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-open handed-
really feel like that's how i'm being prompted to live these days. especially this week, man has my to do list and schedule not gone according to plan these last few days. but a lot of other really wonderful surprises and moments have come out of being interrupted, driving the longer way, going somewhere even if i didn't initially feel like it and having a conversation i wouldn't have otherwise had.
it's those unplanned for and in-between moments that end up being the best ones most of the time. -•-•-•-•-
vintage and handmade, you guys know that's my thing. in this little vignette you'll find some favorite pieces of mine... *my duvet cover is dreamy linen that keeps me warm all year round and made by hand by the talented @hellomrdraper *these mirrors were from my friend Mariya and her awesome vintage shop @68_home *this little indigo dyed pillow is something i thrifted in NYC recently and am so in love with namely because it has moons on it...(#moonchildleney) *and my bed was my great grandmothers. ❤️
-•-•-•-•-•- how's your week going friend? how have some of your interruptions turned into something good?


hello instagram world! i am back and ready to share a bunch of vintage finds with you this week! get ready for some real gems. ✨
this post is brought to you by my current favorite corner in #theknittingqueenscastle. a former closet turned magical open-space accessories showcase. i've realized over the years that stowing away all of my jewelry and accessories doesn't really promote me actually *using* them. i mean, "out of sight out of mind" you know? so i've been using this vintage printing press tray and now i actually wear more of what i have and identify what i don't, which then allows me to let go of those unworn pieces and give them a new home.
and, of course, i always enjoy finding new and creative ways to showcase my plant bebes and sheepskins. 🌿


the most beautiful peacock chair —$150 *sold* •
rainy mornings are my favorite. happily greeting September in this cozy little corner of #theknittingqueenscastle with lots of hot coffee and tagging some last minute pieces for tonight's pop up at @68_home! i have heaps of vintage clothing and accessories for you guys to check out from 5:30-9:30 tonight during @rvafirstfridays! •

you just have to see things through a different lens sometimes. change your perspective on them. not in a denial, ignoring reality sort of way. but more of a seeing a different side and changing your attitude sort of way. and then you just practice that. until your gratitude outweighs your perception of lack.
and then you'll notice beauty in the most unexpected places.
even amidst piles of dirty laundry.

a corner of lovingly curated vintage gold picture frames. to house once-upon-a-times, special memories and faces you love. to be seen and celebrated daily and to spark a little bit more joy in your home. —$39 for the lot DM to purchase *sold*


today has been a free flowing sort of work-at-home day that i haven't had in a while and was very much needed. i got to wake up slow, (at 7am, but hey that's sleepin in these days so i'm not complaining. plus it's when this light happens so....) and i've been tackling the to do list one thing at a time ever since at a pace that isn't hurried and limited. feeling content in my space, physically and spiritually, and i'm excited about what's on the horizon because of that. •

this mocha leather brass studded armchair is so comfortable to sit in. i have a propensity to sit cross legged and its wider seat and firm back are perfect for it (doing exactly that as i type this). Beautiful condition, no tears! —$58 DM to purchase *sold*

p.s. that yellow ceramic marbled planter is also for sale down in the corner for $25! *sold*✨ #theknittingqueenscastle

would you just look at this wild haired beauty? she's been hanging in the window but i think she rather likes this vintage wooden pedestal i put her on for a @folkling photo.

also to the left is a ladder i made from driftwood i foraged from a tiny little island in Maine. literally kayaked it back to the mainland over several trips (and made @thewildcomposition help me...). the things i do to bring nature into my life...🌿


i've liked waking up to these 1970's Hang Ten overalls hangin on my door all week here in #theknittingqueenscastle... now the question is should i keep them or let one of you guys have them... 😉

happy friday friends!


i try to love all the spaces in #theknittingqueenscastle equally but my bedroom usually wins hands down. perhaps because it is the holder and overseer of so many of my dreams? my sustainable and handmade duvet by @hellomrdraper certainly helps the calm and peaceful vibes. •
for sale:
—vintage 1970s cotton hand crocheted blanket $59
—haitian made paper maché vase $44
—Virginia grown cotton stalks $24
—large sheepskin $89

DM for more photos and to purchase!

the photo i was going to post to share this little story was going to be one from the picture-perfect greenhouse but, let's be real, that's too easy and something like this is way more *me*. •
it's been a long week of working all of the jobs all at once (not complaining, i'm very grateful for the work, but it's been harder than usual to take care of myself) and i truthfully haven't been sleeping well lately either. slow living has been harder to implement but, i've learned, all the more rewarding when it is because of that.
this evening's dose entailed going to @strangesrva because my
sweet friend @lostandfoundhome gave me a gift card (she gets me) which i'd been saving for just such a needed moment of self-care. (yes. buying plants is self care.)
i chose these three little plant babies and i'm happy to wave them up and into #theknittingqueenscastle amongst all my other greenery. just taking 45 minutes out of my day to do this was so rewarding and just what i needed. •
for some reason i've been hesitant and guarded with sharing my normal amount around here -in regards to thoughts and photos- perhaps because i need some breathing room in more ways than one. but this space has always been an encouraging one for me so though i might be a little quieter around here for a bit, it won't be for forever.
i'm just craving a little bit more of real life these days i think.
so now i'm off for an after dinner walk without my phone.
enjoy your evening my friends. •

pause today.
even if just for a breath.
see yourself where you are now.
see yourself where you have been.
recognize both as valid and good in their coming about to bring you to this state known as: the present.


