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I wasn't too fond of Rose after she saved Finn from his heroic sacrifice. But @kellymarietran DOES NOT DESERVE THIS RACISM, SEXISM, BULLYING!! It's pathetic and needs to STOP! She is beautiful and an amazing actor. You haters can go fuck yourselfs!!
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The Fourth is always with me!! To you and yours you rebel scum! #maythefourthbewithyou #thelastjediwasamazing #bobafett Tattoo by the nefarious bounty hunter @radarwtl @walkthelinetattooco

New masks from my birthday yesterday!

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Built during a cold 2017 and presented on a (still) cold 2018, i give you a revamp of 2009's, Gelu, Prime Glatorian of Ice.

Before Mata Nui arrived on Bara Magna, there were two main Glatorian from the Ice Tribe, Strakk, and Gelu. As Strakk was banished after attempting to kill Ackar, following an arena battle, Gelu was appointed the new Prime Glatorian of Ice. After this nomination, he led an expedition to the new jungles of the former "moon" Bota Magna, with Orde, Zaria, and Chiara, to search for any remaining Great Beings.
However, they were ambushed by a group of intelligent Vorox, led by Kabrua. Gelu was last seen evading the Vorox pack along with Toa Orde.

When I got him, Gelu was easily the best bionicle set that I had gotten. Since then, i had always wanted to make the set "better" than it was.
So here you are.
#biogram #bionicle #revamp #lego #moc #thelastjediwasamazing

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