It’s Nice to know that your effort is being appreciated by so many, and although we produce engines that are #BuiltToBeDriven from time to time some end up in museums on display for a short time 1966 21 window Delux fully restored Bus #RiversideLaughlinMuseum Nevada. This is only made possible when you work with a talented group of people who respect each other and their work. Stay tuned because we have so much more coming, “never mistake silence for defeat, sometimes one is just really focused” big things coming
@slowridegaragevw Restoration Expert responsible for making this VW bus possible
TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop Engine Specialities
Photo/Video Cred: @stevesoggy Thank you for sharing

Customer reports having slight hesitation on the bottom end pops on decel 😏 when’s the last time you did a tune up and go through the dual carbs, never but it was fine yesterday 🧐😂. #TheLabLessonOfTheDay Nothing last forever, but with the proper preventative maintenance you can get pretty close 😳 from filthy to pristine #SnapOn #PartsWasher

Gotta vent that motors frustration out, getting warm now. #TheLabBuiltGalloPower #BuiltToBeDriven 2276cc This one has some miles on it already, still pounding dem streets for years to come 👊🏼

That SacoPulley tho makes everything look mean 2276cc stage2 #TheLab44IdfLife #BuiltToBeDriven 65 13Window Delux Bus #Yup StayTuned Lots it power will be repping TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop at El Prado Show and Shine 2018 #TheLabEpicDisplay 🧐 #TheLabSuppliedSacoProducts Saco pulleys in stock at TheLab #Puro💪👊

#TheLabDiskBrakeKits #TheLabTrickBrakes will also be available with the Willwood 4 piston caliper at an additional cost. Brakes available for all Bus/Bug year spindles early and late with no conversions, stock or dropped height, changing the quality and convenience game. #BuiltToBeDriven note Front Bug brakes are only available with a 2 piston calipers but working on the 4 piston caliper bracket and a type 3 version as well. #Puro💪👊 TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop another level of built VW’s from top to bottom front to back! Our intent is to provide you with READY INSTALL HASSLE FREE PRODUCT! No pre order, no waiting first come first serve, if it’s in stock we will sell it 👊 kits available while supplies last, contact us for more info. Priced reasonably for what you get !

Just remember boys and girls if yo junk isn’t balance don’t expect it to last decades 😏🤷🏻‍♂️ there is a greater degree of wear on your bearings which then reduces tolerances and results in oil pressure reductions. Just a friendly public service announcement from yours truly VicBuilt From TheLab AirCooled SpeedShop scroll over and you will see that when we balance our rotating assemblies, you will get grind and drill marks on your TheLab performance gear, this also greatly reduces crank case noises because you have less harmonics. Some engines can be noisier than others however if you hear clacks n clunks yo junk in the trunk could be twerking 🤪😩 #BuiltToBeDriven another #TheLabLessonOfTheDay 🧐 notice how much material had to be removed off a fresh Kennedy pressure plate to balance it, Damn 😳😬🤦🏻‍♂️ so imaging how unbalanced your rotating assembly would be if this material was not removed. Balanced on a digital Hines to less than 2 grams #yup precision engine building is the key to longevity not just assembly Kids 👊🏼✌🏼#Puro👊💪 done the right way! Next time I will show you some of our other secrets, maybe! BALANCED DIY ROTATING ASSEMBLIES AVAILABLE AT THELAB Just ask me 😉 we do the prep work so you have the satisfaction of quality product👏🏼. I know you don’t think it’s ready to go out of the box right? 🤯

#TheLabDiskBrakeKits contact is for all your brake needs. Available type1 and 2 front disk brake kit. fits early Bus up to 1963 Bus spindle with no modifications or conversions KEEP YOUR EARLY BUS BEAM OR LATE #TLBUSF63, Fits Late Bus 1964 and later with no conversation #TLBUSF64
Bug front link pin and ball joint w/drop spindles also available. #TLBUGFLP #TLBUGFBJ
Special features, Custom Billet Hub Wide 5 available, Race Proven 4 Piston Billet caliper, Single Black zinc coated heat treated and blanch ground cross drilled single rotor, Billet Clamp Allen spindle nut. No need for the 2 nuts, Billet bolt on grease cap included!
Note: we are currently working on a rear E brake disk brake kit, as well as vented rotor, and 5x130 pattern hubs with our supplier for the moment you can use an adapter at your discretion. All bus complete kits available now and will be offered in different color calipers, red, black or gray. All kits come with bearings, and all the hardware you need for the installation: for race and off-road applications, for more info contact us limited quantities available per batch. No ore orders! Vic (909)900-0804 be on your way #BuiltToBeDriven with safety and security 👊 prices competitively and reasonably. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE

