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West Lulworth, Dorset by @nicolinaiacob
The small village of West Lulworth is one of thatched cottages dating back 300 years surrounding the parish church. The original church was demolished in 1869 due to it being dilapidated. The present church, built of local stone taken from the Cove replaced it. There was once a mill, powered by water from a nearby spring. It was burnt down during the 19th century and all that remains of its existence is the Millpond.
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There's no better time than Fall to explore Clear Lake. It's so quiet, peaceful, and colourful! Excited to explore it over the next few weeks 🍃#discoverclearlake

Color by: @luke_jclark
Chosen by: @ashleysprankles
Location: Hong Kong
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Doesn't get much better than those fall evenings with camp fires, good views and better friends.

Morning stroll through the Olympics, soft light flooding the valley behind. It feels so good to be back in the mountains


I found peace in your violence.

and tonight I’m getting young drunk @thesmithstreetband

One of my favourite photographers. Ever. Period.


Morning views : Sept. 25th ❄️⛰

#utah #mtolympus #utahisrad #canon #canon5dmkiii

Todas las mañanas me levanto, me preparo para ir a la oficina y me tomo 5 min para ver que disco de hardcore voy a escuchar durante el viaje, porque el hardcore es mi musica favorita, forjo mi caracter, me dio mis mejores amigos, me enseño a no creer en politicos y me dio letras que me ayudan a entender los momentos que a veces me cuestan digerir.

Frank “skip” Candelori (rip) escribio Broken cuando yo todavia no me sabia sonar la nariz, hoy a los 32 años la tomo como propia.

Gracias Frank por la inspiracion y Lucia por la foto.

Why must it be this way?
The trust we built has faded grey
When will this all be gone
You left me all alone, you left me holding on
today passed so long ago
you left me bruised and broken
I had no chance to grow
I never thought it would come to this
But there's so much more bad than the good times I'll miss
I'm not sorry it turned out this way
because the only way you acted only left me saying "life goes on"
it means nothing now
because it worked out once but I'm wondering how
and how can you lie when you know it's true
I'll never forget what you broke in two
a lifeline worn from the love we shared
but trying to hold didn't have a prayer
and it crushes down, it crushes down on me
what you offered wasn't love just misery
I look around my room and I think of you
and I hope you never know what you put me through
all those letters you wrote, those words burn in my head
lies written in stone
don't you remember what we said?

So I bought this new fisheye lens. Loving it so far!

Exactly three years ago we sailed @pachaofficial sailboat and cruised the nicest bits of Ibiza and Illetas beach of Formentera. Afterwards, headed for an afterparty with @davidguetta. One of the highlights of my first Eurotravel! 😊🇪🇸
#FlightsandFlavours #DanesTravels #Europe #Ibiza #Spain #Pacha

Don't miss it 🚝

this story’s written for you & i 🎶

Darkness my my best friend.

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