🍇 It's just like nutrients for your skin with our blueberry smoothie peel! Great for a quick skin pick me up with no downtime. (Plus, don't forget all skin treatments are 50% off - for a limited time only) ✨

Small clip of our opening day at the clinic👍....for all inquiries and bookings link in bio.

@thelaserlounge_robina & all @thelaserlounge location currently have huge reductions on laser hair removal, skin treatments and cosmetic procedure. Perfect timing to get ready for summer. Check out their page to find a location closest to you • Microdermabrasion from $50
• Dermapen Skin Needling from $175 • Laser Underarms $9
• Laser Brazilian $25
• Laser Full Legs $100
• Antiwrinkle from $178
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Get that Micro Magic feeling for only $50 (was $100) ✨ Place a booking via the link in our bio.

Our friendly team of skin, laser and cosmetic specialists are passionate about finding results that suit you! 👇 Visit us for a consultation today.

This picture captures the biggest achievement I have ever set my sights on and to say I feel like the most blessed Mum on earth, couldnt even slightly describe the level of fullness in my heart.

Becoming a twin Mum is the greatest but like any Mum there are challenges, can I get a 🙌 below if you too find 'ME TIME' a challenge?! I've become really aware that if I fall, the family falls and as the firm foundation of the family, I need to be my best which must include 'ME TIME'. Having been totally guilty of finding this impossible, its probably my biggest weakness, but today this will change.
Today I promise to honour my body and really appreciate the things it has done, the past 2 years I have put on 30kgs, lost 30kgs, grew 2 beautiful babies inside and endured so many pressures, so much pain and strain on organs etc ... Sure I eat well and I exercise regularly these are just habits I've always had, but my skin has gone without for far too long, so @thelaserlounge_portmacquarie will become my new regular 'ME TIME'. Last week I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening launch of @thelaserlounge_portmacquarie and I was blown away by the clinic tour, the team, the food 🍉🍌🍍🍊, the knowledge, profressionalism, and the friendly warm welcome!
So I'm totally excited and pumped to have made my first appointment, this place is definitely my go to for skincare and I cant wait to get my skin looking it's best again.
Sharing experiences, treatments and results I know I can keep myself accountable, so this plan is full proof right?! #mumtime #metime #twinmum #instamum #mumblog #mumlife #mumguilt #pregnancy #postpartum #skincare #bodyappreciation #laserlounge #portmacquarie
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"I forgot to shave!" said no Laser Lounge client ever. Underarms now only $9 - pre-pay as many as you like! You're welcome… 👏

💐Nicole received a special delivery today 💐
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💙 Give the gift of great skin with our Man Micro 💪 Men have tough skin, which is why a Microdermabrasion will effectively work within the upper dermal layers to remove any dead, dull surface cells. By polishing dry and coarse areas, this will completely freshen up his look with the result of clean, clear skin! Benefits: Softens the appearance of fine lines, scars and enlarged pores. Removes dry skin, exfoliates in-between facial hair and achieves brighter, smoother skin. 💁‍♂️

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You can be a little more care-free when you're hair-free. Get 50% off all laser hair removal at our clinics for a limited time only! 🤸‍♀️

Dermapen skin needling is one of our go-to treatments for treating acne scarring, pigmentation, enlarged pores and aging (what can't this treatment do, really)! Do you have these concerns? 🙋 Visit us for a free consult today (plus, you'll get 50% off all your skin treatments!).

This Mumma is glowing & gorgeous! ✨✨ #repost: @everthedaring: “I love my regular skin treatments @thelaserlounge_robina to keep my skin from having impurities.” Lips by @thelaserlounge_robina 💋

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Beauty @elle_wellnesslife had a triple treatment today as part of her customised treatment plan. ✨ After our standard medi- cleanse we started with a microdermabrasion to exfoliate the dead skin cells, refresh her skin and aid in better penetration of her home skincare routine. This was followed with a glycolic peel to help hydrate and brighten. Finishing, with an LED which helps to increase circulation and stimulate the receptors in the skin to boost collagen production. That’s a skin trifecta! 🌟🏆

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