m o n d a y
i'm weird. i normally like mondays.
i see them as a fresh beginning.
a chance to start anew.
be productive.
have the whole week ahead of you. but today i had what i think most people call "the monday blues". remedy?
buying myself a $20 bottle of wine (let me just say that this was a first), putting my sailing playlist on (i'm the #daughterofasailor if you didn't know) cleaning #theknittingqueenscastle and maybeeee not wearing pants...
so cheers to tuesday. 🍾🌿
how was your monday friends?

no matter how late
no matter how early
there is just no place like home. •
i've been thinking a lot lately about how certain desires and goals obtained often cause us to have to let go of other desires and goals. there is often a trading of places that we have to dance with. maybe only temporarily. but there are often dreams that take up so much room that they're too big to hold both and too with another. having this place, this castle of mine, was one of my dreams. i still feel lucky to call it home, to be its queen.
but i have others. and i'm starting to wonder which one i should hold in my hands right now. which is the one for right-now and which is the one for later?
what about you fellow dreamers? what about a dream makes it apparent to you that it's time to chase it?


slow living. ah slow living has been quite hard lately my friends. at least in the actual pace sense. in the perspective/mindset sense i've been doing okay. but finding moments of pausing, of slowing, amidst the go-go-go that has been the past month or two has been a challenge. even as i type this my mind is beating "running-out-of-time-running-out-of-time-running-out-of-time". akin to the little white rabbit's "you're late, you're late, for a very important date, no time to say hello-goodbye! i'mlatei'mlatei'mlate!"
but the things we love and are most passionate about don't always have their due space and time created easily for them. there are seasons in which we have to work harder for them and times in which we have to push them up and above the noise and clutter of every day life to the top of our priority lists.
for, our priorities aren't what we say they are, but rather what we DO.
remembering to take things one at a time. and that little actions do count. all the small pieces make up that of the whole.

hello new friends!
so many lovely new faces around here (thanks to sweet @_annalouise._ ) so i thought i'd do a little introduction.
brought to you by a very real 6am messy-grainy-rainy-Monday scene in #theknittingqueenscastle.
1. my name is Leney (pronounced LeeKnee) and i live in Richmond Virginia where i'm a full time artist. my life is my work. from the way i dress myself and my home to the things i make with my hands to the thoughts i think and the words i write. my business (A Girl Named Leney) has been my job for 7 years now and it's truly amazing to see it evolve and grow even still. i'm most grateful for that aspect of it: its evolution. my life is my canvas.
2. lately this has translated through the following ventures: •curating vintage to promote the idea of mindful consumption--->@folkling •sustainable knitwear (i process raw wool into yarn start to finish and design and knit garments from it) #theknittingqueen •writing. mostly in the form of short essays and poems. i post semi-regularly on my journal (link in profile) #writingsfromawouldbebeatnik •photography. primarily through travel and intimate lifestyle sessions + most recently in film. which i'm learning how to develop it myself. you can read more about all of these at www.agirlnamedleney.com/ventures
3. i reside in what i call #theknittingqueenscastle, where i spend most of my time. it's my sacred space, inspiration and home-studio-muse. it's always changing. and there are a lot (a lot) of plants in here. #plantmamadiaries
4. i'm passionate about slow living. i write a lot about it. if you're interested to know more check out #30daysofslowliving AND maybe come to the slow living event i'm hosting with @thevillagemagazine in July!
5. i'm the #daughterofasailor. i have water-bound adventures with my father frequently. we document them together over on @tumblehome.us. #anywhereonthewaterisaplaceicallhome
6. i'm mildly obsessed with sheep. i'd love to live/work on a farm with a whole gorgeous flock of them. but until that day... #sheepdreamsaremadeofthis

now tell me something about you! i want to properly say hey so introduce yourselves.

new pieces to be found on @folkling's Instagram story with more coming this week!

this outlet for my love of vintage, sharing my slow-living mindset in regards to fashion and home decor, another place to post photos of my shadow play obsession (#theshadowdiaries), my tendencies for daily home rearranging around #theknittingqueenscastle, and most of all my desire for educating others on a more mindful way of consuming and shopping (especially in regards to fast fashion) has felt so very rewarding.
thanks to all of you who have been so supportive of it over the last few months. it means the world.
my cup (or #vintagevessel should i say?) runneth over.

sometimes i wonder if some things go wrong so that other things can go right.
as i await a new computer charger to arrive in the mail after mine broke last week, a lot of things have had to be put on the back burner. but the lack of shows to watch, podcasts to listen to and internet to browse has led to more time for other things- more important things -and despite the stress and inconvenience it's ultimately been something i'm grateful for. a forced pause.
sometimes we need those.
here's to finally getting back behind the wheel again (in more ways than one... fiber pun? anyone? anyone?) this week and remembering what the finer things in life really are. •
also for any fiber artists interested: this is some lovely alpaca/merino/angora roving i got in Seattle last fall made by @abundantearthfiber and it's super dreamy. ☁️ #theknittingqueen

coming home to #theknittingqueenscastle with a very full heart. thanks for being especially good to me today #RVA

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