I feel like I have a lot of homes at this point in my life.
Places I more or less feel settled in. Places I partially call mine. That I can come back to no matter how much time has passed and it feels comfortable. Places too that I can’t physically return to but are still labeled in my mind as ‘Home’. .
But there hasn’t been a place that is wholly mine for a while now and I realize that is part of why I loved living on the road so much these last few months. My car, Blue Moon, is the only big tangible thing that’s all-the-way mine and for some reason it just feels good to have something grounding like that, to completely rely on and call yours.
And the road too, the road, even though it is so wide and expansive and metaphorical in so many different ways, it feels like mine too. It’s generous enough with itself to allow for multiple inhabitants and owners and it is always reliable in the sense that it is always there. .
I started to share this image thinking I would write about something else, but this came out instead. So I guess it’s what I’m really feeling today, right now. There is overwhelm and eagerness and sadness and frustration and joy all mixed up inside my person right now but most of all: anticipation.
#thewildandwonderfulamericanroadtrip opened up a whole hallway of doors for me and, for the first time in a long time, instead of being overwhelmed by the world being my oyster, I feel clarity and focus and I’m ready to pick a door and walk through it and See if it leads to another home. .

i’ve never been good at instagramming in the moment (much less at the “peak performance” times) so here is a midnight “later gram” of a
an open eyed pause at a 5 o’clock corner of what is a past present. .
which was exactly-then filled with months old typewriter poems
(another) glass of wine
afternoon sunbeams on old farmhouse floors
book 22 of 50 on the to-read list for the year
echoed calls on painted-over wall papered walls
and (another) pair of leather clogs haphazardly kicked off from a day of motion.
my first photography teacher, when i was 17, told me that i had an eye for the vernacular (in the way of architecture and interiors and the mundane, functional and domestic bits of living). i don’t know if this is what she meant but these are the things i most often see.

vintage vessels are some of my favorite pieces to add to vignettes in my home. especially when they’re not just beautiful but functional (essential requirements with those of us living in smaller spaces!) a couple of these are from my personal collection and not ones i’m ready to part with yet, but most are ready for new homes so DM me if you’re curious about any and want more photos. ⋒☼❨✺ #theknittingqueenscastle

i wove this piece this morning. from foraged bay driftwood and various pieces of yarn i spun from flax, alpaca, milk protein, wool (sourced from Vermont and Iceland) and silk.
having a wide variety of interests, art forms and ways of making my living can make me feel a bit scattered at times. but really i’m learning that it can be simple.
so much of the time what’s best is just focusing on the next right thing. ⋒

⌓⌓—✺ h e l l o ✺—⌓⌓
vintage lovin friends!
didn't mean to be away for so long on here. for anyone who follows my main account (@agirlnamedleney) you know i've been a busy bee. traveling for photography work, planting a garden, trying to keep up with my never ending reading list and lots of other projects i can't share yet but will soon!
just wanted to pop in and say happy Friday. and share this little river grass dream catcher piece i wove earlier this week that makes me happy. decorating my space with bits of found nature is my favorite thing to do (aside from one of a kind vintage and handmade items of course 😉)
what's a favorite corner of your home? i'd love to hear about it. xo


rainstorm kissed road-side foraged wild wisteria in a salvaged glass jug on what was once my Great Grandmother's kitchen table with a MP3 recording of my Dad's Billy Bragg vinyl record on the stereo.

sometimes, the best things in life really are free. ✺✺✺

the concepts of home and space are ideas that i've been sensitive to for as long as i can remember.
i'm extremely influenced by my environment.

i recall staying with someone when i was little and being truly depressed because their house was so dark and sad feeling. i remember, young as i was, telling my Mom how i couldn't stand being there due to the lack of sunlight and dark aesthetics making me lethargic and unhappy.

another snapshot of my childhood is remembering how chaotic i felt in regards to my possessions. i had so much stuff and so little semblance of rhyme or reason to how it was all stored. i remember this pivotal moment of being 13 and deciding to be better at taking care of my things. as i progressed into my teenage years i remember being extremely organized and labeling things and knowing (despite the mass amount of possessions i had) exactly where everything was.

both things are still true of me now. i am still easily influenced by my environments and i have to create small anchors of peace and beauty in my world even if it's just putting on a certain kind of music, lighting a candle, using a well designed tool or organizing the things on a table to be just-so.
i still know exactly where all of my possessions reside, though i am striving daily to lessen the amount of them. i am very close to being able to say that everything i own i either find to be useful or inherently beautiful. everything i own has a story. because i am so in love with stories. i want to own what i own for a reason. not just-because.

as i'm getting older, and my friends are buying houses and putting roots down more permanently and contractually, i am again thinking about what it means to live in a space. what it means to call a place home.
i have little desire to own a home in the traditional sense at this point in my life. though i have untraditional ideas on the subject. but i do love nesting and cultivating things that make me happy and feeling at home in a space of my own making.

i crave simplicity in my life.
i've translated that through Slow Living and Zero Waste and Minimalism and a number of other millennial key phrases, but(continued in comments)

vintage pair of sheep shears. ✺
found these in Alabama on a recent road trip. i'd been wanting to find a pair for some time now, due to my wool related obsessions/wanting to learn how to shear myself one day, but i wanted to come across them organically and not buy a pair online. these fell into my hands at the exact moment i needed a reminder to keep chasing those dreams.
they now hang on the wall in #theknittingqueenscastle to serve as a daily admonishment to not give up.

