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One of the best parts of being a parent is helping your children to be fearless of those things that get in your way... Loving of those things that you should have loved earlier and more often... Expressive of their voice, creativity, and personality.
Compassionate for others

Humble above anything

And inquisitive and imaginative because as our world crumbles into pieces, that build up a new world... One of the most sacred safe spaces in everyone's world is their own mind.
#letthemplay #letthemlove
My childhood was made by things like #thelandoffroud #faeries #leprechauns and the having the ability to interact with them 😉🌹👣🍀🍄 thank you to my mom, who gave me more than reality. @kimtorres217yahoocom

How cool is it?

Self portrait by Brian Froud

The End

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