You know what happens when you get #TheLabVicBuiltEquipped 2161cc stage 3 #TheLab44IdfLife Georgia CopperKilla in @jbsdubpound 71 #Baywindow CrewCab you start killing it and winning best motor awards 🧐👏🏼👌🏼 #Puro💪🏼👊🏼 #BuiltToBeDriven WorldWide #Yup best reward is to see people enjoying their VW’s!

#TheLabVicBuilt Equipped 2332cc Stage 4 #TheLab44IdfLife Late Vert Action belongs to @daniel_suarezg #19 #NasCarDriver father, Mr. Alejandro owner of @dnsrestauraciones where they do Vintage VW restoration in Monterrey, Nuevo León Mexico. Happy to see they got the motor in with a little personalization. Now it’s time to rip the street on air ride and have some fun Mr. Alenjandro Con #Puro👊💪 and that unique @a1_performance sidewinder exhaust system #TheLabA1SuppliedStainlessExhaust #BuiltToBeDriven WorldWide “If you don’t love what you do, right and clean, don’t do it, just to do It” 👊

#BehindTheScenesTheresMoreThanMeetsTheEye when you go to fire up and realize there’s a vac leak, makes you freak out lol, but you ain’t that type to pretend it will just fix it’s self. Heads off and figure that mess out! #CastingFlaw 😬😩😳 #TheLabLessonOfTheDay have everything tested before assembly. But then you look inside and realize the beauty and value within #TheLabTurboLife at Another level copper color ceramic coated forged piston crowns #Yup big money in this one! #BuiltToBeDriven #QualityIsEverything

When something nasty is coming that you have to have a #RhinoCase with a big fat Gusset on it 😂 #CalLook #Sick7Only #VicBuiltPower #TheLabPerformanceCoachWerks #BuiltToBeDriven #48Ida #TheLab48IdaLife All Street/Strip/Whatevers

“CAN I GET A REV” 😂 Watch till the end tho! When the peer pressure is too much, and you got that #VicBuiltPower in your 71 DC #BayWindow you just got to light it up deep in AtlantaGeorgia #Puro💪👊 Killa @jbsdubpound 2161cc 9.5cr Weber #TheLab44IdfLife #BuiltToBeDriven You know how we do it, here there and everywhere Suckas!

#CreativeFloProducts going back some old Skool plumbing with a modern twist, Aluminum Teflon Reusable Fittings, Black Sleeve stainless steel braided Teflon hose for all types of fluids including E85, We still supply all AN style hose and fittings #BuiltToBeDriven TheLab Speed&TuneShop where only quality products are used.
Disclaimer: We re serve the right t refuse service if you ask us to use that rubber hose nonsense 🤪 TheLab Has Been Using ONLY AN product for our oil control systems since 2000 #Yup

#CreativeFloProducts #TheLabTurboLife #TheLabKompressorTechnologies Custom Injected InterCooled #Turbo with a hint of GoldNuggets for some of that detailed Contrast, on that #TurboSmart Trip #BuiltToBeDriven

How they’re supposed to be driven because they’re #BuiltToBeDriven Proven Quality even 10years after being VicBuilt some continued to drive them hard. #Yup @1967splitty always got in on it, can’t wait to see this one back out in Australia. TheLab SpeedShop Built and Tuned 2161cc don’t be scured TachItUp!

When you play with fire breathing dragons your gonna get smoked 🤪 Steven Carter @64vdub StreetBuilt #Turbo VW #BuiltToBeDriven #TheLabTurboLife #TheLabGear #TheLabTurboCam #TheLabTurboHeads #TheLabCarbPrep

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