of the internet - and to forge ahead. Helping others capture what is most precious. More on the blog. #thelifeboss #communityovercompetition #gracenotguilt #youareenough #lifeofaphotographer #savvybusinessowner #heartdisease #heartdiseaseawareness #entrepreneurmindset #beingboss

You’re always saying you wished there were more hours in the day. Sunday, you’ll get one!* What are you going to do with it? More family time? A little self-care? Catch up on your editing? Write a blog post? Prep next week’s social media? Your wish is being granted, so what will you do? (PS - reset your clocks. No one wants to miss a meeting with a client!) *Unless you live in one of those smart states that doesn’t do the time change!
#daylightsavingstime #communityovercompetition #thelifeboss #lifeofaphotographer #creativeentrepreneur #savvybusinessowner

My view from my back porch office today! It is absolutely glorious outside. I can’t get enough of it! This is why I work for myself. There are tons of long hard hours at times, and it can be stressful, but the BENEFITS!!! Are you making the most of your work life? #thelifeboss #communityovercompetition #backporchoffice

Even though it's Sunday, I have so much to do, especially in regards of the my new blog and I am quite looking forward to working on my home office. 👩🏼‍💻🙇🏼‍♀️ I love my bright working space it feels so welcoming and relaxing at the same time that inspires me to do my new projects, 💡which about you will know in close future.
I hope everyone have a great Sunday!🤗
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Christine Tremoulet : Using the Power of Story to Book More Clients & Make More Money
As photographers and videographers, we know first hand the power of story in crafting our images. Are you using story to book more clients though?
All new course at Photodemy Com

#christinetremoulet #thelifeboss #powerofstory #moreclientsmoremoney
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Something is coming ... this logo was created for me based on my Pinterest design board. What do you think? #preparedtolaunch #thelifeboss #thelifebosssociety #savvybusinessowner

The past few days have been incredible. All the things I've been teaching for the past few years (and doing for nearly 20 years) are coming together in one beautiful, amazing package that I'll start offering to clients soon. I'm so grateful that I was able to share this journey with these beautiful people. #thelifeboss #thelifebosssociety #confidencecatalyst #youareenough #yourstorymatters

It was so absolutely delightful to spend time with @susanotkids this weekend. Loved having a chance to meet her family too! ❤️ #chooseyourtribe #thelifeboss #confidencecatalyst #yourstorymatters

My favorite part of flying is the fleeting mountains in the sky. An ever-changing landscape, that moment will never happen again. #thelifeboss #havegearwilltravel #somewhereovertexas

The wispy Gulf Coast clouds always make me happy. Nice end to a good day and a great trip. Somewhere on I-10, headed to Houston, with The Alternate Routes as the soundtrack for the moment. #havegearwilltravel #thelifeboss #thehappynow

Some days, when you're asked if you want to jump? You really need to say yes. #thelifeboss #johnmayer #neworleans

"Does anyone want to drive to New Orleans with me on Wednesday? I'm going to photograph #johnmayer." When I saw @trishbadger post that on Monday, I immediately volunteered. 48 hours later, I'm watching them flip the stage after the opening act. Sometimes, you need to say yes & make it happen. I still brought work with me, and I ran an AMA on blogging from the road, but for the next few hours? It's about the music. #thelifeboss #savvybusinessowner

A quick stop today at @alexandani and I have a new Wonder Woman cuff! 😍🙌🏻❤️ A treat for making a dream a reality with the launch of @TheLifeBossSociety 🎉#yourstorymatters #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #confidencecatalyst

Today is #selfcaresunday and I'm about to paint my nails! Which color would you pick?! #thelifeboss #youareenough

The Hero's Journey is the foundation of storytelling, or as I like to call it? Your storytelling sales strategy. The hero, your client, has a dilemma- and you, the guide, have the plan that will help them solve it. How are you establishing that you are the guide for them? How do you convey that your plan is the best & they should take the journey with you? #instatakeover 📷@christinebpc - #joshuatreenationalpark #yourstorymatters #youareenough

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