-open handed-
really feel like that's how i'm being prompted to live these days. especially this week, man has my to do list and schedule not gone according to plan these last few days. but a lot of other really wonderful surprises and moments have come out of being interrupted, driving the longer way, going somewhere even if i didn't initially feel like it and having a conversation i wouldn't have otherwise had.
it's those unplanned for and in-between moments that end up being the best ones most of the time. -•-•-•-•-
vintage and handmade, you guys know that's my thing. in this little vignette you'll find some favorite pieces of mine... *my duvet cover is dreamy linen that keeps me warm all year round and made by hand by the talented @hellomrdraper *these mirrors were from my friend Mariya and her awesome vintage shop @68_home *this little indigo dyed pillow is something i thrifted in NYC recently and am so in love with namely because it has moons on it...(#moonchildleney) *and my bed was my great grandmothers. ❤️
-•-•-•-•-•- how's your week going friend? how have some of your interruptions turned into something good?


hello instagram world! i am back and ready to share a bunch of vintage finds with you this week! get ready for some real gems. ✨
this post is brought to you by my current favorite corner in #theknittingqueenscastle. a former closet turned magical open-space accessories showcase. i've realized over the years that stowing away all of my jewelry and accessories doesn't really promote me actually *using* them. i mean, "out of sight out of mind" you know? so i've been using this vintage printing press tray and now i actually wear more of what i have and identify what i don't, which then allows me to let go of those unworn pieces and give them a new home.
and, of course, i always enjoy finding new and creative ways to showcase my plant bebes and sheepskins. 🌿


the most beautiful peacock chair —$150 *sold* •
rainy mornings are my favorite. happily greeting September in this cozy little corner of #theknittingqueenscastle with lots of hot coffee and tagging some last minute pieces for tonight's pop up at @68_home! i have heaps of vintage clothing and accessories for you guys to check out from 5:30-9:30 tonight during @rvafirstfridays! •

you just have to see things through a different lens sometimes. change your perspective on them. not in a denial, ignoring reality sort of way. but more of a seeing a different side and changing your attitude sort of way. and then you just practice that. until your gratitude outweighs your perception of lack.
and then you'll notice beauty in the most unexpected places.
even amidst piles of dirty laundry.

a corner of lovingly curated vintage gold picture frames. to house once-upon-a-times, special memories and faces you love. to be seen and celebrated daily and to spark a little bit more joy in your home. —$39 for the lot DM to purchase *sold*


today has been a free flowing sort of work-at-home day that i haven't had in a while and was very much needed. i got to wake up slow, (at 7am, but hey that's sleepin in these days so i'm not complaining. plus it's when this light happens so....) and i've been tackling the to do list one thing at a time ever since at a pace that isn't hurried and limited. feeling content in my space, physically and spiritually, and i'm excited about what's on the horizon because of that. •

this mocha leather brass studded armchair is so comfortable to sit in. i have a propensity to sit cross legged and its wider seat and firm back are perfect for it (doing exactly that as i type this). Beautiful condition, no tears! —$58 DM to purchase *sold*

p.s. that yellow ceramic marbled planter is also for sale down in the corner for $25! *sold*✨ #theknittingqueenscastle

would you just look at this wild haired beauty? she's been hanging in the window but i think she rather likes this vintage wooden pedestal i put her on for a @folkling photo.

also to the left is a ladder i made from driftwood i foraged from a tiny little island in Maine. literally kayaked it back to the mainland over several trips (and made @thewildcomposition help me...). the things i do to bring nature into my life...🌿


i've liked waking up to these 1970's Hang Ten overalls hangin on my door all week here in #theknittingqueenscastle... now the question is should i keep them or let one of you guys have them... 😉

happy friday friends!


i try to love all the spaces in #theknittingqueenscastle equally but my bedroom usually wins hands down. perhaps because it is the holder and overseer of so many of my dreams? my sustainable and handmade duvet by @hellomrdraper certainly helps the calm and peaceful vibes. •
for sale:
—vintage 1970s cotton hand crocheted blanket $59
—haitian made paper maché vase $44
—Virginia grown cotton stalks $24
—large sheepskin $89

DM for more photos and to purchase!

the photo i was going to post to share this little story was going to be one from the picture-perfect greenhouse but, let's be real, that's too easy and something like this is way more *me*. •
it's been a long week of working all of the jobs all at once (not complaining, i'm very grateful for the work, but it's been harder than usual to take care of myself) and i truthfully haven't been sleeping well lately either. slow living has been harder to implement but, i've learned, all the more rewarding when it is because of that.
this evening's dose entailed going to @strangesrva because my
sweet friend @lostandfoundhome gave me a gift card (she gets me) which i'd been saving for just such a needed moment of self-care. (yes. buying plants is self care.)
i chose these three little plant babies and i'm happy to wave them up and into #theknittingqueenscastle amongst all my other greenery. just taking 45 minutes out of my day to do this was so rewarding and just what i needed. •
for some reason i've been hesitant and guarded with sharing my normal amount around here -in regards to thoughts and photos- perhaps because i need some breathing room in more ways than one. but this space has always been an encouraging one for me so though i might be a little quieter around here for a bit, it won't be for forever.
i'm just craving a little bit more of real life these days i think.
so now i'm off for an after dinner walk without my phone.
enjoy your evening my friends. •

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