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~ 5-2-2018 ~ Tuesday ~ ~ First day teaching the Trinity course this year. ~ This is the third year I've taught this after school English class for middle schoolers. ~ Usually the first day they don't have their books, so I do a lesson with general introductory questions and then I give my English pronunciation lesson of words that begin with vowels or the letter "H". ~ Generally, Italians have a very difficult time with these words. They pronounce them with a Cockney accent by omitting the "H" sound on words that begin with "H". ~ This makes sense because in the very rare cases that there is an "H" at the beginning of an Italian word, it's mute, and within an Italian word "H" is used to modify the pronunciation of other letters rather than having a sound of its own. ~ The thing that I still don't understand, even after all these years here, is why, in general, many Italians tend to add an "H" sound to English words that begin with a vowel. eg; Italians say "Adulto" in Italian, but "Hadult" in English. Why??? It makes no sense. ~ (Looking at this photo, I see I have "Mute H" on the board, but I had erased that part of the lesson so I could list the words that become other words if the "H" is subtracted when it should be there or added when it shouldn't be. --In English the words that begin with a mute "H" are; hour; honest; honor/honour; heir, heiress, and heirloom; and their variations. (Hourly, honorable, etc...) In the US herb has a mute "H", but in the UK it isn't mute. Lastly, Hallelujah is sometimes Allelujah or Alleluia.) ~ The second photo is at home with My Bunny whom I love more than anything else in the universe.
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Some art for my up and coming ep ! Photography and art by @gnarkotik_arts1991 # Lucas # hay #eastcoastacoustic #theletterh #pittsburgh #albumart #acoustic #livingthedream

Stole Howard's new pens from @smiggle_uk Thought it only fair that I letter his initial with them! Quite pleased with how most of them turned out. All done free hand, but using Pinterest for a little inspiration! All the pens have a different scent, so it is one smelly piece of lettering! These pens are bullet tip and the shapes are created using pressure, just as you would with a calligraphy pen or a brush! You grab almost any type of pen and just have a go! Push hard on the downstroke and lightly and slowly on the way up and Ta Da! #handlettering #theletterh #brushlettering

Today is brought to you by the letter H everyone! #theletterh #hipflexors #childrensbookillustration #illustration

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What ever letter could I be? (I absolutely loathe the pens I’m working with) #day8 #personalchallenge #theletterh #abstract #handlettering #illustration

The #homwork challenge this week is to work on the mechanics of lettering and to take a single letter and do it in 16 different ways and styles. This was surprisingly hard and I hate all the letters if I have to focus on them 😂

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Learning about the letter H. House. Horse. Hippopotamus. Hummingbird. Hannah.
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#MCM @kingofbingo. Colman Domingo. Coming into 2018 slicing through the fat like Zorro. #FearTheWalkingDead #Strand #AssassinationNation #Dot. All being served to you by my friend, The best dressed man in Hollywood. **Don't @ me. There is no lie here.**
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Honeybee Man, Owen and I found this book at the library randomly last week. We started the letter H today so we were finding some letter H books. We read it for the first time today and really enjoyed it. Fred, is a honeyman who lives in Brooklyn, New York and he keeps bees on the top of his roof. This was a great story about the way bees make honey. I wasn’t quite sure if Owen was understanding, but we did different activities while reading - like counting the bees and I asked Owen lots of questions. At the end of the story I asked Owen who we thank for making honest and he goes, the bees! I say that’s comprehension in my book! 🐝 #OwengoestoTotschool #Owenlovesbooks

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