i miss waking up to your croissant in my bed.

reposting this here (cc: @agirlnamedleney) because this little corner of my home is making me extra happy lately AND i need a photo to tell you that i have heaps of new treasures that will be going up this week!
keep an eye on that insta-story for some sneak peeks 😘

monday i love you already.
you always bring with you a fresh start (especially with all this lovely rain we're having) and a chance to start over.
with an excellent, rejuvenating and productive weekend in the rear view mirror i am foraging (yes, foraging instead of forging... because that sounds like it involves plants) ahead and excited for a week full of work. let's all take deep breaths and remember what our passions and dreams and motivations are and let's focus on those more than we focus on all that other junk.
we've got this.
we each have an individual purpose we were made to embrace.
let's start acting like it.

1. i dislike shopping but sometimes i succumb to the appeal of retail therapy so i buy $80 trees that are on sale for $20.

2. the only living thing i have the ability to adopt and take care of at this point in my life are plants.

some sea green pin roving i brought back from Iceland is on the wheel being spun into a lovely double ply (as well as some already-spun Icelandic wool that i got from @solitudewool that is in my basket waiting to be washed and have the twist set). •
Iceland is a place that i know has captured many an American's heart but my goodness did it capture mine. i'm not sure a day has gone by without me thinking about it. glad i have heaps of Icelandic fiber around the #theknittingqueenscastle to remind me of it until i can go back again one day. •
see #theknittingqueentakesiceland for a few of the photos i took when i was there!


no matter how many times i've rearranged my bedroom over the past two years, i've never moved these photographs.
i guess because they're my people.
they remind me who i am, where i'm from and where i'm capable of going.

the vessel of me— i often think of my body in this way.
as a container.
as something that is capable of holding and harboring and keeping but also having the ability to be empty and having things poured out of it.
namely thoughts, actions, emotions.
but i also just love the word vessel— as it’s another name for a ship.
which my #daughterofasailor heart loves of course.

i think too of percentages.
how much am i holding within me now that is good?
how much is bad?
do i recognize all of the bad within me and -if so- why am i still holding onto it?
can i be so defined, so traced out and compartmentalized and dually pure and un-pure to know without question the differences of each?
i fear i am more volatile-capricious-mercurial than that.
i fear that i am often transparently so.
i fear that my container is likely made of glass, and therefor able to be seen through into it’s contents easily and is left bare and awaiting judgement accordingly.
vulnerable to cracks and shattering.

but opposingly i don’t think i would like to be made of stone.
i wouldn’t want such coldness and impenetrable hardness to be my make-up.
i want to be softer than that.
warmer than that.

what then is a good material to be made of?
mere flesh and bone?
is it wrong to see those things as paltry?
for, perhaps they are enough.
perhaps the container of me is made so for that very reason, and trying to assimilate to another form would be to dishonor the one i’ve been given.


hand thrown ceramic incense burner —$28 *sold*

sustainably made hand spun yarn wall hanging —$40

spending a little time being still and slow with some favorite quarterly publications for some mid-morning reading before starting the work day ✨


contentment grows from gratitude.

woke up to a pink-purple sky and then grey and rain and the sound of tires on a damp street. truthfully this is my favorite kind of day—so long as it's not cold.
after getting coffee, opening all the windows and lighting my morning candles, i read a little of each of these books.
starting my morning with encouraging and inspiring words is one of those slow-living practices that helps me put the days events into perspective and take them one-at-a-time.
my appetite for reading has always been insatiable but all too often i let the busyness of life get in the way of my love for it.
but the warmer months are always ones in which i have an easier time making reading a priority. due to the decks of boats, sun splashed grass, ocean kissed shores and, like today, a calm fresh air filled castle swathed in early morning light and the promise of a new day ahead that will be whatever i choose to make of it.

about to walk today's packages to the post!
i always try to walk to the post office vs. driving because it breaks up my day and gets me a little extra exercise and sunshine. my @imogeneandwillie canvas tote has become my regular shipping carryall, thanks to those perfect long leather handles. i wish you all a happy weekend and hope you go outside and do something you love with people you love. 🌞

#theknittingqueenscastle #sheepdreamsaremadeofthis

my favorite light and shadows debut on the earlier end of the morning.
this view is my favorite to wake up to (since i can't be on a sail boat all the time...). in my castle. surrounded by my plants and things i love that hold good stories and remind me of people i love.
i've never had shades or blinds or curtains to block the day from coming in. even growing up i remember waking up to 10ft tall ceilings a-washed in light.
i always feel disoriented and groggy when i sleep at hotels because of how dark they are.
this girl, despite being a moonchild (#moonchildleney), was meant to wake up with the sun.

The Knitting Queen's Throne

biking 7 miles worth of errands in this cold blustery weather (where is Spring??) has me happy to be home and inside workin now.
hope you all are having an equally productive work day! •
(also if anyone would be interested in buying yarn-message me! i have too much and have been overly partial to just using handspun lately...) #theknittingqueenscastle

i am having a virtual yard sale! //
been doing some spring cleaning these last few days, so today through tomorrow i am listing heaps of things on the ole instagram story for sale if you guys want to take a look! there's a lot. mostly clothes and shoes but some miscellany and housewares as well. DM me to purchase anything, i am happy to ship stuff. up for haggling and if you want multiple items i can give you a deal. payment through PayPal only (unless you're a real-life friend. then you know where i live and you can just come over to the castle/bring me tacos as payment.🌮) #theknittingqueenscastle

you are
in process.
this is your mess.

sun salutation 🌞


seating arrangements when you visit #theknittingqueenscastle ....
(i love you, sweet friends, for putting up with my hippie ways)
#sheepdreamsaremadeofthis #sheepdreams #idonthaveenoughsheepskins #theknittingqueen #fromwhereistand #sheepskinrug

my personal #30daysofslowliving project is drawing to a close today. i am thinking about doing a summary on the journal on Monday. would any of you be interested in reading that?
let me know.
pursuing slow living has been a journey i've been on for about two years now but these last 30 days of extra intentionality really stretched me in new ways and made me consistent in old ways that was so good for me. it's been such a fulfilling, rewarding and very hard project.
though, truth be told, my favorite part of it has been reading all of YOUR posts you shared of your own projects! i lovelovelove seeing all of your beautiful interpretations of what slow living has looked like and being a witness to the promises you kept to yourself to enhance your life for your own benefit and those around you.
keep going.
i suspect that i will need another intentional 30 days in a few months, once my year starts picking up in full force. in that spirit: i want to encourage you to do the same if you feel so inclined. this isn't a one-time-project. i want this to keep going. i want new people to hop on. i want to be able to go under the hashtag and have new beautiful minded people to engage and talk with about these ideas.
you don't have to wait for the first day of the month, you don't have to post every day (or at all) about it. just do it for you—when you feel the tugging to.
pay attention to those tugs friends. in these topics and other ones of importance as well.
don't live so fast that you miss the most beautiful things that are right around and within you.
#theknittingqueenscastle #theartofslowliving

oval shaped vase, lovely centerpiece or vessel for some greenery —$40 shipped DM to purchase *sold*

i have this thing where I sometimes can't let go of plants even after they're dead. i just think these little dried palm leaves are pretty though...🍶 🌾
plus i'm running out of things to keep in all the vintage vessels i've been collecting for @folkling

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